Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Scared to Face the Facts of The Entertainment Man Talk Show Former Staff

Now as it is hump week tomorrow like a few minutes from now... LOL Anyways after I go to look for a filing cabinet for my Office/Studio, I am going to be at the mall hanging out with a few friends of mine. Now probably most likely two of my ex staff will be there, Dave whom I have no problems with and of course the member who was with me for 5 years straight before quitting then rejoining summer of last year before quitting a week ago almost over the most stupidest argument of me having some issues trusting him, when they should of asked me why am I having issues trusting them. Kind of pointless if you ask me. Its like crying over spilled milk. Ever since they quit The Entertainment Man Talk Show has been put into most definitely a Permanent In Active Status as of March 3rd, 2016. There is no reason to continue it as now there is no film crew behind the scenes helping out. 

Anyways I am extremely to deal with this individual its almost been a week since the incident, I could just give them the silent treatment and not say anything as I am not happy one bit with them....  And it scary to think the facts that The Entertainment Man is done, life goes on, so much change in such a short period of time happens. I will miss the series but not miss the drama behind it as we weren't all a tight and happy family on set that's for sure.


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