Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stress with Everything About Reality TV and Schedule Additions

As you can notice on Twitter, the stress levels went up with Everything About Reality TV and the chat page. Well IRC has failed once again, but fixed the issue. Added non staff to  the chat roster of Brew Monkey, Littlebitt123, Charlie, Larry and Adam!

Now brings me to the final part of this blog post, as this will be a short blog post today, but I have been feeling empty without recording Hell's Kitchen Recaps, but worried the stress levels will go up but shouldn't as it is spread within 4 days. Thursdays, Survivor Kaoh Rong Recap @ 7 pm EST, Fridays, Big Brother Canada @ 7 pm EST, Saturdays, Amazing Race 28 & Finally the newest re addition to the lineup, Sundays, Hell's Kitchen 15 @ 6 pm EST! Recaps are normally 30 - 40 minutes long per day, depending on the content that there is to talk about. So it is very very exciting that this is making it's triumph return to the channel and expanding Everything About Reality TV to make the series even more popular then it is!

Have a great afternoon!


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