Monday, April 11, 2016

Done with Ex Girlfriends!!!!

The last few weeks to months with 3 of my ex's has been hell, I have had to deal with my stupid ex's harassing me and not leaving me be. They were disrespectful and not respecting my wishes and/or being really rude to me when I didn't do anything to them. I am no longer wanting anything to do with any of my ex girlfriends in the near future, like Britt said I need to be happier in my life not miserable as I have been for the last while. I don't need ex's.... If I had my ex Jess's number I'd consider only talking to her nobody else out of the other girls I dated in the past. The rest of them are a pain in my royal butt! I am over all my ex's and moving forward... If they show up on my site like this one did, I will ban their IP address, simple as that... I am not about to go back into rewind mode with their drama in my life once again. Had one issue with one in a radio station broadcast and starting drama with me and coming in to harass me and bother me. I stopped going there cause of her! I said I am avoiding them as much as possible! Now them coming on my site to harass me, is an easy solution and an IP ban can be placed so they cannot access my site and of course if you cannot access my site it says Forbidden which means you are banned from my website. As an website owner I need to try keep professional and keep my site as clean as possible. Plus I am not allowing drama across my site at all, and ex girlfriends are on my list. I am doing this for me and only me. No one else!


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