Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dealing with Trolls Online

First of all you guys are probably will be wonder with whats the title of the blog post, well over the years being online... I have been dealt with dealing with trolls from, Stickam not so much,, Vaughnlive.TV, but mainly being the primary and since then I have changed.... I am dealing with things much better and I am a person that doesnt put up with the usual crap from people... If people are going to push my buttons I will be banning them faster then they think! 

And if they evade the bans I will personally be banning their IP's from the site and if evade the site bans then I might have to report the person to the local authorities for harassing myself or my Staff.... Hate to ban but people are now getting abusive withing my site, so enough is enough!  I am one person not to deal with people's crap... I am ready to run a smooth running site hence I got Chance on Board helping me around the site. 

Now Chance and I are working on this new chat to make it tougher to evade bans but also bring great features and commands to the chat, and even games with the Chat Bot that will be even included... Once your banned from Chat you will not be allowed back unless we have good cause to let you back and if you will be on good behavior.

Have a great Night!


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