Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Tolerance Level of Being a YouTuber....

So much tolerance I could of taken with YouTube and my team... Eric screwing me over in February and then this month (June), that was enough to screw with my head... Then the hate comments and people slandering me and being malicious on me... I could care less about The Video Projects Team, it went down hill and Krissy, Dave, Larry and my only staff remaining Justin knew that things been going into turmoil since Brent quit back in 2013, things went completely downhill and so did The Entertainment Man Talk Show once we completed Season 4, then all hell broke loose with lack of views and interest but Larry and I continued on trying to give hope, then mid Season 5 things picked up right through to the end of Season 5 and into Season 6... Then after Larry quit which I was entirely ok with for the exception of him making it public and not telling me right to my face but things got cleared up... The Hiring Eric back was the biggest mistake and Dave aka Choo Choo even warned me to be careful with him. Boy he was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hiring Sarah H who didn't give a crap when Eric started crap and I was at my boiling point with YouTube and my entire YouTube all together... But I stayed on till June 21st, 2016, a week ago today when I decided to end my YouTube Career with the site and go to Podcasting, Gaming over on Hitbox and of course Blogging here on the website right now. I really didn't care what people said but I listened to Krissy's, Dave's and Justin's advice as Larry is AFK from the online world till next month or September when I will fill him in on the drama thats gone on this entire summer with me. But Krissy, Dave and Justin are behind me and I am sure Larry will be too once he gets his snow butt back on the interwebs... (LOL) I am thankful for 3 of my ex staff and one current Staff behind me 150% and I am glad to be their friend even through the good times and the bad... They've been nothing but supporting me through the last year and a half of hell with YouTube, so thank you to you 3 and Thank you Justin for your help! I am happy where I am now with Gaming, Podcasting and Blogging on here!


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