Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ex Girlfriends, Accusing Someone and Maturity?

Recently this blog as you know has been about ex's and maturity, chances & trust, well in this one it is more about being ignored and my ex being immature and also I was right to not giving her another chance. I was entirely correct on not giving her the chance she had, because she should of never gotten a chance at all, I knew I would get screwed in the process and I got through to her about a week later almost about talking things out as an adult which all went out in the garbage and I thought she had completely changed but I guess I was entirely WRONG! She told me to leave her alone and she didn't even try to talk things out as an adult, when she was in the wrong accusing me of things I never did! i know she will avoid me for a few months and then start bothering me again. It will not happen, because I will be ignoring her entirely as she is out of chances... 

You shouldn't be accusing someone of yelling at them when they never used full caps.... THIS IS YELLING, this isn't unless you used a cap for a name or proper punctuation, that is my entire situation with my ex and it drives me nuts that I am accused for things that I never did and she wont own up to it so I am not going to listen to any apology or crap from them again.

As adults you are suppose to talk things out as adults and own up to the mistakes you made and NOT accuse them of anything and talk things out as adults. But clearly she's not changed and not willing to change at all, so I am at this point of my life, I need to stop giving chances to people who keep on blowing chances over and over again... Mature at all? Not really, I understand they got a disability but some point they need to try own up for the wrongful actions. I am not letting this happen again, I am now putting my foot down with this crap being thrown at me... I am getting rid of the people causing problems in my life and I think those 3 ex's would be 3 peas in a pod with each other, because they like to cause problems with me.

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