Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Long Time No See! | YouTube Has Pissed Me Off!

Hey Everyone!

First of all Long time no see! Yes Been a while since I blogged on here on the site. A lot has been happening with chrisbontheweb.com and with me all together. First of all I have to re record Everything About Reality TV for the podcast page 4 of them actually, and tomorrow being my normal Amazing Race Canada Recap as normally scheduled. It will be live eventually. There is plans for it eventually. Also will be returning to some fun gaming streams over at hitbox and if that dont work well then I will be focusing on Live Podcasts more! 

Now to more a serious note, I am really pissed with YouTube deleting Justin and Diana's YouTube channel, wish I could offer help if their YouTube channel, but unsure on ideas what to do. YouTube had no right at all to delete the channel as they have never scammed, been deceptive, or spam on the site, they are doing what they love to do best and that is Reality TV Recaps... So YOUTUBE get your head out of ur butt and go after people that are breaking the Community Guidelines not Innocent people like Justin and Diana!

Have a Great Day Guys


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