Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Really Annoyed...

Thete is so much I can tolerate and I am at my boiling point... First my ex Heather whom I care very much about as a friend being called names I had to put 2 people on blast.
But what pisses me really off is the way YouTube has treated The Green Team. (Justin and Diana) from the Amazing Race when they never did anything wrong, they weren't spamming being deprective w.e it say on their channel nor they werent scamming anyone. So I am disgusted and really pissed the heck off at YouTube to such an amazing couple and one hell of a team on The Amazing Race. Any wants to mess with them YOU GOTTA GO THROUGH ME. FIRST.  People need to stop messing with others. Honestly this us disgusting and apalling this happened.  They never got a strike on the account no warning NOTHING!!!! YouTube has gotten way to strict and out of control!
Thats my 2 cents worth. I do not care if you hate on me for defending them. But they didnt do anything wrong and they've been nothing but so amazing to me.


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