Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Still Hurts and Thank You!

It still hurts to this day the way Eric quit and treated me over the last now 6 months... If it wasn't for him quitting I would of kept my original channel and I would of probably been shooting Season 7 as of right now but that's not happening after he was rude and told me to get lost when I simply wanted to visit friends and get my mind off the bullcrap going on within my team and ex staff. To this day I am pretty well scarred for life the way he treated me. And as the owner and boss of my channel my motto was respect me and respect one another and I never got that over the course of the 5 straight years he was helping me and the 7 months recently from July 2015 - February 2016.

Only reason I stayed sane was because of my Staff Member Justin and Ex Staff/Alumni Larry, Dave and Krissy, they kept my sanity in tact over the last 6 months of this hell I have put through. They have knocked tons of sense into me and calmed me down when I was entirely fired up and pissed the heck off at ex staff. The treatment by Staff has made me realize I am now planning to do a lot of solo projects but some group stuff as well. I have faith in collabing with a few people over the next year or two on a few things but people I can trust and not screw me over like my ex here locally!

At this time I'd like to thank Justin, Larry, Krissy, Dave, Littlebitt123 and all my family and friends for their continuous support over the last while and appreciate all the wise words you have given me in the last while. Lastly I wanna thank Justin and Diana from The Green Team for their support and I will be doing recaps again soon, just need some time to adjust but thank you! Finally I wanna thank the fans who given nothing but dedicated time in watching my content over the last while and on my current and permanant channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIBtb_4p4Hb-IewUmUwctKQ 

Thank You Again and Hope you all will keep on supporting me!


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