Sunday, July 17, 2016

Trust and Giving Chances

I am one for trusting someone again, but also giving chances, but there is a fine blue line to it as of now I have given 2 people so many chances over the last 10 + years and I am about to stop doing that as one of my long time Staff members from 2005 - 2010 & 2015 - 2016, telling me to "Get Lost" after I was nice to him for giving him chances and opportunities to help me out with YouTube. Now 2nd thing is dealing with 3 of my ex girlfriends, one from out west, one from the states and one locally. I have been nothing but abused and sworn at, accused of things that I never did to them. Secondly being told what to do by them but them constantly harassing me, 2 of them that are far away from me in 100 KM or more and when I actually do not want anything to do with them now. 

At this point of time I am ready to stop giving chances, stop trusting people who keep on screwing me over time and time again. I should of stopped giving them chances and trusting certain individuals a long time ago and I am plain sick of this b.s. being thrown at me day in, day out... Now you guys see why I have departed from YouTube is the bullcrap that I am getting from the ex Staff I have... I tried to work with them on YouTube but ends up them quitting or causing crap with me, I decided to just give it up, move on with life.... I am now in a good place doing Gaming Streams and the Reality TV Podcasts and still able to allow Justin M, and Chance help me with things around the site and keep me in check... That is where I wanna be and if the ex Staff do not like my decision to leave YouTube then whatever. I know Dave, Justin, Larry, Chance and Krissy are good with my decision and know i gotta do what I gotta do. And I find myself a bit not stressed as much but the situation with my Ex Girlfriends is starting to drive me insane to a point I am now walking away from them for a week or blocking them completely.

If this does constantly keep on happening I am going to start not giving second chances and Trusting people again, but I always know I got other friends that will be there for me. So my advice for the day is even if people screw you over, they are not your true friend and you will always have friends out there that will always be there for you, so maybe it is best to get rid of the drama out of your life and keep the more and positive people in your life. Even if it is a bit of drama walk away, take a week off like I am doing and come back to them in a week.

Have a great night everyone! 


P.S. I will be posting on here more often. 

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