Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wasted My Time & Thank-You's!

The more I think about it over the course of the last while I feel like I was used as I've bought them drinks, their tags and shirts when the team was still existing to them quitting not long afterwards. I cannot believe I did all this for them thats how they treated me. Honestly I feel used by Larry, Eric, Sarah and Brent, Eric, Sarah & Brent I bought them drinks then they ended up quitting on me or getting let go from the team for certain reasons. But I could of saved my friggin money for other things I needed for the team but noooooo out of the goodness of my heart I had to be nice and treat my staff time and time again and that is the thank you I get from them. I bought Larry a friggin shirt last year and he quits in the new year which is a kick in the ass to me honestly. I wasted 40 dollars on him for nothing to have that douchebag quit on me. Eric I bought the drinks always, he never bought the drinks whatsoever in his time with TVPT or when him and I were together on our own. Only decent thing he did in the years I was friends with him was the pizza and wings the night I stayed over for the Survivor Finale. 

Now I will not trust all 4 of them again in the near future and especially if a friendship is reconiled with Larry, he is going to be getting his own drinks for now on, I am not treating him for anything anymore. I wanna give something back to the people that have made a difference in my life like Dave, Krissy and Justin, I am planning on getting them ChrisBOnTheWeb shirts as a thank you for everything they have done over the years and continuing to support me and be a good true friend compare to those other 4 individuals. Dave, Krissy and Justina aka JUSTINA have been there through my really hard times of change and the deceit I have gone through in the last 10 Months. Now you guys see why I am all for myself now, its every man for themselves, Team ChrisBOnTheWeb is done and I am doing this for me and myself only! I cannot thank Krissy, Dave & Justin for everything they have done and be prepared for a surprise to come to you 3 in the coming months! 


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