Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fed Up of Being Put Down or Harassed....

I hate to make a post about this over and over again but I cannot stress this enough and I am getting annoyed and sick of this. It isn't just harassment of one person but they got their IP banned from my site so they cannot access chrisbontheweb.com so if you cannot access it means you did something wrong. But one person no names mentioned will not leave me the heck alone so I had to ban their IP cause of that and they are no longer welcomed on my site. Now I was just called recently called an idiot that is called Put down or bullying... You know I could save the proof and start a Law Suit or Press charges on the individual but I am not that kind of person but however if they does continue I will have to choice to do so. 

Honestly enough is enough and I am plain sick and tired of being treated like crap when I haven't done anything to them at all. NOBODY should be making fun of someone with a disability like myself, yes I have never really spoken about my disability, guess you can say I hid this front a lot of people but it is now out in the open. Why you think I rarely go on video broadcasting platforms? It is cause of the put downs that are driving me away from video platforms now these days. I got ZERO interest in broadcasting again and I have taken OBS, any bot program I used, like on Twitch.tv. There is so much you can take from casting and like someone said to me, casting isn't what it use to be. It has completely changed and more trolls out there then they use to, and like the say goes it is good to move on in life and that is what I have done now. 

Finally anyone that continually puts me down and won't stop I will be taken legal matter such as going to the police and they will have to deal with them. I am not about to continue to be put down over and over again. I got my Legal rights and free to exercise them at anytime if I feel harassed or put down or slandered in anyway. We all have a legal right and I got my right to do so.

Have a great Tuesday and hopefully the next post or tomorrow will be on a happy note,


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