Saturday, December 3, 2016

Admitting Your Mistakes and Apologizing

I hate to post about this recent problems with my ex staff/friend but I got a 2 part blog post coming out one today and one tomorrow but I thought I'd talk about it. Now this has been on going the entire week and I am getting sick of Eric's b.s. and I will not hear an apology now whatsoever. Now for those who do not know what went on I will make it short and sweet, I went to the mall to do my bus pass and met up with Dave and Eric and of course Eric almost tried to say something but didn't. If he said something or pulled me a side I would of been fine to hear the apology but that is now off the table as he left because I was there and I got every damn right to hang out with Dave. I left really angry and hurt and I did something to my hand I do not want to repeat here in the blog. 

Now after this happening 5 months now almost 6 months as we are now in December, you think they would apologize by now for telling me to "Get Lost" I think an apology is in order and he is just being stubborn to admit his mistake and if you do something to upset someone you should apologize for your mistake or mistakes. Yes saying "I'm sorry" isn't easy but should be done and not wait like 5 months like he did, I mean its nuts, awkward to see him in person. My best advice for you guys is to apologize sooner then wait 5 freakin months, I believe it will be 6 months soon since I've spoken to him. This is why I refuse to be his friend now because of his actions. Also you gotta apologize for actions and be sincere in your apology... But he keeps apologizing then doing the same thing over again, you cannot do that, then the person who you are apologizing to will not trust you again and that's what is happening to me. So in conclusion, don't keep being rude to the person over and over again, they will just don't want to talk to you anymore.

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