Sunday, December 25, 2016

Dating Ex Girlfriends Again

I think this is a good time to write about, now being single, so as you know there were 3 ex girlfriends that I dated more then once... You think that was a great idea? No way! Nothing but trouble if you ask me... One locally I dated about 4 or 5 times and drove me absolutely nuts with the word sex! Yea talk about being rushed into things that is what I didn't need at the time, when I am in a relationship I would like to take things slow not overly fast and I had that during my final few years with the Delta Force team when I had the longest relationship ever in my lifetime. I thought I she was the one, thought I was going to purpose to her and ask her to marry me eventually. That relation lasted a year and a half. All was going well up to the incident at my baseball banquet and yes I am opening up old wombs from the past but its OK, I am fine talking about it now since it was years ago since that happened. Only reason I broke up with her was trying to control me who I am friends with and what not. Now probably my most recent ex which her and i been on and off for the last few years not including now, she was being disrespectful to me and I wouldn't take that with one grain of salt. I want a girlfriend that respects me and loves me for who I am. I have not been lucky in the girlfriend department but least I can say I have been in a relationship over the years and I know what being in a relationship is like.

Now I am not saying I am giving up on the relationship at all, I will find someone. I already ruined my chances with a girl I've crushing on and she works at Staples, but it is a learning experience and I need to be respectful to the person I like or love if I was in a relationship with someone. I am only 31 years of age and still can find someone. My brother was in his early 30's almost mid 30's when he dated someone. So my final words in this post are... do not date ex's over and over again, it is not an good idea, take it from someone who dated 3 ex's 2 - 6 times, maybe more. It is not the greatest idea in the world to do.

Have a great night, talk to you guys tomorrow even when I do my Christmas post!


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