Saturday, November 18, 2017

Feel Like I am Being Censored For No Reason

                Last night, I once again got censored on Facebook to not only one but 2 posts that got removed as spam and yet it isn't spam and I am having thoughts and ideas it is their algorithm that hit my group page. Now I have reached out to the mods about this and we are completely clueless what is going on with the CBOTW Facebook group, however my theory behind this is the algorithm that probably thought, oh this is spam let's remove it, that is what I am thinking, their system is thinking it's spam and it isn't. So they probably will have to improve their system better over the course of time and it is only a theory.

                So why am I complaining? Well it is very, very frustrating to have my links to content, I worked hard on, hours at the most to giving you guys  quality content to you guys on a regular basis to even every 2nd day at the most. I mean why post up on the Chris B On The Web Facebook group when Facebook themselves remove it as they claim it as "spam?" Like honestly it is very frustrating and it is hard I put my heart and sole into the content I write or create for you guys to have Facebook go and take my link or links which mind you are different, my website,,, and my ITunes links, of course my blog link on my own website. So I think and know it is a mistake by Facebook as I do not spam any links whatsoever and I ensure you guys I do non link posts quite a lot so I mix things up each and everyday. 

                 I have no idea what is going on and myself and my moderators have no clue whatsoever and they have even told me nothing suspicious activity on the group has been going on so that has been ruled out, and I know nobody in the group would report me to Facebook, I know everyone is genuine and a great group of fans talking about the content I put out so I am suspicious it is Facebook's algorithm that is getting my posts deleted... Honestly I do not care if they delete my group for all I care, because I did nothing wrong, its not spam, the links aren't inappropriate...  All I am trying to do is stand up for myself, Chris B On The Web and my rights as a Facebook user to promote my website and the great quality content. If Facebook keeps on removing my posts and I'm sure it will happen again, the group will be disappearing fast... 


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