Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Durham Transit Rant and Thoughts on The Service Yesterday

               Before I start today's unusual blog post, which, I hardly rant or have an opinion on things, I don't believe I have ever complained about the bus service here on this blog. Actually the last time I complained and whined about Durham Transit system and I will explain what happened in this blog post. 

               So I was out and about up in the north end checking out the music store for my mixer wires I need to do a mix/minus setup which didn't go as well and I will leave it at that. But I was pissed off as it is and trust me the transit service was the icing on the cake, that is why I went suddenly dead quiet on Twitter for a few hours yesterday as I needed to cool off. However what happened I was waiting for the busy, already peeved off as it is, the first busy went by, full bus, I thought OK that's fine with me, but the second bus not as full just passes by us and I was thinking what the hell is wrong with this bus service, I was furious, I wanted to flip the bus off but I didn't and I am glad I didn't either as it wouldn't have been nice. Not sure why the busy flew passed by and I do not think I will ever take that bus again in the nearby future. It wouldn't matter, because I am never going back to Long and McQuade's again anyways.

                  My final thoughts on this shorter blog today is, yesterday was the day from hell and I tried to keep my composure online, but I just couldn't, I went off a bit and I am sorry if I went off the deep end with any of you, it was inexcusable, stupid and I should of bit me tongue more but somethings it is better to let it out then bottle in your frustrations and trust me it helped a lot and I appreciate those who were there or me through the rough times I was happening and hopefully today will be a better and yes I am writing this at 4 am EST as I was up all night once again.


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