Sunday, May 12, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Is Returning To YouTube For It's 11th Season!

           It is now official that Everything About Reality TV Podcast is returning with the recent broadcast on it's new official channel which is not connected to anything else like before as my old channel was a multi use channel which probably wasn't the right move originally but were back and stronger and bigger then ever. After almost 3 years of being away from video and the huge response on the Audio ONLY, I figured this is the right time to make the move and move back onto video. Don't worry I will still have the Audio ONLY so it will look like this:

Video and Audio ONLY Platforms:

- Survivor
- Big Brother
- Big Brother Canada
- Celebrity Big Brother

Audio ONLY Platforms:

- Amazing Race
- Amazing Race Canada
- Music City CMT

            So when is the podcast starting? It will be starting in June towards the end of June so the YouTube platform will be very quiet for now. It is unclear when Amazing Race is finished and it is too soon to know when it will be finished up as we are now in the 5th leg so next week we are at the half way marker of the season. So I will be covering Big Brother US 21 as of June but we're still focused on the current season of the Podcast but excited for the official return. There is still dates to be set for the podcast, preview podcast, dates the podcasts are on so I will have to make another post come June when I am ready to start giving dates. Finally I have kept the Big Brother Canada 7 Finale Recap up as it did really well with the viewership and looking forward to returning to this platform soon. 

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the mom's out there!


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