Monday, August 19, 2019

Punk Rock Cheeseburger Podcast...

             I never really spoke about this since towards the end of July but I have made an appearance on Punk Rock Cheese Burger Podcast which is ran and hosted by Rocky Bones which you can find him on Twitter @RockBones1 and Instagram RockyBonePRCB and yes giving him a shameless plug... haha! That is the purpose of this post actually and I wanna mention that every 2nd or 3rd week I will pop on and not sure when the next appearance will be whether it will be this week or the next and it all depends on my schedule too and this week is a busy week for me once again. Anyways the reason behind the podcast is talk about various topics from punk rock to cheeseburgers but anything can happen. The first episode I did was almost an hour long as we totally lost track of time and also the second time 25 - 30 minute but time don't matter and I really enjoyed myself and look forward to coming on again down the road. Usually the recordings are late nights and usually I am up late or get up around 11 if I fall asleep early. Anyways after we are finished we usually do an After Dark where we listen to tunes and chat about stuff and kick the chatroom around with the listeners. Obviously I am TheEM985 on Twitch and you can see me on there under that name in the chatroom quite often.

             You can find PRCB on Anchor, Google Podcasts and Spotify at these links: 




             As for my next appearance, like I said it will depend what he has planned this week.  Chico is another guest and I enjoy watching them on the podcast as well but go give em a listen, such a fun podcast to be on and it is nice to leave my troubles at the door and come on for the 25 - 30 minutes we record and then followed the "After Dark" which the reason it is called "After Dark" it is cause it is a late night stream so if you do not have anything to do or up late come and join us whether I am on or Chico or even a new host but come join the fun. The link for Twitch is and be sure to actually make an account which is free to sign up with and join us in the room! Finally please hit the follow button for more content on here on the right side and share this blog post with everyone as well and I will see you in the next post. 


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