Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Grind On Twitch Has Started!

              First of apologies for no post last night, an emergency occurred but I ensure you everything is fine now. Anyways the grind on Twitch has officially begun and this week I have gained a bit of followers not much but it is a start for me honestly. It will be nice when I am in double digits but that is besides the point it will happen eventually and with the upcoming late night streams coming up and I plan on streaming till wee bits of the morning like 1 or 2 am at least. However, out of the time I have been streaming, I have had 1 troll that's it. Today nobody but some of my regulars in the chatroom pop in to the stream and had most out of my views 2 but it is getting known and the numbers are slowly going up. It is about that growth and honestly in time it will happen. This week alone will be a busy one with the world of Twitch and here is the schedule for this week:

Today (Sunday): Mid Afternoon Stream to test the green screen which turned out to be a full 2 hour stream. 

Tuesday: 9:10 pm EDT till probably 12 am EDT. Will be playing, WarFace from 9:10 pm - 10:15 pm EDT; Then PubG from 10:15 pm EDT till 11:15 pm EDT and finally The Binding of Isaac from 1120 pm EDT till 12 am EDT. 

Wednesday: 9:10 pm EDT till 12 am EDT Will be playing from 9:10 pm EDT till 10:30 pm EDT XCom: Enemy Unknown, then from 1030 pm EDT till 12 am EDT will play The Binding of Isaac

Saturday: 1 - 3:30 pm EDT Will be the normal stream and unsure what is on the list for this Saturday.

                 As you can see I have added in more streams in this week as parents are gone and I got the house to myself for 3 days and 2 of those 3 days I want to stream and try and grow the channel. Now I know some of these games are a bit much squeezing in 3 games within 3 hours of the stream but the second one I went more on the easier side as I do not know my day schedule so I do have to be careful when it comes to bedtime as I plan to be in bed at a certain time which is why I have the cut off time at midnight honestly and that way I can get in bed and get up at a decent time and start my day. One day there will be a long 6 hour stream one day, maybe when I eventually hit 100 followers on Twitch I will officially do one but for right now sticking to twice a week which mind you will be changing down the road with football season and as a avid fan I have to watch a couple of games which include my Packers and of course here and there I make an appearance on Punk Rock Cheese Burger Podcast which is a ton of fun and ton of laughs from recording to the "After Dark" which is on Twitch and you will see my channel host it every time. 


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