Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Podcasts Updates... (September 17th, 2019)

                  There has been a ton of development from me adding in two new Podcasts which I will talk about in this mornings blog post and the new additions to the website especially and when one certain collabs return after a very long hiatus. Also the collabs that is coming up for Chris B On The Web. I will be covering it all for you guys on this post and trust me it is time to start explaining things.

- Everything About Reality TV-  Will be starting it's 12th season of the Podcast this Friday 4 days before the podcasts CELEBRATING 4 Years on the Air. This Friday we will be breaking down this season of Survivor Island of The Idols and my picks for this upcoming season!

- The Sports Hour W/ Billy- This has been in the plans for months and Billy is joining the team with his own Podcast. With the recent Menu Bar being completed the addition will help us store the podcasts so it is a lot neater and organized. He is currently in the Pre-Production stages right now and aiming to a mid October start to his podcast. Still got to work on a logo and the Audio ONLY Feed. We currently have a drop box setup for the Hosts to drop in their episodes for me to post up as I want to be the only one to access the feeds as I believe I used my personal email for the account but he will be starting sometime in October maybe early November but the announcement is to come soon.

- CBOTW Gamers Podcast- Jeff Lieberman will be taking the reigns of the former CBOTW Gamers Podcast which is currently in Planning right now. There is no ETA to when he will be starting but he needs to get a couple of things to set up which is a mic of some sort whether it is a head set or a hand held mic but that is totally up to him.

- Punk Rock Cheeseburger Podcast- As you all know, I am involved with Punk Rock Cheeseburger and I am a Guest Co-Host and there is bigger plans for me in the way of involvement but I will not go into detail till Rocky and I talk details and make this OFFICIAL and I am excited to announce it when it comes out.

- Collab With Rocky-  It is official I will be doing a collab with Rocky on either the Friday September 27th or September 28th and depends on my schedule with PRCB Podcast but we will definitely work around it. We will also be going on my channel for an After Hours as that is what I am going to call it so it is like I'm taking the name but stay tuned for the details to come early next week.

- Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast- With happiness, I am proud to announce the Return in January 2020 as I said there is going to be be some studio renovations in November and I am going to get a wider Green Screen setup with better lighting in the studio so we will be returning in the New Year so right now I am working on the next one but after this I will be working on the next one for June to get it ready. 

                 As you can see there is a ton of stuff that is going on with CBOTW and I am excited to be bringing in some new content to the website and we are growing further and further. I have definitely have developed a ton of connections now and glad I have connected with Jeff Lieberman and he wants to be involved. Billy and I have been talking about this since the new .com website went up and fully operational again under the domain name. Finally being a re-occurring guest which will be changing very soon but again details are to come, stayed tuned!


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