Wednesday, September 25, 2019

War Face Video Game Review

           I have now been playing War Face for the past 2 weeks ish now and I find this game fun honestly. Why do I say that? Well it really lets me get my frustrations out when I have been having a bad day. Plus from time to time I sometimes tend to talk trash haha. Anyways Rocky Bones  got me into this game and forever grateful he got me into this game and also Dead By Daylight but soon as I get more into it which shameless plug, I will be Live with him this week maybe on both Twitch and YouTube, we may do both or just the one we will see what we wanna do but I already requested Dead By Daylight but we could switch into War Face as well. Back to War Face: I cannot believe that I have gotten to near Level 12 so quickly but the more I play the more I level up and the other night I did play a bit but did not level up much as I was a Medic and did not do well. I find on this game, I am better as a rifleman then any of the other options but it is always good to try em all out technically and that is the plan down the road as well.  Now the negative part of the game, I am not happy with is the fact when I call for a medic they do not do anything about it minus when I play with my friends I have on steam technically and their a medic they always help me out. However the other night, I found that non of my medics which I was on my own not playing with friends and the medics didn't do a darn thing so I went nuts and was going after my own team mates as it was on hard mode. 

             I feel frustrated frustrated with this game but I do enjoy it and I shouldn't complain as the game is FREE! How much better is that as it didn't cost me a darn dime. I would give the game a definite 5 out of 5 game and I am playing it a ton when I have time and I really do have a lot of time now with my podcast schedule being on a weekly basis now I will have a ton more time to play and usually I will play off stream majority of the time unless I am on PRCB as I am more involved with it now and stream weekly with him whether it is a podcast on Audio ONLY to gaming the other weeks but this is the game I played on his stream. Anyways I am definitely going to continue to play and get better but I am better at either a sniper or a rifleman on the video game and I guess it is just preference honestly and whatever I am comfortable with. In conclusion I highly recommend this game if you are into the first person kind of games like I am, I highly do recommend the game! 


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