Thursday, October 3, 2019

Life Updates....

                I know I have been a bit better with the posts going up daily but also I have been very much quieter around social with the technical issues with Twitter which I wanna express my opinion on it on tomorrow's post. However today  I wanna give you guys more of an update on how things are:

- Depression: Recently been feeling depressed with friendships coming and going recently, family drama, I just still feeling like crap honestly. I have at points just felt like I can't handle CBOTW anymore or the motivation for my website it hasn't been all there but someway somehow I seem to find my way through some of the tougher moments in my everyday life and I am getting better at dealing with it.

- Weight Loss Way Out of Line: Recently I have noticed that my diet is now really out of sync with eating fat food and eating out yesterday, today and tomorrow my weight is going up so I need to maybe not go out for lunch tomorrow and eat but then if I think of it Saturday, I go back on the strict diet for myself and get myself back then that is good too. I have started cutting back on things again and I plan on it as well.

- Punk Rock Cheeseburger: Really getting into the hang of things with PRCB each week with my new role as Co-Owner & Co-Host of the Podcast. Really enjoy going on the podcast each and every week and talking about various topics and doing the "After Dark" on their Twitch channel each week and I am going to talk to him this week and still do an "After Dark" I will be able to it as long as I am in bed around 230 am - 3 am I should be good to go. 

- Everything About Reality TV: Gotten into the Podcasts 12th season and things are right on the right track right now for it being posted up each and every week. I am getting into the swing of things with that every week. This is the slower time of the year for me so I have a bit more time on my hands but that's OK.

- Power Rangers Podcast: I know this is something that I haven't mentioned on the blog here in quite sometime now since the announcement of it being on hiatus. No, it is not coming off Hiatus right now, there will be a discussion going on about it this weekend on Sunday to when we will be back so I will know a ton more by Sunday night into Monday's post I will talking about what Larry and I discussed and an schedule for the collab returning.

                  There is what is going on with me recently and excited for over the next couple of days especially with events going on with and I will be discussing all of that what I am up to tomorrow and Saturday with being out with my dad all day long. Some father/son time but either way there is a bunch of stuff going on in the next couple of days for me but non of that probably will not be blogged as it will be outside but never know, I could write something if I did wish.


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