Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Day I Started With Punk Rock Cheese Burger Podcast (Throwback Thursday Story)

             I know this is 3 short months ago since I have started with PRCB which is short for Punk Rock Cheeseburger but I have officially now been part of the PRCB Family for 3 months and I want to talk about how I got started. For those who didn't know I use to listen to Rocky's casts back when he was running his station WROL which is no longer existant on the other video broadcasting platform. I was the one that made contact with him on his Fan Page and Twitter, but mainly Twitter first and him and I got to know each other and I came to his Twitch casts and he ended up making me a Moderator to help keep the chat in order. Before I left for my trip out east to Boston he asked me to come on PRCB and I accepted and when I got back we setup a date and I came on the podcast not knowing what to expect but I know we record then we do the "After Dark" After the first time, I figured it was a lot of fun and obviously the rest is history and I have been on around 4 - 5 episodes now on a weekly basis, well almost a weekly basis, the odd week I am off as there is someone else who comes on a monthly basis. 

           So basically I got involved with Punk Rock Cheeseburger through connection on social media and I am definitely looking forward to the future of being involved with this podcast and I am very happy to be involved with. One day if Everything About Reality TV was to end, I would definitely end be fully involved with PRCB and Rocky knows this plan ages ago when we were having a conversation about what will happen to me and what I am planning to do as not all Reality TV Shows will last forever and my podcast will be at a point of slowing the heck down so I have a plan in place in case and know what I wasn't going to do this but I will do a second post tomorrow afternoon to explain what to expect and what the real plan is in the nearby future so you know what to actually expect out of the podcast. In August I was offered the role of Co-Owner and Co-Host role which means I am more involved both on air and also behind the scenes which I have a say on some of the things and also I have become the master of Commands along with one of the other Mods on the Twitch channel as well. Anyways that is how I got started with this podcast and I hope you guys enjoy this Throwback Thursday Story and I will see you guys later for the extra blog post today.


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