Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Social Media Frustrations....

               Chris isn't available today. He had to take a day off. I know it is out of the normal for his Staff to take over the blog but that is what we are here for to support him through the good times and the rough times. Last night, we lost 2 fans on our Facebook, one of them being his long time friends for over 10 years now, the other was a former staff that came in to replace me. However I am back to support him, we had an enormous amount of drama last night and Chris finally snapped. I ensure you, he's going to be fine. With me joining the fan page, this makes 56 so we gained a member. However it didn't bother him that he lost it more hurt that one of his long time friends deceived him and it hurts him the fact it was 10 + years of a friendship that really hit him hard. He had such a good momentum with the page and you guys have really enjoyed his content and the numbers have been up on the fan page, the analytics is what I mean. 

                 I understand his frustrations and why he is not on social media much today, maybe to talk to Larry but for the most part I will be keeping an eye on the pages and answering questions you guys may have. This means Facebook and Twitter I will be around to answer questions. He's taking the day to continue to work on Power Rangers Podcast and de-stress. I honestly do not like seeing him like this all up in arms mad and it's truly unhealthy. This was going on till 2 am this morning. Maybe him taking a podcast break was what he needed but he insists to bring out content. Back to the social media thing, it seems to be a trend with us losing and gaining but Facebook is one of the bigger focus on right now and that is to actually get past the 60 mark. His ultimate goal is to get to 100 and beyond that really. He's started to consider to close down the Facebook page and focus on Twitter and Instagram actually but I am sure he will continue to try and build up an audience especially on Facebook. He was so frustrated he wanted to just end this adventure but we all know he will be back bigger and stronger then before. So that is the reason why he's taken a day away from the Chris B On The Web Social Media and he will be back tomorrow, I promise. I will talk to you guys in the update post on Sunday. 

- CBOTW Staff

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