Friday, September 25, 2020

I Have To Address This About Chris!

             We were going to be very quiet about this but we found out someone has been bashing Chris calling him an "idiot." Let me say this, he is very intelligent and if it wasn't for him and the rest of the CBOTW Team this website would pretty much render useless. Let me explain: He has learned how to code from Google and YouTube for crying out loud! He has learned how to code a website from scratch and done all the details to the menu bar that you say. He also put social media buttons here on the website. He is very much intelligent not an "idiot." I'd like to see you creating content and constantly working on ideas to keep this site alive and what are you doing with yourself? Not doing what Chris is doing. Yes he may be away from CBOTW "On Leave" right now and it is cause of trolls and stress finally gotten to him! Plus we wouldn't have had 100K on the website without his help and long dedication! He has been minding his own business this entire time doing his own thing.

               Chris is doing his own thing and very hard working and he's trying to make a living out of this website and he's told me he is earning money from this website and seen a screenshot of the earnings and it's definitely a start and don't forget he started this only almost a year ago as he quit finding work to endure his own business ventures. He has worked hard and he deserves this time away from the administrative to deal with his own mental health as this year has been hard on him with issues with Everything About Reality TV becoming a thing of the past for him plus staff issues. What I am trying to say is he is minding his own darn business and now he's being called an idiot behind his back and I happened to find this out and trust me he's pretty peeved off. I am starting to worry that he will not be returning anytime soon but let's hope he will be back to blogging and admin side of things very soon. I had to address this and at least he is doing something with his life even during quarantine and still trying to make money while he's stuck in the house 24-7 recently and I can say this for all of us here on the team, we are proud of this team and him on the long hours he puts into this and honestly haters will hate. Sorry to bring this up but it had to be addressed on his behalf.

JIm, CBOTW Admin/Community Manager

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