Wednesday, November 25, 2020

I Was Banned From Facebook Support For No Reason!

               As I said on Sunday on the Weekly Updates for the week talking about Chris's recent ban, well not only him that got banned and he was banned for a specific reason but for me, I was banned from for no apparent reason trying to help him out. I asked a simple question, nothing rude or insulting towards the website till I appealed their decision as all I did was ask a question about the Scheduling feature with Facebook Fan Page. What is honestly wrong with asking a simple question and is that apparently against the terms of service of their website? Like come on! I had to verify the account with the help of Chris because my account was disabled till Chris and I fix the issue.  Apparently we got no freedom of speech on Facebook and to be honest with you all Chris has threatened to close down his Facebook account and Fan Page all together. I mean it is ridiculous and he is not happy with the website and I just do not know the future of his Fan Page to be honest.

             I guess time will tell what he is planning and if he is wanting to leave Facebook but I doubt he will with 59 likes now.  Some days I do not understand his logic at certain times but I know it is for a specific reason. However I am forever grateful for Chri's help with getting the account back as you can imagine what mess it would of been for 1.5 days without Chris or myself and no posts would of gone out whatsoever minus Twitter and Instagram so things would of really gone insane with the Social Media. Maybe this is why he is thinking about leaving Facebook and making some changes to what platforms he is on. That is what happened recently and I rest assure everything is fine now as we're still both on Social and with him now back on Facebook for 2 days now things are sort of back to normal hopefully no more problems.


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