Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Social Media Ramble.... I'm Not Impressed....


I was gonna stay quiet today not do a post but decided to open my yap anyways. Facebook is broken.... I mean really broken the screenshot you guys see on the left hand side should have a bunch of scheduled posts at least 10 - 20 of em at the most. That is not the icing on the cake with my recent experience with this website... I will get into it shortly. The weird thing is the posts that both myself and Joe are scheduling are still going up one way or another... So I do not know what on earth is going on with this website and honestly I am not impressed whatsoever with this website and getting more and more frustrated to a point of me wanting to just delete the fan page and delete my account all together but I know I have friends and family who care deeply about me and are concerned especially when I go on a silent streak like I have been recently and there is a reason behind that honestly. Back to what I was saying I just do not understand why posts are still going on they aren't lost their there but their system is drunker then ever and yeah I am throwing a little sass into my comments... LOL! I thought Facebook decided to do me wrong again since I am already banned for a week which I will get into in a moment but I mean for crying out loud, I'm an content creator and need things to work not break... Like seriously!

               Now as for my Facebook ban I said one bad word and they condemn me for it for a week and I am now in Facebook Jail. They claim it's bullying and it isn't bullying it's an insult and honestly FB is so censored and I am at a point of just deleting my Facebook, including the fan page but I honestly have friends, family and fans who really care and have been loyal fans for me and I promise you guys I am not going anywhere, anytime soon, I am just merely feeling the frustration with this platform and it is a normal feeling as I felt this way with the page when I had 56 likes and I was at a point of walking away but did I? Nope. I know the fact I thought about walking away isn't a good thing but it is my choice but I decided to stay on for you guys and I am honestly happy that I did. This is how I am feeling and I had to say something and explain how I am feeling right now.


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