Saturday, January 9, 2021

Pretty Impressed With The CBOTW Discord Community! (First Impressions)


           At the start of having this server, I had mixed feelings of it failing and nowhere near it failing! 9 Members strong, soon to be 10 as I gotta get Larry into the Server and assign him with a red username as he
has the Alumni Status and only former Staff to have a red status within the server. We started with little Text Channels and Voice Channels and now it's grown into this monstrous server with new channels and changes which Matt will explain tomorrow some of the changes that were made to the server. Despite the drama at the start which we clearly have a rules channel and its under the text channels list so that kind of brought me down but since then this server has become bigger and better then it was before and like I said we're almost 10 members strong on there and so grateful for each and everyone of you guys that have joined this Community. 

           We just continue to grow from here on out and get this community to 10 then 20, 25 members and so on.  I may not talk here and there with my busy schedule of creating content and I may not be physically online with my status, but I see every single message you guys unless I do not have the Discord up on my Screen as it is mainly in the hidden icons on my computer but I do hear the beeps of the Discord Server and sometimes will peak. Other days I will pop online and talk for a bit here and there while working but it really depends on my schedule once again as I am a very busy person running a website and content on a regular basis. In the end I wanna thank you guys for the continuous support of this little endeavor that has become a bigger endeavor and excited to see what is next for this amazing Community I have created. 


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