Tuesday, January 19, 2021


             The title does not deceive you! Jasmine came to me with this idea to merge "Everything About Reality TV's" shows and episodes and Power Rangers Rangers Collab Podcast into all one ultimate wicked podcast! Details I will talk about right now actually and I was going to originally do a video on the details but I can always link it in my story technically as I changed my mind at the last second. Anyways here are the details and what you need to know about The CBOTW Show's RETURN:

Audio ONLY: The Podcasts that will be on Audio ONLY will be Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada and Tough As Nails remain exclusively on the website only at this time.

Video & Audio ONLY: Yes we are giving video a shot and will be broadcasting on. The links are coming when we know Big Brother Canada is starting as a lot of shows are unsure at this moment with this current Pandemic. The shows covered on these platforms are: Survivor, Big Brother, Big Brother Canada and Power Rangers.

               There is a bit of a preview for what is to come and right now what I'm doing along with my site admin Charlotte is we're re doing intros from all episodes previously from Everything About Reality TV or Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as I said we're combining everything into a wicked Podcast that is going to out do Everything About Reality TV or PR Collaboration Podcast all together and we got sometime to figure and get things underway and ready for the return. This mean Power Rangers Podcast is on hold at this moment of time till I decide to return it because now the agreement has been broken and partially my fault. So do not expect that podcast to return at this moment. Announcement when production resumes will come hopefully soon!

P.S. Sorry this is late, behind schedule today.


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