Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The CBOTW Show- Big Brother All-Stars/Half Vets Dream Cast Tech Issues Explained

                I know tonight's been a complete s**t show, sorry to curse but it is the truth. I wanted to come on and do an additional post to what I did this morning which was a complete different topic all together. As you know my Co-Host, Jasmine and I had ton of tech issues tonight and I now kind of wish we didn't record but glad we got at least the Audio ONLY but I will explain it:

Discord: Once again, Discord was acting up and misbehaving and I wish I kept Skype on the computer as now I know Skype is not ending the regular version after I made a post about it this could of all been prevented and we could of actually ended up having a video version of the podcast after all but this happens tho!

Prism Needed Updating: I had to update Prism Studio very quickly and it took a few minutes to do a few updates to the program and it was bad timing I guess.

YouTube Video Feed: The video side of things the feed lagged and that was my entire fault as I had the bitrate at 7000 kbps... SMH! I feel like a dufus having it set this high things probably been a ton better with the video feed as we peaked at 4 listeners which is the most we have hit and the change to evening recordings seem to have worked!

Video Version: You guys didn't know this but we recorded the video as well on top of the live in case we had issues and guess what we did. However the video version also lagged so we had to trash the video side all together for this episode and we are truly sorry for these issues.

                 So we are going strictly Audio ONLY for this podcast and least you guys are getting a podcast one way or another even if it is Audio ONLY. I will be doing an hour of extensive testing for about an hour see if I can sort out the issue in case we do end up going live on YouTube this weekend with the Cast Assessment Podcast. It is hard to stay professional when we get tech issues and I talked to you guys while fixing the issues very quickly. I am sorry as half of the issues were my fault minus the Discord part and we promise to fix the issue. I am going to make sure is have the programs up and make sure sur everything is updates and if I need to do a computer system reboot as well. So that is what happened tonight and really have to do better if we wanna grow in the nearby future.


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