Friday, February 19, 2021

The CBOTW Show Podcast News!

          As we are getting closer to an actual season of The CBOTW Show with Big Brother Australia and Big Brother Canada, I do have an update with Big Brother Canada but first as Julie Chen would say haha! I have officially decided to drop Twitch as a platform to solely focus on the YouTube platform. Now that dual stream test was strictly a test, I made the decision to deactivate the Twitch channel as a whole and just focus on the YouTube side of things as I think the viewers will definitely be more leaned towards to there at this moment. However I can reactivate it at anytime all Charlotte and I did was remove the Twitch link off the menu and left the menu in tact as it is or she did as I requested my site admin to do. Also you will also see some shows have (Hiatus) in brackets. This is to let you know the show is On Hiatus right now and we are currently not covering the show at this moment in time but it is still on our list for the very nearby future. Yes we got a ton of shows we are covering and excited for the shows returns soon enough.

                  Now to the exciting part of today's post and why I am back on the blog sooner then I expected and the reason is to let you guys know that Jasmine and I have a schedule moving forward. in two different scenerios:

Scenario 1:                                                                                             Scenario 2:

Tues. Feb 23rd/21: Big Brother Canada                                    Tues. Feb 23rd - Thurs. Feb    All Stars Cast Podcast                                                                 25th, 2021- Big Brother                                                                                                                 Canada Preview Podcast

March 2nd/21: Big Brother Canada                                             Starting Thurs. March 4th,       Cast Preview                                                                             2021-  Big Brother Canada                                                                                                               Recap @ 9:15 pm EST      Starting Thurs. March 4th, 2021-  Big Brother                                                          Canada  Recap                                                                                

                  There is the two scenarios I have moving forward as Jasmine and I have to be ready for anything. There is no announcement as of yet for Big Brother Australia so soon as we know we will update you guys with a updated schedule for both Big Brothers. Also this weekend if you are subscribed to our YouTube Channel as see me go live this weekend via Prism Studio, it is a test but please do come in and say hey if you guys are around on the platform. Anyways have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Tuesday morning, same time, 11 am EST as Charlotte will be back for her weekly update post.


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