Friday, March 12, 2021

The CBOTW Show is off Video (YouTube) for the Foreseeable Future!

               Yesterday was another s**t show of technical issues and sorry for cursing or at least bleeping it out. Chris honestly had enough and he was ranting and raving last night and he even had a beer as he felt like he needed one. So moving forward Podcasts will be pre-recorded and posted to the Audio ONLY, Spotify, ITune,, Stitcher, Player FM, Castbox, Podchaser etc. Now you are probably wondering when is Jasmine and Chris going to be recording their Recaps, more then likely after the Eviction episode as usual but it will not be live so they can take their time with recording and no real time and normally they aim at 45 min to an hour but knowing Jasmine, she goes off on a rant like week # 1, lmao! Yeah I was listening into the podcast and enjoyed every moment of the two of them going off about the first week. Now the team knows and Chris has reached out to every member of the team and they gave him the OK with this plan and Chris already knows Larry's answer that he is fine with recording Audio ONLY. 

              Now that this is Audio ONLY, will be easy to stop recording and fix whatever issue and edit out the tech issues and hit record again and this will be a lot easier to do as with video that is not possible and you literally have to apologize for the technical issues. Chris honestly feels like YouTube is out to get him and he feels like they should of stayed Audio ONLY from the get go and not do video whatsoever as you noticed there was a ton of issues with video. So inconclusion you will still be able to see the podcast on all Audio ONLY platforms and you will also get to hear it here on the website. Any questions please pop by the chat during the day or early evening as I am always here to help you guys out and I will be talking to you all on Monday so have a wonderful weekend!

Charlotte, Site Admin 

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