Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The CBOTW Show & Reality TV Updates

              I'm sorry for lack of updates yesterday or post yesterday, wasn't really sure what to post whatsoever and it is getting tougher and tougher what to talk about. I will do a post Friday or next week about that. For right now I wanna talk about some updates with the podcast and show wise:

Survivor: Survivor is indeed back into production finally and what I gather, they are officially in Fiji recording Season 41 at this moment of time and excited to see what is in stored for Season 41 as we really have no clue what this season theme or name is as Jeff left us on a cliffhanger nearly a year ago at the Winners at War Finale. This means and sounds like we will be having an Fall Season which means Billy is going to be up for his Recaps every week. 

The CBOTW Show: This is the more longer of updates for you guys as you know our Big Brother Canada Recaps were recorded on Thursday nights but with the changes recently with their air schedule with Shows on Mondays, @ 9 pm EST; Wednesdays @ 7 pm EST & Thursdays now @ 9 pm EST. Yes this throws a wrench into our scheduling for recording a podcast and this would of thrown us off for a BBCAN9 Recap Live too as it would be too late by the time we get on at 10 pm EST which is 1130 pm NL (Newfoundland Time) for my Co-Host Jasmine. Since YouTube is a bust and I will explain that next week too as I tested it out yet again, next week in a post. So guest wise you would have to be available on a Friday morning at 11 am EST. We do not know if this is permanent change for the remainder of the season or this is only temporary and if this will actually be in affect for the remainder of the season which really affects our Finale plans with Larry as we do not know if he'd be available for Friday morning @ 11 am EST so that is most definitely an issue unless it airs at 8 pm EST then we could be possible fine for it, we'll see. Something to discuss with the two in the coming weeks. towards the end of April. 

              There are the updates with our Podcast, good news and some changes as well with the podcast and we just have to deal with the change and we have to be very adaptable with the change on a weekly basis but in the end we do this to entertain and have fun with our network and we enjoy every moment of it so far! I will see you all at 1 pm EST for an additional post to make up for tomorrow as I feel this is the best to update you guys why I didn't do any post etc.


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