Thursday, April 1, 2021

The CBOTW Show- Big Brother Canada Finale Week Plans & Big Brother Australia?

                First of all Happy April Fools Day! We are not pulling any fast one's on you guys this year as we are just super, super busy trying to get out content for you guys as fast as we can so we can get back on track with recording Power Rangers Podcast but as you guys see in today's title, I am going to give you a bit of the lowdown what to expect come start of May. Now yes we are ahead of ourselves but with a month left in the game, we wanna prepare you guys for the Finale Week. One thing I wanna tell you guys that Week # 9 will have our last Post Eviction Chat but we will be making it up to you guys with a Bonus Recap Podcast to be out by Thursday at 6 pm EST, maybe earlier depending how fast we get to editing the final episodes and of course our Finale Recap Coverage on Thursday after the Finale depending on the time it is on air and concludes for us but again Mr. Larry Rieck will be present for our Finale for the first time in 2 years on the show and I am just excited to have him back on along with my Co-Host. Hopefully we will have it up by Friday afternoon into the evening at the most but we will have to wait and see.

                Now we could possibly be seeing Big Brother Australia already under way so once Jasmine and I are off the airwaves for Big Brother Canada, we will be focused on Chris S and making sure he is good and help him in anyway we can to get him settled in as one of our hosts. Both Jasmine and I will have to edit for him since he does not have a computer which is fine with us we will do anything to help our hosts.  Again update when shows will go up and us coordinating when hes recording it and sending it to us will come when we know when an premiere is coming and when the cast assessment is coming as well but for right now we are continuing to watch the bios as they continue to come out we will keep you guys up to speed on it!


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