Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The CBOTW Show Future Plans

           This is Day 2 of me taking over the blog for the week and today I wanna talk about the future plans for The CBOTW Show. The podcast is forever growing and we are always trying to add in shows that are not Reality TV related such as TV Shows. We have a few ideas such as The Simpsons as well. He has mentioned a few other shows to add to the list and we would have to cover  or find some hosts for that. I am sure there will be shows that are going to be live and some pre recorded or on Audio ONLY. What I gather Chris has a great idea what is to come on the Podcasts and what shows he would like to recap. He has been worried and concerned that this could be the last season of Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US this season and what he wants to do next. He's mentioned on focusing on Power Rangers Podcast for the time being and letting the other hosts take over the podcast while he figures out his next move to the next big project that he wants to do. He has on the list: The Simpsons, Hudson and Rex, CSI Vegas, etc. 

             There is other shows that can be covered and we will have to wait and see but this is just the start. In the past Chris has mentioned with the now former "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast there was two podcasts that went off the air and those are obviously Celebrity Big Brother US and Music City were the two shows that went off air and it will happen with The CBOTW Show at some point and Chris can said he's done Big Brother and Big Brother Canada since Season 4 BBCAN and 19 for the US. He should be proud of that either way and life goes on and there is other shows the hosts and him can do. This is today's post and I will speak to you all tomorrow!

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