Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The CBOTW Show Is Now Permanently On Audio ONLY!

                 Chris has made it clear that he is done with YouTube. Him and Jasmine have admitted to the mistake to going back to Video. I know it's driven bunch of our followers away from our Twitter feed but we are correcting that issue right here, right now. We wanna do things right this time and any of the shows that are currently In Production and listed here on the website which is:

  • Survivor (Currently No Host, Looking for a Host)
  • Australian Survivor (Chris S)
  • Big Brother (Chris B & Jasmine) 
  • Big Brother Canada (Chris B & Jasmine) 
  • Big Brother Australia (Chris S)
  • Amazing Race (Currently No Host, Looking for a Host)
  • Amazing Race Canada (Currently No Host, Looking for a Host)
  • Power Rangers (Chris B & Larry)
             Any of these shows will be pre recorded and posted to the Audio ONLY Feeds and from here on out and I know those are only two of the shows he wants to cover at this moment. However he has mentioned these ones on the list and shows that are to be determined in the very nearby future:
  • Hudson and Rex
  • CSI Vegas
  • Full House
  • Fuller House
  • The Simpsons
            Which any of these shows are nothing to do with Reality TV Podcasts aspect of the podcast but he wants to expand his horizons beyond the Reality TV World too and really expand this network as much as he can.  That is today's post and I will see you all in the next one tomorrow. 

Chels, Admin

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