Thursday, May 13, 2021

I Am Officially Done With Reality TV Podcasting! Focusing On The Future!

                I have made a decision, this time I am sticking to this decision. I am entirely retired from Reality TV Podcasting. Just need to get out of this toxic environment as it has been hard on me mentally and emotionally. I did not sleep a wink of sleep last night cause of pointless drama.  Yeah I lost 2 likes off my Fan Page so what? Their loss not mine, I am very much can and able to get those likes back on my Fan Page at some point and I know I will, anything is possible. So moving forward there are only two podcasts I wanna focus on at this current time and place and that is "Entertainment Man Podcast" which I would love nothing more but take out an episode but do not have that privilege to as it is already recorded and nothing else I can really do about it unless I change the numbering around.  That will be my weekly podcast throughout the entire year and something to look forward to on a week to week basis. 

                 The other thing I am excited for and anticipating for the return of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as I have said on social media, it has been long coming 5 months and counting since it was on the air and it is time for this podcast to make it's return. I know Larry is loved by my entire fan base and I wouldn't end this podcast for anything. We're talking 3 years are on the line and Matt told me he don't see it ending anytime soon and will be around for many years to come. I agree, it will be around for a few more years at the most. There is no plans to stop anytime soon and plus their very popular podcast on the website and views are staying at a good level despite we had a scare of cancellation last year in August but fine moving forward. So these are projects I wanna work on with some reviews and behind the scenes and vlogs within the website all together. I really don't need any help promoting as all the content I have been promoting for the past year on my own has really paid off. At time 6 - 13K in views per month so I am doing just fine on my own but happy to have Matt, Billy and Tiala onboard of my management team. Finally you will more then likely see me talk Reality TV on Twitter during the seasons but that is it. 


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