Thursday, August 19, 2021

Preparing For The CBOTW Gamers Podcast's Eventual Return!

                      I wanna say this, there is no plans for it returning right now but it is coming in the future just not yet as we're not ready to launch but in the very future years down the road we will be ready and to prepare I have started to work on the Twitch Channel that it will be on. However I will not be streaming to it anytime soon as right now, I have a few problems with the fact of streaming and I will highlight and talk about it and also what I am working to prepare for this podcast but I wanna talk about the problems I am having with the streaming aspect of the podcast:

- Internet: Rogers Internet in the studio isn't what it is cracked up to be, it's slow and often needs to be reset, however the last couple of days it has been perfect Knock on wood. But we are planning to try and boost the power to the net as I am planning to stream outside of podcasts down the road also.

- Old Aged Computer: This computer is around 6 or 7 years of age and I wanna finally get an upgraded computer and right now I am saving up and may be a few years till I have enough money and I will talk more about it in a moment.

Now I would like to talk about what I am doing to prepare:

- Bot setup ready to go: Getting the bot setup and ready to go, I.E. commands with social media and the uptime command and so forth which was already there but when I get a new computer I will have to somehow have it saved.

- Designing of the Channel: Getting the lower half of the channel created with the bio who CBOTW is and what not. Note the schedule section will remain empty till ready to go and same with the countdown and schedule features as well.

- Logo: I still gotta create the logo for the podcast and it will be definitely similar to the old green with a black background but it will be an updated one but I will have to talk to my future Co-Host about it down the road. 

- Intro: Gotta create the intro for the gaming podcast and you guys know I am definitely good at those and I am going to get back behind that mic see if my friend is willing to clean that up and I then can slap an interlude theme and we're good to go! 

                      That is what I need to do to get ready for this podcast and there is more to this that I will continue on tomorrow's post as I have written enough of a post and Monday I wanna kind of highlight what I wanna get for the studio and the plan moving forward with this podcast. I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


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