alternatetext Chris- Founder/Owner/Blogger/Podcaster: Chris is the Founder/Owner. He is the guy that creates most of the content on his website. He's not just the Founder, Owner, Blogger, Podcaster but he is also the guy that updates the website. When not working on content, he likes to play video games and spend time with family.
alternatetext Chloe- Personal Assistant: After a brief Hiatus, she is back with ChrisBOnTheWeb as Chris's Personal Assistant, when he need's help on something, she will be there to help. She's more behind the scenes, like emails and Facebook Messenger and only posts if she is asked. When not helping she likes to play video games.
alternatetext Larry- Senior Producer of Collaboration Podcasts/Co-Host of Power Rangers Collab: Larry is no stranger to ChrisBOnTheWeb, he was Chris's camera man from The Video Projects Team, 2013 - 2014 and ChrisBOnTheWeb, 2014 - 2016. Now the Senior Producer & Co- Host of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast
alternatetext Jeff- Lead Moderator: Jeff, is also no stranger to ChrisBOnTheWeb as he was an Owner of The Video Projects Team on a site called XAT and has been involved with ChrisBOnTheWeb for the last several years and now the Lead Moderator. When not Modding the fan page, he likes to play the VR, Fornite, etc.