Chris B On The Web- YouTube

alternatetext Going Solo & The Entertainment Man Talk Show Continued: November 14th, 2014, The very next day after Chris's announcement that The Video Projects Team, he initiated his plan and started with the changes. The top board piece in the studio had to be changed to ChrisBOnTheWeb and the series continued on right into it's season 5 finale and was renewed for a 6th Season. Chris, Justin & Larry launched the 6th Season and it celebrated the 100th Episode and it's Season Finale up at York Durham Railway.
alternatetext The End of Chris's YouTube Career: After the Finale, Chris put The Entertainment Man Talk Show on a 1 Year Hiatus till a decision was made with the series whether it was going to be continued on or not. During the hiatus, Chris & Larry started a Reality TV Podcast called Everything About Reality TV Podcast which became a thing from 2015 till 2020 just short of it's 5th Anniversary as a Podcast. January 2016, Larry ended up leaving ChrisBOnTheWeb which we all know he returned 2.5 years later. Chris hired another staff but that didn't work out and Chris was offered a camera man for the return of The Entertainment Man Talk Show 7th season but then ended up backing out and the series was cancelled all together aftere 6 Seasons, 112 Episodes. June 25th, 2016, Chris quit YouTube all together to go and do Podcasts on Audio ONLY Platforms.