The Team

CBOTW Founder/Owner:

CBOTW Squad (Staff):

Matt- Acting Owner/Website Admin: Matt has a short time with the team before taking a bit of a break from the team but is now back on the team as the Site Admin that keeps this website in working order on a day to day basis. He is a freelance website designer and knows what he is doing with the website. He also is serving as the Acting Owner while the Founder & Actual Owner is on a Sabbatical!
Tiala- Senior Advisor: Tiala has been a part of CBOTW since September as a Fan Page/Discord Moderator and now she joins the team as an Senior Advisor for Chris with advising him with decisions for CBOTW.
Jasmine- Production Staff: Jasmine is also helps with getting production stuff handled within the main team and will advocate for The CBOTW Show if something needs to be done.

CBOTW Podcast Personalities:

Chris- The CBOTW Show Podcast, Executive Producer/Host: On top of the day to day operations of the website and Chris B On The Web, Chris is also the Executive Producer of The CBOTW Show and runs all the operations of the podcast. Also he is host of the Big Brother Canada, Big Brother Recaps & Power Rangers Podcast.
Jasmine- The CBOTW Show Senior Producer/Co-Host of Big Brother & Big Brother Canada RECAPS Podcast: Jasmine is the Senior Producer/Co-Host of the Big Brother & Big Brother Canada Podcasts on The CBOTW Show Podcast. Jasmine is no stranger to CBOTW as they have been a fan for quite a while and is happy to be a part of team.
Billy- Sports Hour W/ Bilyl Executive Producer/Host: He was an Senior Advisor up to his pitch about bringing Sports Hour W/ Billy back and is happy to be doing his own thing. Billy's Podcast is the second one on our Network. Billy has know the Boss Man since Grade 10 in High School and happy to be on the team!
Larry- The CBOTW Show Co-Host of Power Rangers Podcast: He worked with Chris as his Camera Man with The Video Projects Team from 2013 - 2014, then Chris B On The Web from 2014 - 2016. In 2018 Larry is an Co-Host of Power Rangers Podcast. He was also Co-Founder/Senior Producer of Everything About Reality TV Podcast at one point.
Chris S- The CBOTW Show, Host of Big Brother Australia & Australian Survivor: G’Day My Name Is Christopher Smith, I’m 21 Years Old From Brisbane Australia. I’ve Been Following Big Brother Australia and Australian Survivor For All My Life and I’m Looking Forward To Giving My Recaps Of These Reality TV Shows. Fun Fact I’ve met Australian Survivor All Star Mark “Tarzan” Herlaar in Person and Every Episode I Recap I Will show off one of my Funky Shirts to all of you.

On Sabbatical:

Chris- Founder/Owner: Chris Founded CBOTW on November 14th, 2014 after running The Video Projects Team for nearly 9 Years. Chris has been Executive Producer/Host of numerous Web Series and Podcasts over the years. He is currently Executive Producer/Host of The CBOTW Show! (2015 - Present). Chris on a Sabbatical Since Mar 10th, 2021.