The Video Projects Team

alternatetext Early Year (Pre-YouTube Era): The Video Projects Team was founded on December 9th, 2005 at the bowling alley with Chris and Eric as he had a media project for school to get done. So Eric decided to help him out for the project and they decided to a Reality TV show like demo for the class called The Mission and it was Amazing Race like but however days before production happened, teams bailed out and the two of them both went to an entertainment show where they went to different locations within the city. The project was a success and people really enjoyed it and on February 13th, 2006 it was to continue on with a 16 episode season. Along the way there, Chris hired on someone else to help them out along the way. There was a bit of drama towards the mid way. In January/February 2007 Chris had his dad to help due to the continuing drama on the team. They eventually continued working together and they filmed up to June 2007 up to the 13th Episode in the season. The fall they continued and completed the 1st season. Chris renewed the series for a 2nd Season but it was short lived after 2 - 3 episodes and the series was cancelled and Chris let go his Camera Man all together.
alternatetext Start Of The YouTube Career & 2 New Series: On January 2008, Chris joined YouTube and tried posting up the series he just finished up 20 something off days before and he posted the second episode but he actually took it down. He went quiet on YouTube for a while till he came out with a new series. In February, he created Chris Travels To Historic Places and filmed over the March Break with his high school teacher's help since his camera man bailed on him the last second. In April, with the success of Chris Travels, him and Eric created The Entertainment Man Talk Show which you all know it had a good high success, lasting 6 Seasons in total. After 8 episodes in it's inaugural season of the series followed by a Second Season in Fall 2008. On June 23rd, 2009, The Entertainment Man Talk Show reached it's 50th episode with a special episode. Fall 2009 was the 3rd season with Locations during the good weather and inside during the winter seasons. The season concluded with an emotional announcement that Chris was taking time off from the series to go to College for 2 years to get a better education. Also the season ended with 3 Staff members departing ways with Chris leaving him and Eric left. Between 2009 and 2010 there was 3 other series, Friends of The Entertainment Man, which Chris directed, he Produced/Hosted The CMJB Show and Produced and Directed The Video Projects Team: Behind The Camera.
alternatetext The Hiatus (2010 - 2012): Chris started College September of 2010 which meant YouTube took a bit of a back seat with videos to update you guys a few times a week as school was a priority for him at the time. Also during his time he hired a new Camera Man as he lost his previous Camera prior to going on this hiatus and he wasn't on good terms with his right hand man since 2005 and werem't talking to one another for quite some time. Also in 2011, Chris hired Justin for site designing when he was to return to the series in 2012. Chris did a Bring Back The Entertainment Man Talk Show trip for him and his camera man between May and July of 2012.
alternatetext The Return To YouTube Full-Time: September 2012, Chris and his newly formed team returned to YouTube starting his 4th Season The Entertainment Man Talk Show. The series was slow start and Chris realized the views wouldn't be there and it would be a hard return for the beloved series. After Season 4 ended, Chris hired Larry to help as an alternate Camera Man or set hand. Also his camera man suddenly quit, not telling him, Justin nor Larry he was walking away and took his tag with him.
alternatetext End of an Era: Despite the problems continuing with the team with quits and Staff going rogue on him, The Entertainment Man Talk Show was renewed for a 5th Season in July 2013 under the camera work of Mr. Larry Rieck who you guys gotten to know and love through the Collaboration Podcast as well as his camera work. Chris and Larry went to The Royal Winter Fair on November 12th, 2014 with the announcement of the long running team shutting down Operations after nearly 9 Years on November 13th, 2014.