Chris: Founder/Owner (On Leave)- He is the Founder/Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb since it was Founded on November 14th, 2014 after his previous team suddenly ended. He is in charge of maintaining the website and the day to day operations of ChrisBOnTheWeb. He was Exec Producer/Host of Everything About Reality TV from 2015 - 2020 when it abruptly ended in 2020. He is now the Executive Producer/Host of Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Podcast. In Late September 2020, he took a leave of absence for The admin side of things.
Jim: Community Manager/Administrator- He is our Community Manager and answers any question the CBOTW Community via our Facebook or Twitter Social Media Accounts or our email. He handles any requests, complaints or even questions you guys have about the community, so feel free to reach out to him. Also he is in charge of the weekly updates that you see on our blog each and every Sunday and enjoys to write the weekly updates on a weekly basis! In Late September, Jim took over the daily operations of ChrisBOnTheWeb while Chris is on Leave.
Larry: Co-Creator/Producer/Co-Host- He is the Co-Creator/Producer and Co-Host of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast since June of 2018. He helps Chris with some of the decision making with this podcast if there is any to make. He is the second in command of this podcast and helps and supports Chris in anyway, shape or form. Larry use to be Chris's Camera Man both in his previous team, "The Video Projects Team" & "ChrisBOnTheWeb" which is still currently running to this day.
Tiala: Facebook Fan Page Moderator- She is our Fan Page Moderator to watch over the fan page and help the community out in any way that she can. She is also a big supporter of ChrisBOnTheWeb and all the work put into the website and the content you guys get to see on a daily and also the weekly basis.