Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Upcoming Episodes of The CBOTW Show

             The CBOTW Show upcoming shows being released for you guys as follows: 

This Friday, February 2nd, 2024: The Simpsons Podcast

Friday, February 16th, 2024: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Season 1

Friday, March 1st, 2024: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Season 2

             That is basically it in the way of episodes for the upcoming weeks and as you know two weeks apart is the schedule for this podcast and I do not want to get too far ahead of schedule at the moment. But yes Power Rangers Podcast is schedule to return to air after 7 - 8 months of it being off the air this long. Excited for the return after over half a year of no Power Rangers Content due to my depression and dealing with loss in the family, we kind of fell behind because of me and it is understandable, I was going through a lot last year but making up for it this year. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Got So Many Ideas for Both Podcasts!

            Both Entertainment Man Podcast and The CBOTW Show, I've got so many topics and shows to cover that will take up weeks of content. I've never seen so many ideas in a short time and most of these ideas are stemming from recording actual episodes of Entertainment Man Podcast which is odd that all the ideas come from me talking about things I mention on the episodes and the ideas continue to pile on up and the more ideas the better. Least I have something to talk about while I am booking more interviews as those have not happened yet but now open to interviews on my podcast and I've been open about getting back into interviews. 

             Now The CBOTW Show, the ideas are coming basically from Instagram especially The Simpsons and there is accounts that post up clips from the show, always stem the idea, ooooh I should do an episode about this episode of The Simpsons, hence the reason why The Simpsons has become a thing on The CBOTW Show and I think you guys have enjoyed The Simpsons content. Plenty more to come between now and Power Rangers Podcasts being posted up. I will do a blog tomorrow about this but that is the post for today, as always I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Monday, January 29, 2024

What An Eventful Sunday Morning!

            There is always some kind of problem we seem to encounter whether it is drama or technical issues or Social Media locking us out. That is what today's post is about. Twitter aka X which has restore on the right hand side now but will get into the reason why shortly. Yeah we were locked out out of our Twitter aka X for a few hours and it was really stupid. I got a suspicious login and nothing out of the ordinary of Kels and I are the only ones that had access to the account so Twitter should know this. Anyways got in to a point they required 2 factor authentication and of course no other way to do that as I don't have the authenticator app. 

         Good news is I actually got access back into the account and disabled something so this doesn't become another problem again but may try setting it up better moving forward but we'll see. It was quite an eventful Sunday morning here for us and coordinating with my Community Director, Kelsie to try and fix the issue and we're currently back online and that is what matters. Anyways that is the post for today, I will as always talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post. 


Friday, January 26, 2024

End of The Week Updates [01-26-2024]

            It has been a wild week around the studio from Chris finishing up the first half of Power Rangers Beast Morphers to becoming sick it's been a turn of events for us but he continues to work on the notes. Once he's done the notes he will be shifting over to Entertainment Man Podcast for a bit and he hopes to be starting on that by Saturday to be completely done with The CBOTW Show so he can shift over to Entertainment Man Podcast so he has ideas for the next many weeks so he can record without a problem. Also he will be re-shifting back to The CBOTW Show by Monday to work on The Simpsons Podcast as he revealed on a video yesterday morning that he will be doing 2 The Simpsons episode. 

             In other news, Chris has hired my brother Jim back as an advisor. I know it is a shocking he hired my brother back after he turned his back on the team 2 months ago. I hope Jim sticks around for a while and I sure think he will. Jim will not be on any social media of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media, more behind the scenes and advising Chris more on this website in case he runs into a problem which there has been a few technical issues but Jim and Chris have since then resolved the https:// issue with this website. That's everything that has gone on and he will be back blogging Monday and I will talk to you all at the end of next week.

Kelsie, Community Director

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Chris is taking the rest of the week off.

               Not sure what is going on with Chris right now. He's apparently sick with who knows what! Don't think it's COVID. He would of been coughing already. People mad at him for no reason. I am just lost for words. With him feeling off a bit he's decided to take time away for the rest of the week. He seems to not be able to stay healthy whatsoever. Once a year he has his yearly illness. But it is a lesson he's going to wear his mask more often when he's out and about as cases have indeed gone back up here in Ontario so better safe than sorry.

             He continues to finish up the Power Rangers Podcast for 2 weeks today, plus working on Entertainment Man Podcast notes, including the chat with Shane Flannigan, Eric (possibly) and Justin and Larry. Hope he is feeling better soon and he's able to keep working while he's sick but mostly hope he takes care of himself first before working. What I heard he's doing a tad better today, it could of been just a really bad bout of mental exhaustion but it could of been just a small head cold but he played it safe at this point cause both of them sick means no recordings for now. He made the right decision. However he will be active on Social Media and has asked me to do todays blog on top of my usual and always appreciate the opportunity and will chat with you all tomorrow. 

Kelsie, Community Director

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Taking a Different Direction With My Show

             As you know Entertainment Man Podcast hasn't had any interviews as of it and I've taken a bit of a break from interviews actually despite my Matchmaker.FM page for the podcast is currently actively looking for interviews right now. Always looking for interviews but I have said many times, I have Shane coming on the podcast again to talk Bullying and Mental Health and how bullying does, Plus Eric coming on the podcast in March ish... Also April or May will be Justin and Larry. 

             However, I am going to focus strictly on topics with the occasional guests this year unless I end up getting a bunch of interview requests then I will have them on of course. But for the most part, will be topics unless and I've got that strange feeling this year will be a quiet year for interviews and if it is that's totally fine with it but I am always keeping that door open for interviews. Last year it took a month before I started to get interviews so right now I can do my topics in the mean time. Anyways that is the post for now, I will talk to  you all tomorrow for another blog post before Kelsie's end of the week updates on Friday.


Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Moving Minecraft World To another Server...

         I will be moving my Minecraft server so other people can join but there will be rules such as: 

1) No destroying or modifying the buildings 

2) No asking for OP's 

3) No being disrespectful in the server. 

4) Will have to be a subscriber of the server for a bit so I can trust you. (Reason behind that rule is because my base was destroyed a few times.)

          That is basically the rules and eventually I will put a gaming server once I continue to grow the channel but that will be later on but this won't be for a while and I plan on gaming streams from time to time but it will be an unscheduled stream... So basically I will have my weekly streams on Facebook and YouTube on Saturdays and times vary due to my busy, busy schedule. Anyways that is the post for today, I will as always speak to you all tomorrow for another blog post.


Monday, January 22, 2024

I lost track of time with the post today....

              With the tireless work I have been doing with Power Rangers Podcast on The CBOTW Show and trying to get the notes done in a quick and timely matter and hope to get it done by Thursday and I have already told Larry least one episode will be done in time. So no matter what we will be recording something and a step forward but I am leaving the blogs opened for updates when I have news about finishing up the notes then you guys will most definitely know. 

              Now the blogs have been off schedule today and tomorrow I will promise to be done on time so you guys have a post and I was in a rush leaving the house this morning to meet up with my friend Eric as he usually hangs once a week and I didn't get back home till around dinner. Priorities have been a mess lately and trying to do everything all at once but one step at a time, one thing at a time and it will eventually get done. Anyways that is the post today, not much to say but I will be back tomorrow for another post at 11 am EST, I promise.


Saturday, January 20, 2024

End of The Week Updates [01-20-2024]

      Chris has expressed interest that I, Kelsie take over the end of the week updates and I accepted the role since it is only once a week. A lot of chaotic mess has happened at ChrisBOnTheWeb studios and here is what's gone on:

Old PC: Chris has actually recycled the old computer so the other desk is a more empty now which will lead a plan for the other monitor to join the other two on the main computer at the other desk eventually. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: All episodes are caught up for back on Monday as a late episode and this Sunday and the following Wednesday. So Chris can work on Power Rangers and really make a run. 

The CBOTW Show: Chris has completed and posted up the episode Friday on time and he's enjoying doing The Simpsons episodes and probably stick to it for a while. He may bounce around this year a bit between the episodes with Larry. He is also back to working on Power Rangers now that the lost USB key is now found. 

         Those are the updates he's given me for this week and I know there is more but we have explained about the website down time and missing USB and Chris will be back Monday to a normal blog schedule and as for me I will talk to you all next Friday, enjoy your weekend.

Kels, Community Director/Graphic Designer

Friday, January 19, 2024

Featured Spotlight: Fun Football Podcast!

     Both Chris and I have connected with a podcast called "The Fun Football Podcast" which is a newer podcast and it's an amazing podcast, I've been in the chats the last month now. Fun experience and host and co hosts are amazing with the interaction. They are now also part of a network "Podcast Boys Network" and also part of Blitz Hits the Fan is another podcast as there is two shows they have which will be in chat for all I'm sure. You can find Fun Football Podcast at for all the links to check them out. 

    Their shows vary from week to week but the best way is to follow them on their social medias to find out what is what. They will post on the other show. Chris had the owner and host of the podcast on Entertainment Man Podcast for the Season 4 finale last year which you can find on this very website, YouTube and other Audio ONLY Platforms. I highly recommend to check em out especially if you like NFL and College Football. That is my post for today and I will speak to you all tomorrow to try and do an End of The Week Updates. We'll see if I can do one.

Kels, Community Director/Graphic Designer

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Chaos Ensued! [Has been resolved!]

            Yeah things have been rocky for us for about 14 - 15 hours Tuesday until Wednesday morning. However I have actually got control of things. I will get into it more. As you know I lost my USB Key which was found under the mixer on the desk and this stems to it being missing for 15 hours maybe more. It was crazy because I had already typed Power Rangers Podcast on there. Which mind you I had a lot done and why I was so upset and peeved off at myself for losing it. Not only that but I feel like I let Larry down, I let Kels down. I was so hyped up for recording again and now I have something to look forward to now since the issue has been resolved. The lesson from this is to look under things in case it has been moved under it. I was looking in the drawers and moved my stuff guy that I can punch when I am frustrated to find a stick like thing under it and I'm thinking oh for crying out loud it's the USB Key. So yeah I found it.... I felt really, really small from this experience. This is truly a lesson learned. Notes are back underway and hope to have em done by Monday at the latest.

             Now the website, as you know it was down for almost 3 days and finally found the issue. It was propagated and everything it had to do with the certificate https:// that you see in the address on your address bar. Which shows our website is a secure and safe website which is important. We do not want to show that we are a deceptive website cause we aren't. However with that being the cause of the problems the site is so far up and running smoothly. We will continue to monitor it for the recent of the week to ensure there is no more problems. That is the post for today but I will talk to you all Monday as Kels is talking over the blog for the next two days!


Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Well, We're Back ONLINE!

              Well, well, well! Long time no see! I know we've been moving domain providers the last 3 days as Sunday afternoon went down and the frustrations of 3 days began. However We are slowly getting back to a normal routine. I know we've missed blogs and here is the plan:

Today and tomorrow: I will do a blog catch up on everything that has gone on lately. 

Friday and Saturday: Kelsie will do blogs, one is a promotional blog and the other is the end of the week updates. Might not be a ton of updates due to the fact we have been offline a lot this week and the team and I have been not available. She will try her best. 

             So this is just the start it may not be 5 days like normal but least it is 4 days of blogs that you guys are getting out of the 5 days and we are most definitely trying to make it up to you guys as much as possible as I know social media has been dead and today was fully of big updates and we continue to update you guys throughout the day but we are trying to rectify a lot of issues we've been going through. Anyways I never thought I'd get to say this again but that is the post for today and I will speak to you guys tomorrow! 


Saturday, January 13, 2024

End of The Week Updates [Where's Chris?]

               Chris is clearly not doing the end of the week updates as I do not know what is going on. Second I'm sorry I'm so late on this post by hours with so much going on here lately, dealing with our Founder/CEO. I've had no time to post up the end of the week updates neither last night or this morning. But here are the updates: Apparently he has removed his admin from the ChrisBOnTheWeb Media group on Facebook. He went off in the group and has been quiet lately. As you noticed on the social media, Entertainment Man Podcast is currently Audio ONLY at the moment and is staying Audio ONLY. Chris has refused to be on camera nor wants to and saying Entertainment Man Podcast is like a radio program now, Audio ONLY all the time.

              The CBOTW Show is staying audio only for good and he has no plans on expanding to video at this moment. he feels like two podcasts will be too much in the studio. If his podcast, Entertainment Man Podcast was to end, then there is a big possibility he could jump there but there is no news on that as their only at 23 episodes at the moment and there is a new episode coming this week. I do know what it is and he is going to keep that quiet till the day it goes out to everyone. He is also been or trying to work on Power Rangers and this week he will be most definitely working on it this weekend and this week coming up. He won't be on the main computer as much minus The CBOTW Show episode mid week. So that is everything I needed to cover and hopefully Chris will be back on Monday for more posts but if not you will most definitely hear from me. It may just be me with his busy typing schedule for the upcoming podcast but please enjoy the rest of your weekend and any questions please feel free to reach out. 

Kelsie, Community Director of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media

Thursday, January 11, 2024

What's Going on With The Old Computer?

             So what is really going on with my old computer? Well it was plugged back in and fired back up. To my surprise she ran quick quickly as I removed a ton of stuff off the computer, Skype, Zoom, Discord, Paint, I also had to reinstall Word Perfect in order to print off the poster as that is the way we printed the poster off on the printer which mind you looks amazing, big thank you to Kelsie for creating our poster and it's now on our wall as a memory. 

               Anyways back to the computer situation... I have still gotten some lag and slowness to it but it seemed to have subsided. So far, so good it is running just fine at  the moment. If you're wondering I wrote these blogs on the old computer so I survived writing these on the older computer. I gave my old web cam to my niece which wasn't that old honestly but any calls can be done from my iPad or the other computer, the main computer to say the least. So for now the old girl works just fine for me and going to give her some TLC when need be. Other then that she's going to be 10 year old machine in April, she'll be older then ChrisBOnTheWeb Media even started. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates. 


Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Notice YouTube Views Are Down Certain Months...

             I know there is certain months that Entertainment Man Podcast loses views. Now before I get into the details this is only on YouTube as Rumble has been doing just fine so far so good at this moment. Now Entertainment Man Podcast has done well between 20 - 40 views per episode on YouTube but noticed there is a few months where it kind of goes dead quiet.January and February the views are down where I get at least 8 - 15 views compare to normally well the last episode really sucked and I dont think I did anything wrong but I think I could of missed the mark on the episode as I went off tangent. However January is a depressing month for a lot of us and I know I usually get the January blues around this time of the year and yeah it's dragged me down or starting to where depression is happening and no clue why I need to be depressed started this year off really, really strong!

           Now Mid June into July views seem to go down and I know it has to do with people going away but I can see more July as people are going away on vacation and people want to be outside so it is truly understandable. I'm not honestly complaining actually. I just find it interesting that those are the times that my podcast seems be down in views. But I cannot compare Rumble yet till I know for sure till Rumble gets to the 1 year mark, but will be an interesting comparison. Anyways that is the blog for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Gaming Updates [01-09-2024]

              I know there was a Minecraft update and I am completely finished with the game. Will not login to the server whatsoever unless I find something else to build and if I actually choose to build the underground subway westbound on the line but right now no plans. Anyways I have been playing two games the most with the occasional login on GTA 5 from time to time. But most part I am playing a bit of Estate Agent which is a real estate agent and right now I have a farm that I own at the moment and over 1 million dollars earned. However the wife doesn't want kids still so I do not know why but still working away on it and the next goal for the farm is the cows to add on top of the chickens and sheep that I have.

            The other big game I have played is Gym Simulator 24 which is buggy as heck. However I have opened the second floor as it is available now to use and as I said in the video there is a ton of bugs on the video game. I go away from the desk I teleport to the front when I need to register new people in the gym. Also the employees easily get stuck easily and I do not know why it is doing that whatsoever. So it's a bug they certainly do need to fix on the game. Also they need to add more security, cleaners and repair people as keeping the gym clean isn't easy whatsoever. Anyways that is the gaming updates and the blog for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post.


Monday, January 8, 2024

What Ever Happened to 6 Blogs a Week?

             I do not really know what happened! We were set to go 6 days a week with the blog and what happened? Who knows. We've had our share of issues with our Community Director and site admin since mid October to a point there was always someone doing the end of the week updates and now it's basically just me unless Kelsie pops up from time to time to fill in for me but that's been a rare occurrence as she has double the duty for us; as you know she's been on and off since August 1st of 2023, 5 months and counting and she's dominated as the Community Director. even when she went quiet she was dealing with the emails outside of social media. 

          Anyways we tried to have our Community Director to do it and she's always welcome to jump on the blog anytime. However I know we said we were planning to go 6 days a week but are keeping it optional moving forward especially with events. This also is Sundays too. Weekends are optional especially with the end of the year blog landing on a Sunday we need to be more open-minded with the days and it can happen. So in retrospective we do not know what happened but I think it's more the fact we wanted to be more open minded and that is what the plan is moving forward for us. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post.


Friday, January 5, 2024

End of The Week Updates [01-05-2024]

           Another week has gone by and it is time for end of the week updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: I am all set for podcasts this week. I have gotten all the episodes I need to get done, done. Which is good so I can move on and work on The CBOTW Show.

The CBOTW Show: I also have finished up the podcast for today at 1 pm EST which is my Trains, Planes and Automobiles podcast, both edited and scheduled for this afternoon. Look forward to your feedback. Speaking of that I have already started to work on the podcasts for Larry and I at this moment. I am excited to get back to it finally and back into it as it has been a struggle especially with the old computer now com-put so I am on the main computer which eventually will have all 3 screens together as one. 

             Anyways those are the updates... Nothing too special... Just getting things done that weren't finished last year and upcoming podcasts and what not. No real changes to the website, we've committed to keeping the website as it is for right now. What you see on here is staying as it is. However the votes are in and I asked you guys if you'd like weekly streams and seems like a most definite yes! Anyways the schedule has been adjusted so be on the lookout for that and I will speak to you all on Monday, have a great weekend!     


Thursday, January 4, 2024

Let's Talk Rumble and YouTube!

                As you know we are split from the different platforms, Entertainment Man Podcast on YouTube since 2022 & The CBOTW Show since towards the end of 2023. I want to talk about both a little bit.

YouTube: It will take quite some time for Entertainment Man Podcast to become monetized on YouTube as you need 500 for memberships and donations which I do not plan on super chats whatsoever but am planning eventually doing memberships as I have ideas for that side of things. However you need 1000 subscribers to get actual ads onto the videos and my podcast is too far from that goal actually. However that's the way YouTube works as a platform. 

Rumble: Rumble which is home to The CBOTW Show which has just begun it's journey on video on Rumble and noticed the views are a lot higher but then again it's different content from Entertainment Man Podcast. However I was told that the views are a lot higher and what I really like is that I can be monetized right away non of what I said above for YouTube so that is most definitely a plus and opportunity knocking for us. 

            I know, I know Entertainment Man Podcast could of also gone exclusive but again there is 50 subscribers on YouTube already. Unless the podcast was kicked off then I'd move it over to Rumble but I have no problem being on two different platforms for each and you never know with the growth of Entertainment Man, I can and know I will reach my goals if I continue on with the podcast and I can tell you I plan on continuing on with the podcast! Anyways that is the post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Plans for Entertainment Man & The CBOTW Show 2024!

          As you guys know I have been toying around with ideas for both and I have come to this finalized idea for 2024:

  • Entertainment Man Podcast will be split into different parts both live and Pre-Recorded-- To start with the normal topic and Interviews episodes will be pre-recorded and premiered on Sundays. Might be hard to have an audience during the day time and the interviews can vary from week to week. However Special episodes for milestone episodes, special episodes and Christmas Specials will be Live with Audio ONLY being posted up on Sundays. Wednesdays Bonus episodes every 2nd week WILL NOW be on YouTube and Audio ONLY. This means both podcasts will be visual (Video) and Audio ONLY. I do not see doing interviews live a viable option as most of them are during the day time as it varies when folks are available to chat with me!
  • As for The CBOTW Show, it will be pre-recorded till we reach a certain amount of followers which I haven't yet determined yet what that will be as of right now. However when we reach that then we will be more then likely going live all the time at any given time whenever we are scheduled to record these shows that we recap.
Anyways excited for this next chapter of CBOTW Media moving forward I always have you guys to thank for always supporting us with what we do. That is the post for today and I will speak to you all tomorrow. 


Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Goals for 2024!

             That time of the year where I need to come up with goals for 2024, that was a tough decision to make but I came up with ideas for goals. As you know this year is slowly winding down, I've started to think about next year and the gal's I'd like to achieve. I have 4 or 5 for both personal and also professionally but I want to mainly focus on professionally: 

1- Improve Patience: I need to improve my patience as it can be a short fuse at a lot of times and something I need to really work on, especially and this one can be for both personally and professionally actually.

2- Get Power Rangers Podcast finished: This has been an ongoing problem with The CBOTW Show since June and been a thorn in my side but I feel positive I can finish this hopefully by February actually, latest March 2024 so we can take a break from this series and do movies and maybe even get started on preparing for Ghostwriter series which also a 90's show. 

4- Get Guest hosts for The CBOTW Show: It isn't a permanent position but always looking for people to collaborate with us on TV Shows and movies on a guest host basis and my assistant she's working on something that she's not telling me yet.

Achieved: 3- Fix The earnings: Another thorn in my side this year as we were earning money, the monetization but every time we earned it's suppose to be going into the earned column and it hasn't been moved over.  However I have started earning with Rumble so this goal has been achieved well prior to 2024 rolling around which is incredible honestly.

        Those are my goals for 2024 for ChrisBOnTheWeb Media wise and the post for today. It is a good amount of goals and I hope to achieve each one and as always I'll talk to you all tomorrow.


Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year! [2024]

           First of all to start this blog off, Happy New Year! So here we are, 2024! Start of our 10th Anniversary extravaganza this year! I promise we will not get too crazy but expect a ton of stuff to happen throughout mostly online with streams here and there when available and also lined up 3 interviews for 2024, one I cannot say yet but I've hinted it actually. I can say I am planning to have Eric on the podcast for the first time and an interview with both Justin and Larry in studio. Three Stooges with 3 mics, oh boy you can imagine the craziness and could even be beyond an hour for an interview with the 3 of us in studio! haha! I can just see it! 

         May add in a BBQ in July as The CBOTW Show will be between series for 2024 once Power Rangers Podcast goes to the way side we will be on more movies more then anything else in the world. Also the big 10 year anniversary celebration hopefully on Nov 14th the exact day! Praying Larry is around that week and Justin is free we can celebrate as a team or former team. I can feel this year will be a year of positivity and happiness and a lot of exciting stuff going on for us being our 10th anniversary of doing this. Anyways once again, Happy New Year to you all and let's make this a great year! Talk tomorrow,