Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find old videos, Chris made? A: Under the YouTube Tab, but feature is coming soon as we are currently creating the feature and building up the pages.

Q: Where are the archives for Podcasts? You Can find it under Podcasts -> A: Podcast Archives

Q: Will Chris ever stream again besides the occasional Facebook Stream? A: No, most part, he is retired from streaming full-time and he has been banned from majority of the platforms. He really has no desire to cast again.

Q: Where can you find Chris on Social Media? A: You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the name "ChrisBOnTheWeb" and Discord Server:

Q: What Current Projects Team is Chris working on? A: Entertainment Man Podcast, Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and Big Brother Collaboration Podcast which is in Pre-Production.

Q: Is Chris ever active on Discord? A: YES! He pops on from time to time when he isn't busy.

Q: What Events Is Chris doing every year> A: Currently events are on Hiatus, due to this pandemic. Normally he goes to Apple Festival, Food Truck Festival, Canada Day Celebrations, Polish Festival/Ukrainian Festival, Royal Winter Fair, Tyrone Parade of Lights and Toronto Christmas Market.

Q: What does Chris do when he's not working on ChrisBOnTheWeb? A: Pre-Pandemic, he hung out and spent time with his friends and family, watching TV Shows, Movies, Video Games. Go out on a bus ride, shop and travel around.

Q: When did ChrisBOnTheWeb start? A: November 14th, 2014 (6 Years Ago)