Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

1. Am I available for guest appearences on another podcast or radio show? Yes! Of course I am available to be on another podcast or radio show, I am always open to guest appearences, use the main email on the contact page,

2. Are there openings on the CBOTW Team? Not right now as there isn't any openings right now, it is very selective with the recent events that happened with one other podcast that ended abruptly

3. What Social Media Do I have? if you look to the right of this page, you will find the 3 social medias, Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Community Group, Twitter & Instagram.

4. Is The Gaming Podcast ever going to happen? Right now it is shelved for good cause I have no host nor anytime to do it myself.

5. Would I consider casting on other platforms besides YouTube, I.E. Twitch? I am currently banned on majority of the platforms minus YouTube so it would have to be YouTube.

6. Where can I find old podcasts that have been done? Podcasts can be found on the Podcast Archives

7. Can I blog on your website, The answer is no, I do not allow it because of trust issues to having access to the blog and website that is why it is only exclusive to Chris's team at this time. It could change in the future but for right now it is only between him and his team.

Entertainment Man Podcast:

1. What is Entertainment Man Podcast? Entertainment Man Podcast is the OFFICIAL Podcast of the Founder and Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb which is 100% Raw and Real and nothing is hidden. He will talk about various types of topics, including past projects that he did on YouTube and including past Podcasts! He also does interviews quite often but when there isn't an interview, he is there to give you some help with YOUR content. You can also find his podcast on YouTube in video format as well!

2. How often is the podcast goes up? Weekly Sundays @ 1 pm EST (Video, YouTube & Audio ONLY Platforms); Every Second Thursday @ 1 pm EST (Audio ONLY Platforms.)

3. Do you take on guests on Entertainment Man Podcast? Yes, of course I do! There are times, I need to slow down as I do get a ton of requests at times but it will be

4. How long does a season typically last? A Season starts second week in January and ends Sunday before Christmas with a bonus episode on Christmas Day.

5. How many seasons to date do you have? Currently have 2 fully recorded seasons and currently on Season 3 at this moment.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast:

1. What is Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast? Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is a collaboration podcast talking about everything Power Rangers.

2. When do episodes typically go up? 3 times a year we record episodes, 2 per session so in total 6 episodes a year.

3. What are the plans when 30 seasons comes to a wrap? Right now we have plans to cover the movies from 1995, 1997, 2017 and the upcoming movie. We also have some one off podcasts we would like to cover as well. Will be moving the movies to The CBOTW Show.

The CBOTW Show:

1. What is The CBOTW Show? The CBOTW Show is YOUR One Stop Shop for TV and Movie Talk, comitted to talking about movies and TV shows!

2. When does the podcast go up? Spordaically, like the collab this podcast is randomly posted up but hoping to expand down the road to more often.

3. Where can you listen to The CBOTW Show? Here on & Castbox.FM. Only two platforms as of right now nowhere else at this moment. Planning on expanding down the road.


1. Am I streaming anywhere at this moment? I do not stream anymore. I'm 100% retired from that.