alternatetext Chris- Founder/Owner: Chris is the Founder/Owner of the Website. He started as a YouTube and continues on with being a Content Creator with the blog and podcasts. He has done a ton of projects past and present including as the Executive Producer/Host of Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast!
alternatetext Savannah- Website Designer/Graphic Designer/Site Admin: Savannah is Chris's right hand when it comes to the website stuff which she knows her website coding. She also serves as the Graphic Designer for the website and social medias. When she's not working she likes to read, spend time with the family and also play video games.
alternatetext Larry- Senior Producer/Co-Host: Larry is no stranger to ChrisBOnTheWeb, he was once Chris's faithful Camera Man, eons ago when Chris was on this website called YouTube. Larry is NOW the Senior Producer/Co-Host of Power Rangers Collaboration since it's inception June 2018.