Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Updates! [11-19-2019]

           I wanted to take the time to make this announcement post and to give you guys heads up you will now hear a 15 - 30 spot before the intro roles as it normal does and the reason is the podcast is an affiliate and that is all I really want to say but this is a great opportunity and I am sure it will take some time before things pick up. However I can say on the Stitcher side of the platforms that the podcast is with well the views are up which is great and means it is starting to pick up. That isn't the only good thing as you probably noticed Castbox is back and yes I got it back up and it's gaining subscribers pretty quick which is incredible. Also I noticed this a few weeks back but Everything About Reality TV Podcast is also on IHeartRadio which a friend of mine said it is very hard to get on which is true but hey Everything About Reality TV got picked and I am forever grateful for this opportunity. Now back to the 15 - 30 spot, it is hard to explain but you will hear it 2 days from tonight what it is sounds like and I can say it is awesome to add a 15 - 30 second spot promoting Stitcher Premium that I can say. Hopefully that does help explain but like I said you will hear it 2 days from this evening as I will be add it in before the intro.

          I am excited to be an affiliate with Stitcher and have the opportunity to promote their product. Going to Stitcher was the best thing I ever did for the podcast 3 years ago and I was there even when they were still growing as a platform and having issues but I stuck by them even when I took a break I still came back and their platform and staff have been nothing but great to me. This also includes TuneIn, ITunes, Player FM, Castbox and all the platforms my podcast as they have been amazing especially when I had a question or concern with my feed they would help me out with the problem so I am forever grateful for the help when I struggle with things.  Either way it has been a very productive journey and it is now no secret as I said in the post 2 days ago that I have decided to continue or move forward with future seasons of the podcast. I cannot wait for you guys to hear this week's episode as I am changing things around and it will sound different for sure and a lot better this week then it has in the past! 


Monday, November 18, 2019

Pizza and Dessert From Kitchen Place Food Review!

          Now it is obvious where I was now it is 48 hours now which equals 2 days ago technically but on the way back we went to the local grocery store which had warm food and when I say warm food I mean Pizza, whole chicken, some good stuff and reasonable prices too. So I grabbed Pizza, mainly Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza which had a nice hint of Oregano which we all know is a herb and tastes great in food. Anyways the first bite that I took and it was really fresh. It was also really super soft and very delicious as well and I really did enjoy it. My thought was just like my mom's homemade pizza that she makes from time to time which next time I eat pizza will probably be on my 34th Birthday this year. Now for the rating I would give it a 10 out of 10. It was really enjoyable and I would eat the Pizza again even if my dad and I even went there I would definitely have it again especially as it was really good. 

            However for the dessert, not as enjoyable as I was not happy with it whatsoever but I ate it. I found this chocolate and with some creamy stuff inside too sweet for my liking. Now yes I have a sweet tooth but that much of a sweet tooth honestly. Both Eric and I found it too sweet so it wasn't that great. Now if it didn't have the cream on top and just chocolate in the middle of the chocolate part that probably been fine but the way they had it and it is very hard to explain to you guys what I am talking about. I should of took a picture of all the food I had but I didn't. Either way I wasn't pleased with the result of the dessert so I probably, more then likely just like Eric not too happy with the dessert. However majority of the time I'd say there are tons of things that I do like and this dessert wasn't one of them on my list along with Sushi which is one I do not like whatsoever. Either way this dessert is getting a 1 out of 10 as I said I found it too sweet and that's OK, but I will give em a 5 out of 10 the way it was presented in the container and it did look good at the time but once I took a bite, I wasn't overly impressed. I hope you enjoyed this food review and I hope to have more like these again in the very nearby future. 


Sunday, November 17, 2019

Inspired To Do Something That I Should of Kept Doing!

          Yesterday, I got inspired to do something that I thought I wouldn't do in the time since the announcement of Everything About Reality TV, you can tell something is up as now I have a poll on both the Facebook Fan Page and Twitter if you guys want to vote, YOUR VOTE counts to it returning! Yes You GUYS the fans been emailing up the wall about it returning I know majority of the platforms the podcast is no longer on half the platforms but one of the platforms that I never thought about being on is IHeartRadio which is amazing! I never thought my podcast would ever get on that platform and nor I never requested it! It just got picked up actually. I kind of been feeling this was going to happen where you guys were going to request it to come back after the 12th season so thank-you! You GUYS asked for it and it is coming! Season 13 is coming soon to a Computer or Device near you! Now the plan right now is to just finish this season first then decided whats next and right now there is no set schedule as of right now for the next season as the follow I do know and don't know:

Amazing Race 32- Could compete against Survivor 40 or it could be in May like it was last year but by New Year, we should know a ton more information.

Survivor 40- All Winners Season- No secret it is all past winners coming back to fight for the title once again and I am thrilled the podcast is back for another season especially to host Survivor 40 Recaps on the Podcast too! Date for this to start is Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 Which means recaps are back on Thursday February 13th, 2020 at 9 pm EST!

Big Brother Canada 8- No date as of yet and plus auditions just closed so the date we will find out end of January some time into February at the most when the show is on the air again for Season 8.

           Either way I am excited to be continuing for this podcast despite whatever mixed feelings I am damn well having right now but this is what you guys wanted and I plan on continuing on despite I am feeling done still even with the burst of inspiration to continue I am doing this for you guys and I am happy it's continuing just kind of overwhelmed with fact I do not have any of the off season podcast ideas as I scrapped them and I should of kept them but I didn't so now I am paying the price for it and same with what I said before almost half are now off due to the fact I had em removed. Now I have requested it to re appear on Castbox and also Spotify but the ones you see on the Everything About Reality TV Podcast Page is the one will be available to you guys. Finally once this poll is finished on Saturday afternoon and we get closer to the finale  I will be making an announcement via video to say it is officially back and hopefully I have some answers for when the new season begins and when I will start recording off season podcasts too down the road. 


Friday, November 15, 2019

Games I Bought and Games I Want To Get in 2020!

             Well it is time for an update on games I am now playing and games I want to play which there is a few on my list now that is a must play at this moment. There was some that are or were on the list kind of now have been put on the wayside at this moment but I am sure I will one day down the road, re look at the games that I haven't gotten and probably break down and get one day. Anyways here is the list of games I am currently playing and I would like the play down the road:

Want To Play:

1)  DayZ- A Zombie like game and I saw a streamer playing this game and I instantly fell in love with the game and love the idea of beating up zombies in the middle of the day time! 

2) The Outerworlds- Pretty cool game, watching Rocky, Owner of Punk Rock Cheeseburger play this playthough and looking forward to it's release in 2020 on Steam. 

3) The Sims 4- University Expansion Pack- Been waiting for this day to come for a very long time and I have discussed this with Larry and it is definitely on my list of video games to get especially in the New Year I want to put some money to the side and actually get this expansion pack and take the game to a whole new level!

4) Call of Duty 2- Played the first one and did try playing the second but seemed to get stuck at the start of the game and probably cause my aiming plain old stunk but now playing Warface which below you will see it mentioned below.

Playing Right Now:

1) WarFace- Still playing the game when I can but haven't loaded it up in about a week tonight so I am probably at Day 1 for rewards yet again so I will have to load it up and get the reward first thing tomorrow morning when I get a quick sec to do that.

2) The Sims 4- Always will be playing this game till I get bored but as I said I am looking into getting The University Expansion Pack in the New Year and it will go into a whole new level for the current households that I have up and running right now. 

3) Dead Before Daylight- Love this game and getting the niche. I haven't had time to play it but I am going to have a ton of time between Late December and the time the new podcast which you guys do not know yet but details are coming very soon, sooner then you know it.

4) Life Is Strange- Playing the original and again this goes back to me having no time to play right now but I am enjoying it and I think I got every single episode so I need to make time to play. 

5) The Binding of Isaac- Trying to finish up this game finally and it has been a very long wait to finish as I have been  stuck at a certain spot in the game but I keep on trying and I have gotten far but so far but no success at completing challenges or with the different characters.


Thursday, November 14, 2019

Chris B On The Web Is Celebrating 5 Years Today!

             Chris B On The Web Turns 5 Today and I am so excited and estatic for it being 5 years and where has the time gone? Too fast in the way I think of it, things did change pretty quickly for me from my YouTube channel ending in 2016 to doing Reality TV podcasts for the past 4 + years to now starting something completely new and different. Change has been the name of the game over the last 5 years and half way things changed for the better good of this website and under the CBOTW Brand. I am proud of what this website, the blogs, the podcasts have become over the years and especially the podcast getting on nearly 20 different platforms over the course of time and I am looking forward to this being our 5th year in operation. With the changes as you know happening, the only 3 things that are staying the same is Punk Rock Cheeseburger Podcast and The Power Rangers Podcast which is already in pre-production for the upcoming next session in 2020. As I reflect on the past 5 years, I realize now what didn't work and what has worked and ever since the change over to podcasts, things on my social media have picked up with making connections with other podcasts and podcasters such as Rocky from Punk Rock Cheeseburger which help him especially get into the Podcasting game like I have and I think after 4 years I do have a ton of knowledge being a podcaster for this long now. Since the change over, I have learnt so much as a podcaster and so much about myself and I want to continue doing podcasts, even after Everything About Reality TV Podcast ends. 

            I never thought over the course of almost 2 years I would be switching from YouTube to what I am doing to this day and I honestly think I have worked extremely hard on CBOTW whether it was the YouTube aspect of things or wioth me being a podcaster, I know that I have definitely made a difference in all of your lives and I plan on continue to bring smiles in your everyday life.  I am glad this CBOTW has lasted as long as it did with the help of Justin & Larry over the course of the last 6 - 8 years with the two of them helping me grow as a content creator, whether they are building sets, camera work, co-host of a podcast they have made a difference especially after losing so many staff they helped me stay sane through the constant drama on the team and they were one of the ones that helped me through it all. Now I have the support of 3 of my former staff Justin, Larry & Eric who constantly support and help me through situations and tough decisions that I have to make. With saying that Here is to another 5 years and beyond and I am happy that I am the Founder and Owner of Chris B On The Web for the last 5 years and counting!

- Chris, Founder & Owner of Chris B On The Web & ChrisBOnTheWeb.com

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Working Long Hours, I Think I am Officially Sick 😳

           After working long hours in this studio of mine, I think I am Officially sick. However let's not jump to conclusions as of yet. I woke up this morning with a sore throat so that isn't good whatsoever. However life goes on and if I need to rest a lot more then I will however I will still be working on things but I have to remember that my health and wellness comes first always. I am going to start taking the Echinea pills to help me as I am suppose to be out of town in Toronto this weekend with a friend. I know this is the wrong time for me to get sick and it is my own fault as I should of wore my warmer coat with it being colder yesterday but again this could of been caught a week to 10 days ago and I have been dressing for the appropriate weather too. I guess it is just a bad luck of the draw and I know how to deal with it. I should of also been taking my vitamin pills as well. Right now I do feel fine right now as it is just a sore throat but yet again it could be nothing honestly just dryness, however never know, however I need to be aware of this and keep an good eye on it so this way I can deal with it quickly and what not. 

          However my health comes first and yesterday was about me resting and the reason the blog was on a stand still. Despite being sick and wanting to sleep all the time, I realize I need to try and get some work done which I need to keep up with Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and it's not hard to do as all I am doing technically is watching the TV Show and taking notes right now. So I will try watch good amount rest for a while then continue on as that is my strategy with it honestly while I am sick and trying to recover from this and I do not think it will last too too long and it will be out of my system by next week at the most and I should be back to normal hopefully moving forward. However today I feel a bit better then yesterday so that is definitely a good thing to be happening as I feel stronger. I am in good spirits while sick and just gotta keep up the good positive spirits up while I deal with that. I plan to rest when I need to and that is probably the best thing to do especially at this moment. 


Monday, November 11, 2019

Schedule Page Has Been Re-Coded!

             Yesterday afternoon, I took down the "Schedule" for some major maintenance as I was not happy with what I was using which their service has gone down this morning for some odd reason and you know what service I am referring to. However I am grateful for having that calendar embedded on my website for the last several years and it was time for change. So obviously I took the entire page down and at first when you clicked it it said page cannot be found but yet the menu bar was up... Well I forgot to take down the tab off the menu bar code so I did that and re-added it when it was complete which only took me an hour to code together but their is probably tweaks I can make to it still as I am not 100% confident the page is done and there is tweaking to do with it still. However the new page is now up and I am happy with it for right now, even tho I am very picky with it but in time I will get it perfect but for right now its pretty much in beta testing as it was entirely done by code for tables. I not afraid to say it I am pretty much coding everything myself now these days and I am not going to rely on third party sites now moving forward for features within this website.

                 So if you see something out of place on this please report it via the contact page or my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Instagram. I am sure there is something that is out of place that I missed as I was extremely tired at 3 in the afternoon as I was in bed at 6 and up around 4 ish this morning. So it was a long hour yesterday trying to figure out how to do the scheduling so it took me some time to figure it out. However in the end I am happy with the end product but the issue I have is how I will add in events but I think it is possible and I probably will put it in for the month as I have things written down or in the actual calendar here on my PC so I know what is what with events especially which I know for right now is 2 more events are on the list for 2019 before we end events for the year. So what I think I will plan I can list them for just the month this way you guys aren't confused at all what is going on and what not. 


Sunday, November 10, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Is Ending... What's Next?

           So the rumors are true and I needed several days to process this entire change that is about to happen. Yes "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast is coming to an end after 4 long years On The Air and there will be changes with CBOTW and the way of podcasts. I am nervous for the changes but like Rocky said, this change will be good for me and Larry told me I have been doing this a long time now. Reason is not the negative comments but it is more with me feeling burnt out as I have been going non stop for the last 11 months now with very hardly any break so I am feeling ready for change. Now what is the changes? They are:

     - I plan on taking a break from running my podcast till the start of January, then The Entertainment Man Podcast also known as The EM Podcast will be starting the first Sunday of January so I am taking a break. 

    - I will still be working on Power Rangers Podcast and on Punk Rock Cheeseburger during the break and I won't be going far from those ones while the transition stage is completed. 

     - Everything About Reality TV Feeds will no longer have new episodes and will stay up on all the platforms until Late 2020 when I will get them removed but old Episodes will remain on Podcasts.com from here on out. 

      - The EM Podcast will then grow onto websites like Stitcher, ITunes, TuneIn & Player FM one the ball gets rolling with then I will make the move to the other platforms within a week later I will work on bringing it onto the podcast. 

      - Everything About Reality TV Podcast Off Season Podcasts that have been written have been destroyed or thrown out in the trash on any flash drive or on the computer once the season is finished. Actually I have removed all the graphics and it is now stored on the flash drive so this way I have a copy. Also all episodes are on the external hard drive, yes all 240 + episodes and collabs are on there.

       There is what is going to be happening and when the Podcast is starting so technically and what is next for me. Honestly I am excited for the change to happen and ready to start something newer and different. I think it was time and I could really sense it back in May that the end is near and for once I listen to my own heart and gut on this and just hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the butt in the end but I don't think it will as Rocky said this change will be totally good for me and things won't be as crazy for me as they are right now. The date for the Podcast to start in Sunday, January 5th, 2020 officially. So there ya go with the official date for the podcast to be launched.


Saturday, November 9, 2019

Studio Renovations Have Started!

              The renovations have begun here in the studio which means mass chaos and mess but the most part the mess is done as we got the first layer down minus one area but today we were or are working on the second layer of the insulation as that is the first step towards this project. The next step after that is to try and move the electrical out and I know safety first as we will have to turn off the power in here to make sure we do not hurt ourselves whatsoever with this project. Then the fun part of this project begins with us working with putting up the wooden panels up on the wall. However we are working on it, we have just started this project and it will be a few week to a month hence the reason why we have stopped production of Power Rangers Podcast till at least January when this is all done an the studio is set in place finally with the changes that are being made as were moving stuff around in here and we're excited for studio changes that coming for us. That is why I have started to put things on hold. 

              There is no ETA when I will have things back and re-setup, I hope for Mid December to get things right on track with me but we will see as there is numerous changes with the desk top especially as there is a plan for that as well. Please be patient with me during the coming weeks as we are working as hard as we can to get things back on track first before we bring out some content to you guys so studio comes first before the content comes out to you guys that is what is the upmost importance. I know you guys were not happy with the announcement that Power Rangers Podcast went back on hiatus till January but if you think of it this way you guys are getting 3 collabs next year with Larry and I so that is truly a bonus for you especially so consider this a treat as the following year, well more then likely I will be back to 2 recording sessions a year so you guys are in for an bonus come 2020 on top of all these changes that is about to happen for the website especially. Finally I want to thank-you guys for being your patience and I will give updates from time to time when I have an update to give you guys.


Friday, November 8, 2019

Favorite Episodes of The Entertainment Man Talk Show!

             Today I would like talk about My favorite episodes that I have filmed of The Entertainment Man Talk Show. Now that it has been nearly 3.5 years since I left the YouTube platform, I sure as heck do feel comfortable talking about it and there is a bunch of episodes that really hit home and were on my favorites to film. I am sure you guys you guys can guess some of em as I am probably tweeted it out before. Anyways here are my top episodes that I enjoyed filming:

1) The 50th Episode!: This took place in Season 2 and I was so excited yet there was a bunch of drama on set that day as I wanted things to be just perfect for that day as it is a milestone for the series.

2) 100th Episode: While this episode is no longer anywhere and is a lost episode but again another milestone out of the 112 episodes that both Larry and I between 2013 and 2016 before the series ended in 2016. 

3) Town Hall of 1873: Probably one of the first of several locations I filmed at over the course of the 6 seasons the series was running that needed permission, OK to film at. Another reason I chose this location is because of the history of the theater as it once was a jail and also a fire station back in the day.

4) York-Durham Railway: Was on my list many years before we actually filmed and I was very familiar with the railway but I waited till the time was right and we filmed in June 2016 and that was the last ever episode him and I ever filmed and was a memorable finish the series off before it ended.

             There is 4 of my favorite episodes that I enjoyed recording or filming the episode. I have nothing but the best memories despite the way things ended I cannot not be bitter especially now that it has been 3.5 years now I am nothing but proud of it lasting the 6 long seasons with 2 years short of the 10 year mark since it started. There is nothing but tons of memories with the series and I will have the same when Everything About Reality TV Podcast ends in December and I move onto bigger and better things with CBOTW. I have to remember the good memories not the negative and that is why I wanted to make this post and I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and I will see you in the next post tomorrow. 


Thursday, November 7, 2019

Memories of Riding The Older Buses Back In The Day (Throwback Thursday Story)

              Back in the day when I was growing up, we never had the handicapped buses as they were all stairs we had to climb up and I am talking old, old buses. Now what buses am I really talking about?

  • The old General Motors Fish Bowl buses as they always called them back then and always warm when I was on them and comfortable as well as the seats where padded. I also the Air conditioned ones they had later on before they were all pulled out of service and retired.
  • The MCI Classics- Really warm all the time which is always nice and I remember these really well back in the day. 
  • Flyers- Not the ones that we have to this day, the ones that had the rounded windows I remember very, very well. 
  • The next one is of course the Orion buses and I remember em from the old orions 117, 121, 122 & 123. Also from 129 - 145 in the numbers as the transit here had a ton of them. I also remember these from when I was still in my college years when I was in school for pre-media.

              There is a ton of memories from the buses I rode the buses and those are the buses I remember. I totally remember going home on the buses quite often with my dad from when I was in elementary school and remembering the old fish bowls and what not. Also as I said I took some of the older Orion buses when I was in college and I remember correctly that the 8141 one of the final Orion buses remaining in the system at the time and the last time I was on one was the 8141 bus and there is proof and when I say proof there is a video on YouTube of me on the bus so there is actual proof of it too. I will never forget which bus it was either and I remember it very vividly too. 


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

My Favorite Monk Episodes!

               Today's post I would like to talk about some of my favorite Monk episodes. Now a small back story to how I get into the show. Now I got into the TV Show because of Eric, he introduced me into the show and I was wondering what the heck I was technically watching but as I kept on getting further and further into the show, I got right into the show and I have seen all seasons on Monk from start to finish. Anyways here are some of my favorite episodes that I enjoy:

1) Mr Monk On The Air- Mr. Monk goes on radio during his investigation and of course he got embarrassed when with a remix of him saying "Wipe, Wipe, Wipe" Which I found pretty hysterical to be honestly. 

2) Mr. Monk Stays In Bed- Poor Monk sick in bed with what I think is the flu bug. Anyways Julie, Natalie's daughter gave him a get well card that had a musical interlude to it and drove Mr. Monk insane to a point he tried to hide it and eventually threw it out. At the end the card came back to save the day and probably haunt Mr. Monk.

3) Mr. Monk A Contestant On Game Show- I know what you're going to say, I do not remember the name of any of these damn names of the actual episodes but he was trying to figure out how the one contestant is cheating and of course he went in there and he kept on cleaning off the smudge off the button and of course the button kept going off which was funny and personally one of my favorite episodes to date.

            There is a few episodes and like always with these kind of posts, I do not want to over do the posts and I try and not do that with these posts but those are at least my top 3 favorite let's just say and it is nice but I really hoped to add in more but that's OK, I am happy with the final product and I really hope you guys have enjoyed today's post as always I enjoyed writing this post for you guys. 


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Blog & Team Updates

             I keep forgetting that Larry has author privileges here on the website and I just looked and he is still author here so I should get him to post here and there and we will have something to blog about in the New Year as we are planning on going to Popeyes for Lunch and doing a Food Review for you guys and I have been saying this for the longest time now but it will be done for sure.  Larry doesn't always have to post but like I have told him in the past he has that privilege to write and he hasn't yet but he probably has totally forgotten he has the privilege. Not sure what he would blog about but we have a couple of ideas on our mind and they are:

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker- Review  the movie with no spoilers as that is what we are not that kind of website or blog that spoils the movie for you guys but that can be on the list for him to review, even myself, we both can do a review.
  • Food Reviews- We are planning to do some food reviews together. We have like I said Pop Eyes on the list, I have Five Guys Burgers, Mr. Burger, Starr Burger so we have a few places in mind for the New Year and they will be even out on a Monthly basis for a while but we wanna do some.         

            Both him and I will do a review together and this was his idea for the website so I am very excited to see what is brought to the website and I am sure excited to be bringing some newer content to the website especially. We got the podcasts and now we got a bunch of content on the website but Larry is just the start and I am sure we will be adding a bunch of new stuff and we will definitely have to put a schedule together so this way we are not crossing paths with posts but we will all meeting discussing this soon to what we want to do. So exciting stuff for the website and like I said this is only the start for us! Also I am moving my blog posts to 12 Noon EST for now on. Finally the team page is returning soon!


Monday, November 4, 2019

Semi-Retired From Streaming!

             I know you guys haven't seen me live for over a month now and it has been a long time since I've casted on my own channel and obviously still co-host after PRCB is recorded on the "After Dark's" however we haven't been live. So I guess at this moment, I am just semi-retired from Streaming minus the "After Darks" that I have done but again not sure what the plan is this week yet if I am planning to be on the podcast or not. More then likely am but we will see what this week brings but either way I still cast but it is more of a co-host but still its a cast. So it is a semi retirement but still active around the community and a big part of Punk Rock Cheeseburger. So I am not fully retired so technically the title I think is clickbait title... SMH! I honestly streaming is not as important but I do stream with Rocky on an almost week basis. My primary focus and always will be the podcasts and with Twitch being second on the list but like I said I am a Co-Host role more. As for the Chris985 account on Twitch, I only use it for listening to shows on Twitch on an almost regular basis and I do follow a ton of different people too.

           I think this is the best decision for me to not stream and plus I have been trolled left right and center on the website but letting it bother me no more and there is something planned for PRCB and I want to wait and yes Twitch is involved and like I said I am on weekly on PRCB and that's it. I am dedicated to being on his stream once a week and honestly I am happy about it. I mean not just happy but I am OK with this change and I wanted to try and get away from streaming a bit more and to be a co-host or guest on Rocky's stream, I am really happy with it. I know we haven't been streaming Friday night "After Dark's" as we both have been a bit busy lately but we are going to get back to it. As you can see on the screen cap I posted on the post here to the title of the post for today, I changed it as I am technically Semi-retired from streaming as I said above. Why did I do this? Well I think it is more suitable that it says that I am semi retired not fully retired from streaming. It was the wrong idea and honestly the original title felt very clickbait for a title. I honestly do not want to be know for being a click baiter so that is why I changed the title and very quickly. So that is what is going on with me streaming and that entire thing about me streaming even to FB Fan Page, more then likely it will not happen at all. 


Sunday, November 3, 2019

Plans For Chris B On The Web's 5 Year Anniversary!

           If you haven't been keeping tabs in the last few years well this year marks 5 years ago since CBOTW (Chris B On The Web) is turning 5 and YOU guys the fans can get involved with this year celebrations and probably a ton more to come on that day and you never know. I got a bunch of ideas and I will talk about it on today's blog post and an announcement is coming but here is what is planned for the 5 year Anniversary for Chris B On The Web:
      1) The first thing I would like to mention that YOU GUYS, will be involved with the anniversary and this is strictly you guys as I have planned to not involve any ex staff but I will be talking to em in case they want to contribute but mainly going to involved you guys with making a video and again details are coming up on the social media later on today when I get a chance to record the video for social medi

      2) I am planning a luncheon with some of my former staff, not sure who will be available but I am sure Larry will be able to be there so at least one of us but planning to see if Eric and Justin wanna join in to the festivities and I will be talking to all 3 of the guys this week to see if they are interested in doing something like this to celebrate which more then likely it will not be on the exact day but whatever day they are available we will be doing this get together for Lunch and celebrating. 

       3) I may do a cast with Larry but again that is really up in the air right now as we do not know what the plan is or if we want to do that but there is ideas but I highly doubt it as I do not really want to make a big deal over it honestly but again that is all up in the air and if that was the case probably over on Periscope and yes I have had problems over there but able to make an account so I must of been unbanned and not known that but again I am not sure at this moment what we wanna do to be honest, it could be on the Facebook Fan Page for Chris B On The Web.

          There is what is planned but not planning to do all 3 for the most part 3 of it but never know may do a small FB Live even while we are out at lunch with all 3 of us I can do a small FB Live and we can all chat and what not but what I would like to achieve is to actually get 2 out of the 3 done at the most. Please do stay tuned to social media this week as I probably will know a ton more. Finally I apologize for no Royal Winter Fair Post this year as I didn't have the media pass with me this year but will make it up to you guys soon!



Saturday, November 2, 2019

Sleep Schedule Is Really Off!

           Originally it was a weight loss update but obviously it is now an update on my sleep now as you know my sleep is all over the darn place. I know one of the reasons why is because of me working on the Power Rangers Podcast and getting the notes typed up and really getting it done as I am now half way through the two sets of notes my sleep should be getting better but it hasn't been lately as I have been sleeping early and up during the night but the nights have been very productive. However I need to get sleep fixed and probably the only time I can really sleep early is the days I am on Punk Rock Cheeseburger Podcast which is usually every week but at least once a month at the most. maybe more off. However the other days I need to get to bed around 9 or 930 at night at the most on the other nights but I need to actually start training my body to actually go to bed at this time at that time to ensure I get better sleep and not sleep half the damn day so this way I can get work done for the website as that hasn't been the case but yet I have been able to get Everything About Reality TV Podcast on time which it hasn't been the last 2 weeks it has been on a very odd schedule and this is due to my sleep schedule but hey least it is back on time. Sleep and my mental health is still the upmost important to me and I need to take care about myself at the same time but been trying. 

            This upcoming week I promise to get myself back on track with sleep and you obviously can tell the days I am awake during the night with my posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posting stuff up but most of the time during the night I tweet the most of the time. However today I am getting my sleep back on the right track as I know I'll be back fairly late like 830 - 9 pm ish so this will be good I can relax for 30 minutes then go to bed and tomorrow's another day for me and I plan on working on the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast more tomorrow with the sleep being fixed and a lot better then it has been lately. You cannot imagine how tired and worn out I am from the lack of sleep during the night. I miss getting up at 330, maybe 4 or 430 am and getting my day started but again that hasn't been the case lately as you know my posts on social are pretty much all over the place and I am sure you guys are quite confused. Final things I would like to say is my posts lately are not as good as they normally have been as sometimes they aren't making sense or they have been misspells on there that is why. Either way this week will be a tough week to get things back on the right track for me and also the podcast but I know I can do it if I put my mind to it and that is what is going on with me on this little update blog post.


Friday, November 1, 2019

Why Did Larry I Start The Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast?

           Today's post is why did I decided to start The Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast with Larry? Now as you know Larry wasn't part of CBOTW in 2018 and when him and I decided to do this it was more on a 2 times a year basis and that is what we really wanted to do with The Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and that is what we have set but you never know what is in stored for 2020 especially. However this do not answer the question why the heck did Larry and I start this and why we enjoy doing this content exclusively on the website alone. First as two individuals who were born in the early 80's/Mid 80's we grew up with Power Rangers and being in our 30's we are just a bunch of nerds behind microphones and talking about a show we love and I thought after this started I thought this wouldn't do very well but it mind blowing to see the views flow right in and like Larry has said to me in the end it is always about the views and you guys seem to enjoy it. The second part I want to say is that we are aiming for the very nearby future to do every single season of the podcast but we are jumping ahead.

              However we enjoy it and as long as him and I enjoy this collaboration Podcast is what matters honestly. Also yes viewers matter and honestly at the start i thought we weren't that entertaining but you guys seem to really enjoy them and trust me we are only a month away from production and by then we will have a brand new studio to record in as right now I am in tornado alley with my studio as it's an appalling mess right now but that is besides the point. I may as well update you I am currently in Lightspeed Rescue and working extremely hard to get it done by December 1st, a month from now and really aiming for December for him and I to record so we can stay on schedule. So I am half way done at this point and getting closer. This is why I work hard I enjoy this kind of content and it seems to do very well, even for the website itself. It goes to show it does extremely well. So you can see with today's post both Larry and I enjoy this even if it is every twice a year with 2 episodes per session with a total of 4 episodes a year, we both sure as heck enjoy the episodes and why we have started this podcast. We are both looking forward to the very near future with this podcast.