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Thursday, December 7, 2023

No More Minecraft?!

           For those who knew this we had a Server but apparently we cannot load nor re-install the game so right now the community server we built renders useless right now and I think I got banned from playing yet I didn't cheat, I used all the game modes in the game, creative, survival. I never once cheated the system nor used anything that I wasn't suppose to and I enjoyed playing the game and now my computer will not allow me to reinstall it whatsoever. 

            So I am going to try and get my nephew to try and get it up and running again next time he is over cause there is unfinished business and that is the two tunnel ways that haven't finished up so this way I can do other things in the process and my nephew and I have a building to blow up too that I built purposely for that reason too ha-ha so for right now I going to play my other games and any other new game reviews I will be sure to do a full review but I will talk to you all tomorrow for the "End of The Week Updates."


Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Estate Agent Simulator & Gym Simulator 2024 Review

            I bought to play on my spare time two games: Estate Agent and Gym Simulator 2024. So here is my review and take on both video games:

Estate Agent Simulator: I absolutely love it. Already at 50 grand earned. Getting the hang of the game and already had to sue someone for not paying their rent. Of course I lost the court case so yeah it sucks. But it is what it is. Point of the game is to rent houses and handle the tenants. Already have an accountant and assistant to help out. I plan on getting more assistants as I can have up to 3 - 5 I think? Either way I really enjoy this game and play it regularly on my days off from CBOTW Media. The game definitely gets a 10 out of 10. Still learning some of the ins and out's I've yet been able to build my own houses as that is still locked for me but eventually that will be a thing soon. 

Gym Simulator 24: Really love this game and already over 300k in money earned on the game. Going to be a Millionaire at this rate as I've done everything possible to make it a success. I even live in a proper apartment and it's just about earning the money as I've got everything almost updated in the way in equipment at this moment. I enjoy to play an hour or two of this game. Gym Simulator 24 also gets a 10 out of 10 as it can be a chaotic mess but also a fun chaotic mess in the process. 

          That is my review of the two video games, I hope you enjoyed reading this and I thank you for reading this and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Friday, November 3, 2023

What's going on with The Minecraft Server?

          So what's going on with the Minecraft server? I have been on it and been working on the Subway system and been tearing down old railways above ground and yet to have done that been tearing down the rails to the one where the snow is as basically I am planning to some how eventually resurrect the idea down the road perhaps. However the other 3 lines are being pulled down with the one that goes out to the desert is gone and is put under ground at this point. Also one that went to the villagers and ice world are gone and no plans for an underground but thinking about one to the villagers perhaps could be a possibility. 

           The other line going adjacent to the already completed line is being dug out but right now like I said I am removing lines above minus one line just the tracks but once the removal is complete then I will start working on the line on the north line above the property. However I am in and out of the game and haven't had the time to play so I am on and off the game. When I have at least an hour to play I will play but other then that I'm working around the clock on content which definitely has a priority. Even with the building, I have stopped working on it. I should actually finish the building at some point and I will. However when I have updates, I will give it but for right now, have a good weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday.


Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Minecraft and Stardew Valley Updates

              So I have built a little production village as I have built random islands to put villagers on to see how long they can last like on the TV Show Survivor. Also I have torn the old village down in the main hub with the railways and built a working barn for the animals and seems to work well and looks great. Also the Garden centre was realigned inside as the glass building was extended a bit and everything now looks amazing! I have also got one apartment building room or apartment built to see what it looks like and I truly like it.

              Stardew Valley, I have made some progress. One day I made 36,434 dollars from Pumpkin and Corn but obviously spent it on stuff as I made another barn so I can get more animals in there which I still gotta do. I am currently in winter season and only crops is in the green house or as I call it the garden centre. Not sure what other animals I can put on there but will see in time. I wanna add a mill and a slime hutch eventually but will take time. I plan on saving up for right now. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Thursday, November 17, 2022

Starting Up A Second Minecraft Server!

             I have thought about this long and hard and I am planning to do a more of a modded Minecraft for myself, something on my own time. I wanna try and do a Tekkit kind of Minecraft and try and go to the moon but I need to look up what I need for a Tekkit Minecraft but if that doesn't work out then I will do some kind of modded Minecraft and mod the heck out of it and have some fun with some mods for a change from the normal everyday server I have. 

             Only reason I am putting it on a server is because in case my niece or nephew or both wanna see what I am doing but most part it will be me on the modded server. However the first server will still be there and there is work to still be done. I need to build the apartment building itself and finish up some other projects that are still on going but I do plan on going on there a bit from time to time but I will have the 2nd server as something different. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Minecraft Updates! [08-11-2022]

                  I wanted to provide you guys with a bit of an update, I am probably almost done with or even finished with the project. It was put on the back burner cause of projects within ChrisBOnTheWeb and that is the current projects I need to complete first but recently I have dug out the ice rink and I know it's not big, big but still it's an ice rink regardless. This took a very long time for me to dig right out of the ground and working on the bowl and building the seating bowl. It was quite an adventure and a half. There is only so much room I can do and maybe it's time for a small shrink down perhaps.

        Looks good and I will be fiddling around with it and maybe it's too squished or something, I'm not 100% sure what I need to do to actual improve. I think it is too wide and still room to make progress with it. Maybe I will change it around but we'll see when I once again get enough time to play the game once again. Anyways that is a bit of an update on the world and yes I haven't done much with the office building and been around the other stadiums working on things here and there but that's for an update a little later on when the time is right. I will talk to you guys tomorrow on the last post of the week which I will be back home again. 


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Stardew Valley Upates!

              For the last few weeks, I have been playing Stardew Valley on my extra time.  However I have made some stride with the game. I have now upgraded both my axe and pickaxe to Iron and the next phase is Gold axe and pickaxe next but I need 20 grand to do both tho so that is a bit of a pain getting money and getting the gear I need. There are two stones that I think are copper and with copper that could open up a big amount of money. At this point I think I am going to sell most of it. Maybe make a copper or iron can but more likely copper will be sold and it will give me a bunch of money indefinitely. I am planning to sell cause I need the money to get one more upgrade on the axe and pickaxe. I have now started to grow crops and it has helped me out greatly but not only that but I have found a cave and able to start gathering stone, copper quartz and other amazing items. 

              Now back to the pickaxe and axe situation, it has been so much better with an iron axe and pickaxe and made life around the farm a ton better then it has been easier for me and I am happy with the outcome of what I have built. Now I have an new addition to the farm and that is my very first chicken coop in the game. This changes the game entirely. I am guessing that I will be able to collect eggs eventually but I will have to see next time I play as right now Power Rangers Collab is the upmost importance to finish up with hopefully both but I know I will finish it eventually. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for another post. 


Wednesday, July 6, 2022

I'm Addicted To The Stardew Valley Video Game!

               For those watched or replayed back my stream from Friday last week as I was live, I was playing Stardew Valley which is now like my favorite game of all times now next to Minecraft and Fornite.  Yes The Binding of Isaac is getting no love from me and there is a reason for that and if you follow me on Twitter you have seen a tweet which I screen shot it to the right of this text to the reason why I haven't talked about it on the blog here nor streamed it on the ChrisBOnTheWeb channel.  

                 Anyways I thought I'd give it a chance and was a fun game to stream. I kept saying at the end I was going to switch to Minecraft but the more I played the more I kept on going with the video game. However I kind of messed up buying and selling stuff so now I have to earn the money back. What I was trying to do is get a fence to get some animals so I could start actually building a farm and earning more revenue to help me with even a potential money growth so I can actually upgrade the tools to steel to make it a ton better. The goal for now is to somehow find a way to get seeds on there and start growing crops and I mean a ton of crops. I am going to do some research and will be streaming it again this weekend so I can give it a shot because it was fun despite being on my own and I know I have a small following and eventually I'll grow at some point but this game is a ton of fun and it has some minecraft vibes to be actually. Big shoutout to Larry, my Senior Producer of Collaboration Podcasts and Co-Host of Power Rangers Collab for the help last Thursday as I made some good progress over the weekend. Anyways that is today's post and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Gaming Updates [06-14-2022]

                I have a few updates and most of them is Minecraft related. However I feel like there has to be a few things said about The Binding of Isaac too but here are the updates:

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: At this point I've given up on this game, not worth the aggravation and right now I just wanna focus on other games right now. I wanna mainly focus on Minecraft, Fornite and Luck Be The Landlord. So I have uninstalled the game off of my computer and I know it will still have my progress even later I hope it doesn't delete anything but we will see when and if I go back to it eventually. 

Minecraft: Now Minecraft, I have made a movie with my nephew which will be released end of the week, probably Saturday as I am not streaming at the moment due to on going tech issues but now using OBS for everything recording and podcasting now. Anyways the aftermath of this little movie entailed us with a blow up building and I tried to repair it and took more TNT to the building in rage and will be tearing down the rest of the building but will remain 5 floors for now and maybe we will blow the rest up in another movie perhaps we'll have to wait and see. I didn't really like the the look of the tint windows as it made it too dark and to tear off all the windows would be too much work and maybe with it only 5 floors I will put in clear windows then start building it back up to 10 floors eventually. 

           Anyways those are the updates for gaming, not much to say and Thursday I have a Minecraft Windows to do a review on and I will be releasing that by Thursday here on the blog to what I thought of the game and would I continue to play it as this is my first time with that video game. I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Gaming Updates! [03-16-2022]

                 I have been playing a bit with the video games and can give you guys a bit of an update. Three game updates I have, Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth and Luck of The Landlord:

Minecraft: The 3 main houses have vines and to be honest I may have said that before LOL. I do not remember the last time I did an update and been a while maybe before the New Year at the most. I can say the Office building is for the most part done! I probably will get back to adding more levels eventually but right now it is a 7 level office building and it may be the biggest building in Minecraft history but I'd have to check that out. Also out front is a small village that I am currently building and it is made from entirely from wood and the plan is to build a monster city eventually of houses and what not and not everything will have villagers some will and I'm sure it will be wide spread I'm sure.

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: I have beaten with Azeal in Greed Mode which is really, really hard and something that I thought I'd never do in my entire life. I have actually unlocked Lillth which has a floating item that shoots out tears and that is the only thing that shoots out tears so it is quite a tough challenge but still working on it.

Luck Be The Landlord: I have gone pretty far about 7 or 8 out of 12 at the most and I am going to actually beat this first level as there are a ton of levels I can do after this and excited to when this actually happens. I seem to be playing this more and more lately.

               That is my blog post for today with video games update and I will be sure to do another update when I get another update on video games as I rarely get to play games as I am always working on content and need to take time for myself and play video games. Fornite is a game I need to get back into that eventually. I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Monday, November 8, 2021

Minecraft-- End of an ERA & New World!

             Well it is an end of an era for the long running Minecraft server that has had a lot of twists and turns, 3 different railways in 3 different directions, the massive compound that we had built with a glass dome. I ran out of things and ideas to come across to building so after discussing it with my niece and nephew, I have saved the world on my USB key and decided to start over with a different type of world, more of a flatland which you cannot dig too far down or you fall out of the world.  I will get to that shortly as I wanna finish up my update on the old world. I redid the entire end house in the northern region from wood to complete stone and I believe there is still stone there for expansion above but that isn't happening anytime soon or ever. I am ready for a new and more innovative project in this world at this point and like I said I ran out of ideas on the server as there is so much you can do over time. 

            Now the new world is going to be the building of a city starting with City Hall which will be definitely like my city hall, I plan on trying to replicate the city hall we have here and it will be quite difficult to replicate and I will try the best I can to replicate it. I had to remove one of the beams that I have built because I wasn't happy with it whatsoever as it wasn't big enough for me and I want it a little bigger. There will be a library and would be neat to replicate the city hall and Memorial Park here like we have but we'll see how things go, the city hall is the first project which will take a while to build and what I will have to do is do a skeleton of the first level and the rest should come all together from there on out. That is my post for today, hope you enjoyed it and in a few weeks, I will update again but for right now, I have to work on this for a little while. I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


Thursday, November 4, 2021

Retro Gaming (Memories As A Kid)

                This year, I got to experience this and honestly it brought back memories as a kid. I got to play Nintendo again, Super Mario Brothers which is very retro from the 90s and boy I stunk.... LOL... I think out of all the times I played, I cleared the level once out of all the attempts which goes to show how bad I was at it... haha. Either way it was fun to play to be honest. Next up on my retro gaming was NHL which was weird to play as the last time I played it was when my brother was still living here at home and that was a long time ago. I really stunk at that too as I kept on putting the puck in my own net... LOL... Whoops. Anyways it was fun despite Montreal Canadians beat the pants off of me cause of my own stupidity. I'd like to put a note that this was on the Sega Genesis System. 

               Other retro games I played was the Ren and Stimpy game which was a ton of fun back in the day and really enjoyed playing it in general. Also Sonic The Hedgehog which my niece and nephew have been playing it and am glad they have been introduced to the older video games back then. Either way it is was fun to play the games again and being reintroduced back to retro gaming and playing games that I grew up with and it is always nice to relive my childhood. That is my Throwback Thursday story for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates!


Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Minecraft Server Updates [08-17-2021]

               This will be my final update on the server for a little while as I do not think I'll have an update for you guys for a while after this. Anyways I expanded the property, the farm but 1 x 2 block. Including the expansion of the main building and the Office building which the Office Building I had to be careful with Floors 2, 3 and 6 as there are villagers wondering around and doing their join in society especially my minions on the top floor of the building. 

                Now the other updates, I have removed the glass roof to make it into a more building itself. The Villagers have the main floor, 2nd and 3rd floor to wonder and access to the office building as well with no access on the basement floor where the garden centre and animals are which I keep seeing a random goat spawning about.... LOL. Also they do not have access to the storage facility and it is locked off with gate. Also the outside of the huge structure they do not have access to minus the Wandering Traders as they can spawn anywhere so really they have access to anywhere on the property or the outside world too and if we lose em we lose em, nothing we can really do honestly. 

Now to the final part of the update I wanna make is the floating sky base that is literally up in the sky and if you literally look down, you can see a village and the villagers below and only way to get up there is through Creative Mode. It is very easy to see on a clear day and wish I made it higher and maybe something I can do in the future is creative some kind of tube elevator for people to even access it in the sky or yet again just leave it where you have to use creative mode. While I am working on Jungle Fury I will be working on the world and I think I am going to rise it a lot higher then the original one is so it is barely visable and only my niece and nephew and I can access it. Anyways that is the post for today, hope you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Never Hit An Villager on Minecraft, You'll Be Sorry and Here's Why!

                   If you play the most recent version of Minecraft which would be 1.16.5 version of the game and you go to a village and purposely or accidently attack a villager and there is a Golem nearby the Golem will start attacking you back for doing that. Trust me I have learned the hard way with that and actually there is a way to prevent it and that is to build your own Golems, like make 5 or 6 of them to protect the Villagers and they should be fine. How do I know this? Well that is what both my nephew, niece and I have done around the main village that I built at the start of that server, way before the hockey arena, football and baseball stadiums even remotely existed on that server. Well way before and when we first started this server month or so ago which mind you has grown remotely fast over the course of time. I find Golems very handy to have and I was going to put snow golems, however they leave snow trails behind em, little buggers... LOL.

                   So I highly do not trying to attack a Villager or Villagers on the game because you will be in a heap of problems and trust me it is hard to defeat takes a heck of a lot. A little piece of advice to use a bow and arrow, makes it so much easy to fight em off but careful more then one of them, then  you are in a lot of trouble to be honest. Their quite tough for a creature on the game. However they can be and are very useful even in your own base. As you know the base I have in my server is quite huge with an actual sports complex along the way so it helps. I actually plan to put some around the arena, football and baseball at some point of time. Anyways that is my post for today and tomorrow, I should have an update on Power Rangers Collab tomorrow indefinitely as I finished SPD this morning. 


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Spelunky 2 Video Game (What Happened To Me Playing The Game?)

            I know this hasn't surfaced in months, maybe since last year at the most. I wanted to give it a fair shake at a review. This game definitely has some differences from the original game and it's quite tougher especially the big ball guy that tries to run you down and I actually got a chance to play it with a remote and actually found it a ton easier to play with compare to the mouse and keyboard. I really should of given it more of a chance but I found it hard to get passed the Jungle and that is where I actually made it up to the Jungle portion of the game and I think I just kind of gave up after that at that point. However I am planning to resurrect the game again and actually plan on playing the game once again. It's been a long coming since I've played the game and it will be a thing soon enough. I think the fact I got play frustrated with the game didn't help and I pretty much raged quit. 

            Like I said I plan on making that change soon and I wanna go in depth with the video and I need to get a little more deeper into the game to have that opportunity. This also goes for the original Spelunky which I haven't been playing. Most of the time I've dug into The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + and Minecraft from time to time when I have the time. So eventually I will get back to it but I wanna continue with the game and give you guys that review you guys have been long awaiting for. Anyways that is the post for today.... HOWEVER, there will be a bonus post that is coming out this afternoon at 2 pm EST, 3 hours from when this post went up on 


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Video Game Tirades- Started To Rage At The Game!

             Title does not lie,  I started to rage with one certain game and that game was The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth +. Yeah, remember how I mentioned that I re-unlocked Ipecac well been trying since that gaming post last week to a point, I am flabbergasted because I should of darn well had it at least once!  No matter how many times I reset seemed to not help. I am just so stressed out and pretty much raged quit at this point. This game is ridiculous and yes I am raging on my own blog and I have every right to be mad. I honestly think this game is broken despite probably has been fixed but something has to happen. I gotta get this item sooner or later! Something seems busted on the game, spent a good part of Monday playing, resetting, the only good thing that came out of this was me beating the Devil at the very end unlocking Mom's Knife item so I do not know what the heck is going on.

              I do not know what is next or if I plan to continue to play with the game, I may end up taking some time away from the game moving forward and I may be moving over to Minecraft more and playing on the server more then anything and that is my choice or I could play Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 which I have another rant I could do. You know what, since we're on this subject of me raging at video games, I got mad at Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 as I very much drained the heck out of my money on there to a point I was in the red (the minus) and started to sell off the rides to just stay in the + side of things. Also the fact half my janitors and security guards wanted to quit didn't help whatsoever or become so lazy to do their jobs. You can imagine how many I have had to fire cause of them being lazy. Yes this is a video game but enough was enough I do not tolerate laziness! Anyways that is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Thursday, May 27, 2021

Gaming Updates [05-27-2021]

                 It is time for more gaming updates and it is just two games I have been working on a few things since my last update on the villagers build being completed which I have not yet been to as of yet.  I wanna start with Minecraft as I have started a new project. First I had to temporarily take down trees so I can dig a hole in the ground so we can install the jail cells below the ground this add a ceiling then put the dirt back on top so it looks like it never happened at one point.

Also my nephew wanted me to actually build a tower and I did, I built it just above the top of the dome which breaches the outside world but the purpose of it was because he wanted to make sure any raiders stay out of our little universe in that dome so that is the reason behind the tower. I still gotta work on the railway that goes out behind the Office Building and buildings in general but that will definitely be in due time and probably the next project on the go for us moving forward. There is always something to do in this game and that is what matters.

                Moving into one other game, The Binding of Isaac After Birth + I once again somehow managed to get Ipecac which is explosion shots which is awesome really but I thought originally I already unlocked this but maybe the fact I have the DLC After Birth + installed on the computer is why and everything relocked itself so I had to open it up again by beating mom's heart at the very end of the game which opened Ipecac which is nice but hard time getting the item no matter how many times I die in the game or reset being holding "R" button down to reset it so I'm not sure if it's just luck and it will be time till it does happen, it is luck of the draw. 


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Minecraft Updates

                 I know from the original world my nephew and I well the game completely crashed itself as we put way too much in the world. You can say it, we literally broke Minecraft. I think we had way too many blocks given to a player. Anyways fast forward to today, we re created the world and it is 10x better then the original. We have the same main house plus now a horse palace where we house our wonderful horses including Billy Whiteshoes Johnson and Lighting III which Billy is glassed in for good and will never be used for travel as he is a permanent stay in the property and it was hard for me to find him in a world and I do not want anything to happen to him and right next to the Stables building is the infamous Office building which is still incomplete as I ran into a roadblock with it the water elevator accidently blew up and water all over the floor and out of the building (LOL!) Also a creeper also blew up a part of the second floor on top of the 4th floor so I made those repairs to the office and continue to work on the building here and there as there is a ton of floors, we're talking 10 floor building and it is a more complex building then the original one. Now below all the buildings in my area is the garden center and farm with animals. The ceiling is kegged with sea lamps which looks very epic. I have yet to put the sea lamps in the house and the map wall back up as well but work in progress!

              On the one side is my nephew's little but cute house and just behind it is the spawner that is half working but something doesn't seem to be right as every time they drop they die so I need to figure that part out why that is happening. With my nephew's help we build the Obsidian wall that is like very, very high. He put lighter purple obsidian like a castle which is cool with water and lava falls and I can see our raiders as we keep getting raided with these dudes with cross bows which our resident villagers with Golems to protect us but every time we get raided the Villagers freak out and go nuts. Those are the updates and it has been a crazy time with this game and has gotten wild and crazy. I will see you in another post tomorrow. 


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

I Am Back On Minecraft!!!!

              After almost a year or about an year since I played the demo version of the game Minecraft. Well that has completely changed now! I have OFFICIALLY bought the full version of Minecraft with hopes to play it with my niece and nephew down the road when I am done with the current build of the game. Right now I have raised structure with flat stone for the floor. I also splitting sections of the house which one side has a mini Garden Center and another side that is pure cement which took me hours to place stone after stone to make it one solid ground and the reason behind that is to have a spot to dig down way into the ground and literally go explore.  The back half is the barn which will be in two parts on the top with a tunnel way to go up to where the actual railway will be eventually when I get to that later on and I will get the details to you guys and pictures in a different post. Anyways, the bottom will have animals and the top half will house the horses and will be the Horse Palace where the Horses will be housed. Now back to the other side of the house the left will be home to chests and furnaces to get things done with upstairs with the library and enchantment table and maybe a Lab for potions down the road too.

              Now while building I have noticed with the game some new enemies, Pillagers and this Traveler which he/she is staying in the village which is cool and he brought in 2 Llamas with him so that is kind of cool but he has a dark house as I am currently still building the 2 story house in two parts of this amazing Village which is amazing. I had to actually to fight off Zombies, Creepers, Skelton's, Pillagers and Endermen which there was a bunch deaths and me raging like no tomorrow but it isn't me without a few curse words aka the f word dropped and almost wanting to quit but I didn't as I wanted to to really wanted to bring this new idea to the table and I had a ton to bring to the table with this village like. Originally I was going to go Ewok style but decided to give it my own spin to it and make it my own village and add the villagers to the village community. I will have more once I get moving on actual play and growing and adding all these cool new things to the list. 


Thursday, February 11, 2021

Made The Sims 4 Big Brother House Quite Difficult!

               As most of you all know, I have been making the Big Brother House on The Sims 4 for nearly the past year now and have done 8 season in total at this point and the 8th just wrapped up yesterday morning as a new Winner has been crowned which was Justin. I made this season not easy for any of the houseguests. I stripped em of everything. As you know the living room normally have a bunch of TV's to communicate with Big Brother but this season it was all done by the ears. Also I stripped of things to do. All I gave em was Chess tables, 3 to be exact to play with. The hot tub was not added this time around nor they had have nots or a storage room this season. This was a season of no secrets really. Also in the main bathroom there was mirrors all over the place in the bathroom. Also there was an old shower style with no doors so no privacy whatsoever. We had so much blasted drama one died in the house during their lockup for the weeks they were locked up. I guess they couldn't deal with the stress of the game anymore and it is totally understandable. It is a very stressful game and she was not in the greatest shape.


            I honestly think they ate a ton and were well out of shape by the end of the game. I can imagine they were bored out of their minds in the house and unable to go outside world on the game. 7 made it out minus the one that died towards the end of the game. Anyways the house now sits gutted like a fish and waits for what is next for the very next season. I plan on expanding the storage room and kitchen eventually and gotta start designing the next house maybe next week I will get into it while I watch Dino Thunder. I had a glitched out item that was food that spoiled in the game but it finally went away I had to delete some things and it went away and it was bugging me for the longest time but so happy it's gone unless it's still there as I do not have any lights set up right now and the house sits in the dark. But that is the most recent season I did and the next season will be a season of technology, TV's will be back, Have Not Room, Storage room will be back as well. I will update you guys next week on the progress of that until tomorrow's post.