Friday, April 28, 2023

End of The Week Updates [04-28-2023]

          Hi everyone!

      Not sure how to do this end of the week updates as I am new to it as when I was with ChrisBOnTheWeb last year in End of October - November sometime, he never asked me to do posts on here. Now there has been a bunch of drama the past few weeks and yesterday night topped it off. Took him 6 hours to pop up on Discord again as we noticed him fiddling around with the colors on the roles of the server so I know he was coming around. Big thank you to my sister Chloe for being there and trying to support everyone during all the community Discord.. 

      Chris is done with interviews right now and doesn't have any other interviews scheduled at this moment. So he is working on the collab for now while he is available at this moment. That is his priority at the moment. If he does not get any requests he will be off from interviews which he will have to record both a week this Sunday and Thursdays mid week next week. Things are winding down for him for content wise as he will be away soon. Reminder that this weekend's Entertainment Man Podcast will NOT be PREMIERED on YouTube due to Chris being out of town this Sunday so he will be posting it up on YouTube. That is all I have to say, have a good weekend and I will be seeing you all around the community! 💜

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager 

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Merger On Hold For Now...

              I know there has been a lot of talk about the merger between Power Rangers Collab and The CBOTW Show but now that talk has suddenly died down. The reason behind that is cause I am not sure what the direction I wanna take with it to be quite honest. This is something I need to talk to Larry about. I had an idea that I could do another series between on my own but this will take a lot of thought and decisions to make in the end as I do not wanna leave it too inactive too long where I lose subscribers and bad ratings. 

            However I know Entertainment Man Podcast is # 1 on my list always but I do not mind actually planning out side stuff and maybe I could review movies that Larry and I never review do the one odd one off podcasts besides the series stuff I do with Larry? However this will take time to figure out the logistics behind The CBOTW Show, but it will be happening and still am aiming for 2025 relaunch after it would have been off the air for nearly 3 - 4 years. So #TheCBOTWShow hashtag on Twitter will be silent for a while and this will be the only time I use it to promote this topic till it is time for us to re-launch this and we've wrapped up production for Power Rangers Collab and merged then two together. That is the post for today and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates!


Wednesday, April 26, 2023

What Will Happen When I'm Away May 9th - 11th?

              I know there has been questions what is going on with when I am away in Quebec well this is difficult as my Community Manager, Sophie is going to be busy with her move back across country back to Ontario to be closer to me so we can have in person meetings plus some other reasons she didn't want me to mention but it will be good to see her in person again. So I have already made some adjustments while I am away and will be permanent:

- DandyLion has been added as a Moderator on both the Facebook Fan Page and Discord Server. She will be Sophie's eyes and ears when shes on the road travelling as she's leaving May 8th to start her trek from BC to Ontario. 

- Sophie will look into the Facebook Fan Page every night while she's travelling out here so she will try and be active on there. 

- Discord Server Staff: Sophie-CBOTW (Sophie88); Admin: Tacofreak08 & Moderators, Sugarfreak08 & Dandylion1113 will be there and if Sophie isn't available then, Tacofreak, my nephew is next in power followed by the mods.

- Also Dandylion1113 has access to the messages so can try and help you out as much as they can but Sophie will be around.

- Any episodes of the podcast on Entertainment Man Podcast's YouTube Channel will be just posted, no premieres while I am busy with family stuff going on. 

- Final thing I wanted to add is Sophie will be keeping an eye out on both the general inquiry email CBOTWBiz & Entertainment Man Podcast's emails and answering any questions but replies may be a bit delayed as she will be travelling during the day and resting at night till she gets to Ontario.

             Hope this clears things up for you guys and that is today's post for today and as always I will speak to you all tomorrow for another blog post.


Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Let's Talk Entertainment Man Podcast!

           With the podcast now almost halfway through it's 4th season and 3rd year on the air, I have started to feel a bit tense and frustrated with the podcast. I want serious inquiries with Entertainment Man Podcast. I take this podcast serious and I've had requests that never happened. This is just a friendly reminder that I want serious inquiries and that is all I really ask. Communication is key always in the end. I wish there was something I could do but it takes both sides to get things rolling. All I ask my potential guests is to check email, social media and Matchmaker. One thing that is needed with the frustrations is a lot of patience which at times it has been tested but handling things a lot better, I've learned so much about this process. I could a podcast about it and maybe I should!

        Also with my interview now wrapped there is a few things I need to work on with the podcast, one of them, being figuring out some things with the interview side of things, need to figure out what I can do to try and improve things one of them being my sound quality as there has been issues with the sound going high at some times and the other thing is to see if I can figure out how to handle interview requests a bit better and it is definitely me that wants to improve things so things flow a bit better. That is where I'm at right now, I can only improve things from here on out and is uphill from here. I'm not sure if there will be anymore interviews between now and when I leave for the province of Quebec but I will be sure to keep you guys in the loop on that. Maybe I will take a bit of a break till the 21st of May. Anyways that is the post, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Monday, April 24, 2023

Collab Will Is Off The Air Till June!

           With today being the last post for a month with the collab, this helps me move to the next step for that podcast. Which is me working on the Anniversary this week as well as working on the next collab for June 1st, 2023. Plus editing Entertainment Man Podcast all in the mix as well it will be a very busy and hectic week and next few weeks for me in the way of prepping podcasts to be recorded. 

           However even tho the collab is off the air for a month, there will be probably no updates for about a month till I know I am ready to record. I know the schedule entails Larry and I recording the anniversary and we are recording practically a month ahead but it will not be posted right away it will be on hold in the meantime. Anyways that is what I have to say and the post for today as always I'll talk to you all tomorrow.


Friday, April 21, 2023

End of The Week Updates [04-21-2023]

            Another week has come to an end and it has been hectic! This is not your normal updates. First I tried my hardest to work on Ninja Steel and I know I need to make sure I actually work on it this week. It is a # 1 priority however with being busy with Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Forever and Always, I haven't had the time to simply work on it whatsoever. The dynamics with work has been all over the place but hopefully this weekend while I am editing the collab from yesterday, I will get into it and work on it. So I will be working on both so I will be bouncing back and forth between the two of them. 

           Also the crazy drama I had to remove two members of my team in the week for causing some drama and putting my foot down on it, will not tolerate it. So Sophie is back helping out so if you are in the server or see a post on Facebook please welcome her back with open arms. She's been in the server all week long and just got back onto Social Media but glad to still have the help and hopefully things run smoother as there is a ton of work and content to be done before the end of July. That is the post for today, have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday!



Thursday, April 20, 2023

Sometimes I Take On Too Much!

               I know there is a lot of moving parts with ChrisBOnTheWeb, from these blogs to podcasts to being active in the server which I have been quiet on there on and off from time to time. This is why I want to wrap up Power Rangers Collab and merge it with the other one in case of future seasons that comes out. But with Power Rangers Collab being merged with the other podcast The CBOTW Show and down to two shows currently up and running, this means things are going to be great and better to be honest! 

              I need to remember to take time to myself but not too much time when it comes to creating content, I need to get it done still on a timely basis. Also have to remember that I cannot take on too much all at once and this is why I have a list and a bit of a schedule to follow but I cannot take on too much at once and I have a bad habit of doing that quite often so it isn't good whatsoever. Anyways that is the post for today I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates, so enjoy the rest of your day as I will by the time you read this Larry and I have been finished with the 30th Anniversary Special for Power Rangers Forever and Always. 


Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Got a Little Ahead of Myself!

             I know I got a little ahead of myself with Entertainment Man Podcast and it is my own doing because I should of not even mentioned beyond 266th episode of the podcast. I know I said I wasn't going to even do anything too special till the 500th episode after the 200th surpasses in the fall as there is soon to be 29 more episodes till the 200th hits. I should of kept quiet about the 500th cause I am a long waaaay off from the 500th and who knows how long this podcast will be around for, right. 

             I am only focused right now on the current season and the 200th which is looming fast! Also I need to focus on wrapping up all 29 seasons of Power Rangers as well so me getting a little ahead of myself is not in the cards even tho I am currently planning the 10th anniversary as I stated on Monday which was 2 days ago. However certain things I need to give myself a bit of leeway and that I am doing with two things on my list at this moment. Anyways that is the post for today and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Schedule Will be Changing

            With the schedule for interviews are being adjusted and the future schedule is going back to original schedule I had last week as someone cannot make up their mind and changes things on me constantly. I am just sticking to my Wednesdays off from interviews. Technically I  can do half a day for work and will be a normal work day but as for interviews, I am not planning to doing any of the interviews. Other then that I am available any of the other days the hours vary and there may be times I need to book off due to personal reasons but will make sure it is booked off way in advance!

             So days available are as follows: 

Sundays 2 pm - 4 pm EDT; 6 - 7 pm EDT

Mondays: 10 am - 4 pm EDT; 6 - 9 pm EDT

Tuesdays: 10 am - 4 pm EDT; 6 - 9 pm EDT 

Wednesday: Day off

Thursdays: 10 am - 4 pm EDT; 6 - 9 pm EDT

Fridays: 10 am - 4 pm EDT; 6 - 9 pm EDT

Saturdays: 10 am - 4 pm EDT; 7 - 9 pm EDT

             So that is the schedule for interviews and typical week, not typical week but the availability for Entertainment Man Podcast. Whether you email or through, that is what my availability looks like. I will talk to you all tomorrow as usual.


Monday, April 17, 2023

10th Anniversary Planning is Underway!


          I know I said I was unsure about the 10th anniversary was unknown but with the push of Jim and Brianna, I have decided to become active with 10th anniversary planning which is now in the early stages. We have started a testing website which him and I only have access to it. From time to time we will post up sneak peeks but the pre-planning has begun with the graphical end being worked on for the 10th anniversary! We want to ensure the website plans to decorate the website goes without an issue. 

          I know we are a year and a half away from the anniversary but we want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. That is only phase 1 and I am planning to do it in phases. Hopefully by next week, I will actually have a list of things to do and phases for the planning so I can keep you guys informed and a timeline to getting things done. I may share it next week but this is truly exciting stuff for the website going on. We hope to have a 10th Anniversary tab somewhere down the line too. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!



Friday, April 14, 2023

End of The Week Updates [04-14-2023]

                 Another week gone and sort of wasted. What do I mean by this I didn't really do much minus record Entertainment Man Podcast and my own fault for not wanting to get the collab done and time is now ticking hard and fast and need to get into the collab this weekend and I mean really dig into it now. I know I have a month from recording that podcasts with Larry but I mean I am going to be working on it to get it done and finished so I can get to the next one Beast Morphers. I need to refocus and get back on track with this podcasts as we are close to the end game now. 5 years of hard work has certainly paid off. 

               Other then that been mostly working on Entertainment Man Podcast. Still working on interview prep and have a few interviews to catch up still 2 left on the list as I have been playing some catch-up on interviews I had to reschedule and one that was scheduled 2 weeks ago. Either way I am aware that my time off is coming up while I am away and busy with the family on some personal matters and already got episodes to go out for you guys while I am busy and I cannot promise a premiere it depends on my schedule. Anyways that are the updates for the week, have a fantastic weekend and talk to you all Monday!


Thursday, April 13, 2023

10th Anniversary Plans?

           I know I have kind of stopped thinking about the 10th anniversary of ChrisBOnTheWeb as right now all eyes are on finishing up the collab right now. We are closing in and getting close to the finish line with it. However, November 2023 of this year, I want to start planning on the 10th anniversary, what we want to do, where we wanna have it and what not. I know it would be fitting in the studio itself but still needs some major cleaning up to do right now. Then you have to think food, what will be do for it, drinks, music, decorations. I honestly do not want to over do it with all of that. 

            Also who is going to come and I already know Justin and Larry are on that long list of invites. Not sure who else but I want to keep it small as possible as I do not wanna risk COVID in this house. I know it's pretty much done but still wanna be cautious who I invite but I have a list of who I'd like to invite to the studio for that. Also when do we do the anniversary on the day of it happening before or after. This is all discussions to have with Justin & Larry and a meeting is definitely in order for the fall. Anyways that is where I am at with anniversary plans I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.


Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Contraband Police Video Game First Impressions

             I can say that Contraband Police Video game is very impressive honestly. Even tho I haven't played very much of the game yet but definitely a game I'd play to the end of the story and I've watched a play through on Tmar2 YouTube channel and big shout out to him. Looked like a lot of fun to play honestly and just got into playing it a bit. Got a bit lost on the way back from taking the prisoners to the work camp as that is where they honestly belonged. This game is a very attention to detail and I have showed that. Just made a one or two mistakes but that's OK. Just room for improvement honestly.

             I really am enjoying this and played it on my spare time on the weekend when I had Friday and Sunday off during the holidays. I highly recommend the game and you can get it on stream for a reasonable price. I really love this game and it is completely different from any other games I have played in the past. I always look for a different game to play from time to time as I am tired of the same ones but trying to beat them so I can move onto a different games and got a list of games to beat still and will get to it eventually. I hope they decide to even do a sequel would be cool but if they don't I'm cool with that either way. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Becoming a Coding Master!

             What do I mean by that? Well this was a project and a half that I endeavoured with in quite sometime now as I haven't revamped a page in a very, very long time and it was long coming I wanted to do something bigger in mind. I had a big vision and I put it into two parts the content and stream schedule at the top and the Events I go to along with news and changes which I changed to just Updates. I made it simpler with it. 

              With it now complete looks really amazing and you can fine it @ and it has been live since the day before Easter. I was worried it would be all wonky but adjusts when adding in new content or words to the table and that is how it is built is by a HTML table which I have gotten better and better at over the years. I also use it on the "Staff" Page was well hence that is the way you all see it. I have become a coding master and learned so much thanks to Google and YouTube. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!



Monday, April 10, 2023

Writers Block

            I know this is a common thing when it comes to writing especially me as a blogger my posts can feel stale at times but I am trying my best to deliver good quality content every day, Monday - Fridays with the occasional Saturday from time to time. Especially having a podcast that I do podcasts it is hard to split the two apart from each other from time to time. I have struggled when it come to coming with ideas and sometimes the best thing is to just sit back and just think about ideas you haven't done. 

            Now it doesn't come naturally sometimes you need to have a notepad and pencil to scratch down some ideas and you don't have to necessarily use it and trust me I've been there where I've not used an idea. In fact I scrapped tons of ideas in the past cause I felt it wasn't the right time to do it or it didn't fit at the time so you guys aren't alone if you scrap an idea cause I've done it numerous of times. Do not give up, it is hard to write sometimes and you have to just leave it as it is and come back to it in in an hour or two. Sometimes you walk away from your pad of paper and while late you're like that's a great idea and that is when you write it down right away so you do not forget it. That is my post on writers block, hope you guys enjoyed this and as usual, I'll talk to you all tomorrow!


Saturday, April 8, 2023

End of The Week Updates [04-08-2023]

             Another crazy, crazy week here at CBOTW Studios and it is time for the end of the week updates. The updates are all over the place but here they are:

Entertainment Man Podcast: Recorded and now editing the podcast for tomorrow and hopefully will be done today so I can post it tomorrow and I am going to push to finishing it today. Also possibility of it being premiered on the YouTube, I am going to make time for 30 mins to be there at the premiere. All episodes during the 2 weeks in May that I am busy is done edited and scheduled to post. Possibilities of a premiere but we'll see.

Power Rangers Collab:  Crisis adverted with the contract agreement gate issue for the second time in less than a year of me tearing it up for the 2nd time. Larry and I have resigned a new one and now back on track. Also this weekend, today and Monday will be working on Ninja Steel between the two days off I am allotted myself as I am always constantly working and Tuesday back to a more normal schedule.

            That is pretty much the updates for week not too much just recording, editing and now working on blogs for the 2 weeks I will be busy with family and what not. I hope you all have a Happy Easter and I will talk to you all on Monday.


Friday, April 7, 2023

Power Rangers Collab (Revised Schedule)

             After speaking to my Co-Executive Producer, Larry, we have come up with a brand new schedule that will be fitting for to finish up the collab but here is the schedule:

Recording: Apr 20th, 2023: Power Rangers Forever and Always, 30th Anniversary  Release:  May 1st, 2023

Recording:  May 4th, 2023: PR Collab 5th Anniversary Release: June 3rd, 2023

Recording: June 1st, 2023: PR Ninja Steel & Super Ninja Steel; Release: June 10th, 2023

Recording: June 29th, 2023: PR Beast Morphers, Seasons 1 & 2 Released: July 13th, 2023 & July 27th, 2023

Recording: July 27th, 2023: PR Dino Fury Seasons 1 & 2; Release: August 10th, 2023 & August 17th, 2023

              There is the schedule and it is easy to follow and yes I know we've shunted Ninja Steel till June for a release but this gives me time to work on it and may work on it strictly this weekend when the studio is open on this long weekend. But that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.


Thursday, April 6, 2023

Content Schedule & Events 2023

            As I said yesterday, the content schedule is changing once again. Here is the schedule:

Sundays: 1 pm EST- Entertainment Man Podcast [Regular Episode] (YouTube/Audio ONLY)

Mondays - Fridays: Daily Blogs

Thursdays: Entertainment Man Podcast [Bonus Episode] (Audio ONLY)

Saturdays: (Sporadically) @ 11 am EST: Blog Post                                             @ Time TBD: Live Stream (Facebook)



Saturday, May 6th, 2023: Bowmanville Maple Festival  

June 10th or 11th, 2023: Oshawa Peony Festival  

July 1st, 2023: Canada Day Celebrations (TBD)  

August 25th, 2023: Kars on King 
October 14th, 2023: Bomwanville Apple Festival  

December 2023 (TBD): Port Perry Parade  November/December 2023 (TBD): Christmas Market (Toronto)

           As always you can find the entire timetable which is a mess I know  so much happening but it is neatly in sections right now. However you can find the Schedule by going here: and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow!



Wednesday, April 5, 2023

When Am I Going To Start Streaming Again?

             When am I going to start streaming again? I know I'm very extremely busy right now with Power Rangers Collab and Entertainment Man Podcast at the moment but I promise you guys soon I will be back. I just cannot give an ETA on that right now as I am so focused. However I can say this, I probably will be popping up from time to time and been setting up for streaming on the Facebook Fan Page. 

              Schedule wise it will be a weekly stream on Facebook ONLY. However when I am live I do encourage you to come out and hangout interact, ask questions about CBOTW (ChrisBOnTheWeb), etc. I want it to be interactive and a fun place to hangout outside of the content once a week. Anyways that is the post for today, I will be doing a schedule blog post tomorrow and posting it to the website to get it up and ready for you guys but I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Gaming Updates [04-04-2023]

           So I have been playing a lot more video games lately on my extra time and here are the updates:

Minecraft: I have come to the end of my journey with the server. I have one more thing to build and that's the village with villagers and that will probably be the last thing I can possibly, humanly do as I am now out of ideas at this point as the apartment building failed. 

American Truck Simulator/Euro Truck Simulator: Been driving my trucks on there and made a pile of money on the American one and Euro is still work in progress right now but in time I will get better at it. 

The Sims 4:  Been working on the Sims 4 and both Larry and I have our own sims and Larry's now on his 3rd girl, he's been married twice with 3 kids (3rd on it's way) and now on his third girlfriend which is bonkers. Still building his house and near finished. My house is already built but I want to shrink it a bit so I can have some kind of backyard in the process. 

Farming Simulator 17:  I have been playing a bit here and there and got the farm going pretty good right now and seems to be coming along, I have planted a bunch of crops on there but haven't had time to play much of it lately.    

          Those are the updates for right now and the main games I have been playing and I have been still playing Luck Be The Landlord as well between but currently busy with editing the podcasts that was recorded last week so I can post em up for you guys. Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow for another post. 


Monday, April 3, 2023

Power Rangers Collab Revised Schedule

             So as you know my mental health hasn't been great. With dealing with my grandma's passing and family drama plus work I needed to give myself more time.So I made this schedule that will still get us to the end goal and finish in time and it looks like this:

Posted: Dino Super Charge, Soon! TBA                

            30th Anniversary chat, Soon! TBA  

Recorded: May 4th, 2023: 30th Anniversary Special & PR Collab 5th anniversary recording Posted: May 27th & June 3rd!  

Recorded: June 1st, 2023: Ninja Steel & Super Ninja Steel Posted: June 2023 

Recorded: End of June 2023: Beast Morphers, Seasons 1 & 2 Posted: Early July 2023 

Recorded:  End of July 2023: Dino Fury, Seasons 1 & 2 Posted: August 2023

          So that is what the schedule looks like and already notified Larry on the adjustments. It is in full effect immediately. Anyways that is the post I will talk to you all tomorrow!