Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Minecraft World Updates!

               It is no secret that I have been playing Minecraft especially with my Niece and Nephew but I've been busy even off time when not playing with them and whenever they login again they will not recognize the server. So as you can see in the first screenshot is my are, my property, my house which is the front of the property. The bottom or below where the house is the Garden Centre which is home to all the wheat, carrots and potatoes. I would like to knock down the wall at some point and add a bit more but we will see and I can explore that option and start removing wall units and filling in the old steps and creating new steps but again that is something to explore especially with my niece and nephew. If there is a way thee is a will. Behind that and if you were to put a hole in a wall from the Garden Centre it would take you into the farm where all the pigs, chickens, cows and sheep are. Above the farm is where the horses are and we have a ton of horses even Billy Whiteshoes Johnson the III which is another story but I got Billy put away in glass so he cannot ever be touched. Finally the far left is the Office building which took my nephew and I weeks to build as we're talking about 6 story building which was suppose to be 16 stories tall so we would have to add 10 more floors.

        The other part of this and I wanna say as I forgot before to mention, to access the Office Building itself through the village aka the Villagers which this project took a long time and it is amazing how big it has become. You see the glass buildings everything to the right was the first build of the property there was a stone wall that separated the current to the current build. There was gates that were added in to access and I was the only one that accessed it but when I was ready to open it I torn the wall down. Anyways to the glass building which took countless hours to build. The one building is a greenhouse which can be accessed by either side of the building north or south side and same with the other building. The other building which is a lot taller in size but that is just like a greenhouse but with trees with foxes, parrots and bees which is very cool and it's very tranquil place to go to and just think my next move. That is my update and any other updates I will make for sure next week and I do have another gaming update but that's for next week!


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Is The Website Done Being Built Entirely?

                 The website for the most part is done with being built but you never know with me that I would like something added into the website. All we have to do is build the community and bring in the views to the website and it has done really well 200 - 300 views per day. Yes we may eventually see podcasts added to our network but right now we have the collabs on the website and we have The CBOTW Show on our website. We also have a lounge Chels decided to actually open the chat back up to guests and we will just ban if we really need to. I think we put in everything that we wanna add to the site and we just maneuver around the podcasts and content here on the website. I just do not wanna put a ton more as there is so much room that we can fit onto our Menu Bar so that is always a concern of mine honestly. With the recent change of background as you see on the side that has a sideways "ChrisBOnTheWeb" on the side I just think we have finished building and tweaking the site to our specifications and all we gotta do now is start building the audience and fan base.

                So the final question are we done? As I said before I am pretty sure the tweaking of the website will happen still and we will still tweak the website from time to time but for the time being we are not adding new features right now unless you guys request it or have new ideas for the website. I wanna focus on building the audience and bringing more people to the website and yes I am referring to us shifting focus's from the site to the actual content that is on our website. However I am proud of what this website has become and the views it get's on a regular basis and just gotta keep up the hard work with the content and the views will improve on a day to day basis. Anyways that is my post for today and I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will be talking to you guys tomorrow's post and it is an good post coming, I can say that! 


Monday, March 29, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [03-29-2021]

                 Another week has begun and let me introduce myself, my name is Chelsea and I am currently in Nova Scotia and I am ChrisBOnTheWeb's new resident Site Admin since we had our other site admin resign. So Chris has brought me up to speed to ChrisBOnTheWeb & and I have a bunch of updates I would like to make this morning so you guys know what is going on:

Facebook: Since the departure of our website admin which has turned everything into turmoil as Chris cannot post, neither can I or any of the team at this moment when Charlotte quit she unadmin'd herself from any of the pages on Facebook leaving the fan page crippled all together. Also Moderators which are Billy, Tiala, Jasmine and Chris S, cannot post as the page as a Moderator so the only person right now that can post is Boss Man Chris at this point. We apologize for the inconvience but please check Twitter and Instagram for details and I think reason Chris cannot make an editor or Moderator is cause of Chris's currently 30 day FB Ban. 

Website: I am on the chat now and you will see the name ChelsCBOTW on the chatroom from time to time. I think for the most part we are done with the build of the website and we are happen with it but Chris will be covering that tomorrow here on the blog. 

The CBOTW Show: Chris is working on re-working intros and outros for the merged episodes that we have now gained and we will be uploading to the audio only eventually soon as al l267 episodes are up then we will re upload the other 20 something odd episodes and then we will put our focus to the website feeds that you see on here that not all of them are active and live on the website yet and that is the reason why.

                  Those are the updates for today and I am happy to be aboard to help Chris out since he had to find another site admin and we will keep you guys updated on the Facebook situation and if he is able to make me an editor on the page that would be great but that is still pending but we will keep you up to date and if you see me post then that has been fixed but we'll see. Anyways I will see you around the CBOTW Community and I will be back on the blog next Monday!


Friday, March 26, 2021

When Am I Returning As The Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb?

              I know it has been a few weeks, close to 3 weeks I have been off from ChrisBOnTheWeb, nearly 3 weeks as of next Wednesday it will be exactly and the question we have been getting is when am I returning. I already have had my Site Admin mention it and I am Officially returning on Monday, April 12th, 2021 and to be honest I am excited to be returning back into the saddle of running the day to day with her help here on the website. It has been and will be a very long time coming for me to return and you might of noticed my picture went from Gray to color like in the Big Brother Game and my name has been moved back to the top of the list on the Team Page and we were testing it out and I am sure you guys got excited saying: "Chris is back, Chris is back!" well hate to say it not quite yet but we are indeed getting closer to my triumphed return to the team after a little over a month of being off from running things.

              I know you guys are saying it's cause of my Facebook ban and that is not it, I have been stressed with all the technical side of things has been a bit of a problem with the YouTube Channel and also drama and trolls have been bothering me the last while and I just needed to take some time off from running the day to day and it is going to be awesome to come back and run things once again and it has been long enough, I wanted to return sooner like first thing this Monday but I think I need to wait till the 12th that way I will be back on all aspects of the social medias and my stress should be mostly gone and I should be back to my old self. I hate taking long breaks from running the day to day but I am thankful my Site Admin, she can step in and run things when things get out of hand. I want to thank my team both CBOTW and The CBOTW Show for managing things while I am unable to post and keeping in touch with one another and this is what makes this team very, very unique and such a wonderful team to work with on a day to day basis! Until Tuesday, have a great weekend and I will speak to you guys next week!


Thursday, March 25, 2021

Matilda Movie Review (1996)

                 I know this movie is very old 25 years old now but I grew up with this movie as I was slowly at the end of my Elementary School by 5 years and I watched the movie again and wanted to give a full review on this movie as it is a light hearted and fun movie honestly. I like how Miss. Trunchbull is so sarcastic at time and the actress did really well on that role, she was fit for that role. I learned some thing with Amanda Thripp being thrown she had a line on and the pig tails were glued on which I loved the story of the behind the scenes as I found some of them on YouTube without realizing that they probably are on the DVD version of the movie to be honest! However I love this movie and Danny Devito always up to his best performance and the glued hat on his hat prank was just epic, I enjoyed every moment of that or the lotion he put on his head which Matilda (Mara Wilson) put Peroxide if I remember exactly and his hair turned blonde, haha! 

               So this movie gets 10/10 as I really enjoyed it and it may be old but still a classic movie and if you guys enjoyed this little blog review, I plan on doing more. One last thing I would like say I also saw the reunion I believe it was a 20 year anniversary and to see them do some of their lines was really cool. I didn't realize Mara is my age as I share the same birth year as her as it is cool. Either way I can watch this movie 100 times as it never gets old but at the most I watch it once a year at the most. That is my post and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


My Sleep Is So Messed Up!

             The reason I was not posting up yesterday was because I was asleep same reason for Facebook and Twitter posts we were up half the night then sleeping majority of the day, sleep has become an issue for me especially and last night was the same thing I was up all or half the night hence I have been busy writing posts like crazy and that is good because that inspiration is back and yesterday I had absolutely no inspiration, nothing when it came to posts but that inspiration has come back and I seem to be back into a more of a smoother rhythm of things. I did not write tomorrow's post as I do need to do a weigh in tomorrow morning to see where my weight is and I think it's gone down as my shirts and pants seem a lot looser then usual so never know and I haven't been eating much since I've been sleeping most of the day and today I think it a new day for me even if I do indeed stay up all day and in bed after Tough as Nails. That would definitely be an ideal situation. However my physical and mental health comes first but since waking up at 11 pm I feel good and if I am silent on social's I have gone down for a few hour nap nothing else. 

              I do have to take care of myself even if I live in my studio 99.999% of the time during the BBCAN9 Season watching the live feeds non stop.  Don't worry moving forward I am going to make sure I sleep and get the work done and my goal for right now is to be in bed by 9 and up by 4 am EST like I was and if I can keep a rhythm like that going then I will be golden and it will help me with my mental health and the work too which mind you I probably could give you guys an update Friday if I am not ready for a weight loss update and honestly I do need to get back to those eventually but I could possibly wait another week and give you guys the Dino Thunder Update as I have been active with it recently and trying to get finished so I can start working on SPD so we can get back to recording in Late May, June and July on this series. Either way stay tuned for further updates!


Monday, March 22, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [03-22-2021]

            Another week has gone by and a ton of different updates and what has been going around the Community so without further ado here are this week's updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: There has been questions about why the Podcast still exists on the Audio ONLY Platforms and it will take him some time to get the Podcast removed off platforms and he already has removed the feed as of the other day when he was uploading episodes for The CBOTW Show. We have Officially moved Entertainment Man Podcast under "Archives" as it's been a week since the last episode went up and we've moved over that feed under "Archives."

Website: With the website as I said, we have moved a couple of things into Archives and we have actually created an The CBOTW Show Archives and there is a reason behind this and in time you will know exactly what he is up to soon enough. I mentioned Entertainment Man Podcast above obviously. Also Chatroom Lounge of ours. I know it's been quiet on there and we haven't had much activity but after the behavior last night and now our beloved Site Admin, Charlotte has become depressed and you guys had to misbehave and be rude to her. I'm sorry to be a little out of sort but cause of trolls I had to fill in for her on my supposedly day off. So from here on out, if you wanna chat, you will have to sign up with and/or login to the chat and moving forward we are not ever going to open the chatroom to guests ever again! We will require you to login from here on out, guests are no longer welcome due to the constantly trolling in our chat! 

The CBOTW Show: There is an announcement tomorrow or Tuesday I wanna make but cannot fit in and we're unsure if this change is permanent for the rest of the season or just temporary at this point for just this week, I do not know and we have to explore and figure this out.

              Finally, yes I gave our Site Admin the day off from the blog due to recent actions on our website and wish blogger had a way to ban an IP Address from the entire website but there is no way to do that and really do wish they had that tool on here. You guys had to put up with me today and always I will be back tomorrow with another post and please behave when commenting or using our chat. We do not wanna start taking away features due to abuse. Talk tomorrow,


Friday, March 19, 2021

Uhhh, Dunno What To Talk About...

                 Usually today is a day of me updating you on my weight loss but with us having Pizza, I am sure my weight has been greatly affected recently in the last few days as the calorie count on that is quite high. Anyways I am starting off today's ramble blog as I just do not know what to talk about as really I am not ready to actually to update you guys on Minecraft world my niece and nephew and I have created! It still needs work to be done to the Village and I can say as of this morning, we  are near complete as we finish last minute buildings to the Village and we move to what we wanna do next for this Minecraft Universe, maybe exploration or something who the heck knows but an update is coming next week with pictures, etc. Also today I may as well spill the beans on this but I have an 6 - 6.5 minute video coming out explaining my absence from the Recap Podcast this week due to some unforeseen circumstances this week and the good news of my return tomorrow on the podcast. I actually recorded it late last night as as for Facebook, I have to have Charlotte post it up for me due to my current banned status from posting on the platform for another 3 weeks. I can say I will be unbanned as of April 2nd, 2021 in the evening time at some point.

                  Also I in the video today at 1 pm EST, I am talking about that I will be absent on April 1st, 2021 which yes I realize that is April Fools and that is no April Fools joke as it was pre-planned prior to this season starting so I guess I am the fool on my own self at this point. I really swear that we did not plan this and seems and is pretty funny I chose to take a night off from the podcast on a day that is full of practical jokes and fooling people to be honest so before you guys get uptight and start emailing us that this is the April Fools joke, IT isn't and I am not saying that either. One last thing we are not planning on any April Fools jokes this year either what I know of unless my Staff start pulling fast ones on me suddenly for no apparent reason or my Co-Host pulls one on you guys during their solo podcast on that night but I have nothing to do with that, I am not gonna pull practical jokes on any of you guys this year. Anyways that is about it for what I had to say, I guess it was a bit of an update what has been going on in my world and I hope you enjoyed this randomness of a post, have a great weekend and I will be back on Tuesday!


Thursday, March 18, 2021

Do We Know When Big Brother Australia Will Air and What About The Recaps?

               Big Brother Australia what we know of as of right now is one houseguest has been announced at this point. That is all we know at this point and I follow BBAU on majority of the Socials and have not seen anything so that is why we have been very silent and been working on things behind the scenes to get Chris S ready to start his amazing Recaps. Jasmine and I are speculating if there was an March airing that they would of already released the entire cast at this point so we are speculating maybe May towards when Jasmine and I Big Brother Canada 9 Recap coverage wraps up for the season and that could be when it airs as my Senior Producer & Co-Host stated that they have released a Houseguest everyday and this season what I have heard there is 26 houseguests this season which is a lot to be honest and not sure if this is true or false as this seems to be too many in my honest opinion. However it will be interesting if this is actually true and this will be the first season I have watched of the Australian Big Brother and I excited to see what it is like as I know it is different in different areas of the game.

                So as for the Recaps, we cannot say when but we are constantly keeping an eye out on social media if we hear anything else and when Chris S get close to a Cast Assessment we will announce when we post it up for you guys and I am sure we are getting close as I said there has been movement and just excited for this brand new opportunity especially for our Audio ONLY Podcast Network and this is just the beginning as we have other big ideas coming to our network and excited to eventually tell you guys what we have planned. That is my update with Big Brother Australia as there has been questions about the Recaps and that is all we can tell you at this time and we won't address it anymore till we get closer to the season beginning. 


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Why Did I End Entertainment Man Podcast?

                Now that we are days after the Finale of Entertainment Man Podcast, the question is why? Why did it end? There is a ton of reasons why I have made the decision to end it after an year of it running and here are the reasons why, I have decided to end the Podcast and Move on:

1) The CBOTW Show needed my attention as the podcast alone has grown so fast within the past month with addition of more shows to the list and I am just busy as Executive Producer of that series. 

2) It Become too Much: It just was hard to handle both Entertainment Man Podcast and The CBOTW Show Podcast together. Honestly, I can easily pick up shows if I wish but right now plan on focusing on Big Brother, Big Brother Canada and Power Rangers Podcast at this moment and Executive Producing the Podcast. 

3) 3 Podcasts a week + Power Rangers Podcast: Had no time for all the projects at once so I have decided to actually end one of the major podcasts to actually focus on this and TV Shows in General. 

4) Maybe Was Meant To Be An  Filler?: Entertainment Man Podcast was maybe just meant to be an filler Podcast when Everything About Reality TV Podcast ended and maybe something to do between podcasts before The CBOTW Show Re-launched January 1st, 2021 of this year. 

                   Now ruling it out it will come back but more then likely no, The CBOTW Show will and is going to be the main Podcast on the website so we are just going to focus on this but I can say Entertainment Man Podcast was a great filler in the meantime and now I have a bigger and better project to focus on with this podcast moving forward with Chris S, Larry, Jasmine and Billy. We've got some amazing stuff coming up and all I can say is stay tuned and I will talk to you guys tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

I Am On A Sabbatical As Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb

                  As the title says I am taking a break or Sabbatical from running the day to day Operations which now now has been handed over to Charlotte for the day to day operations of the website and team. Couple of reasons for that is 1) I'm stressed 24-7 and need to try and now destress and I am going to if crap stops happening over this way. 2) My grandma has been not well since getting the vaccine for this virus as Jasmine would say, the Backstreet Reunion Tour (LOL.) 3) Now that Entertainment Man Podcast is gone, I have been depressed and dealing with that too. 4) Getting over some drama and always seems to be more added to the list to be honest. 5) The amount of hate, disrespect and being blocked for no apparent reason. Those are my reasons behind why I have taken myself away from CBOTW and why I am not as involved with the team at this time. I know I have been accused of so many different things recently which is beyond what I can believe and it is hard honestly to take this crap from people.

                   However I will still be active on the blog Tuesdays - Fridays on our normal blogging days, I'll be active on Twitter and Instagram posting up stuff but as for the decisions I will not be involved with for the time being while I deal with and get my mental health better then it has been with recently which is the upmost importance to me. Also the Podcasts you will hear my voice but I need to be upfront and honest with all that is happening with my Grandma not doing well, Jasmine will be taking over this week at the most, Thursday at least, I may pop back on Saturday, we'll see how that is goes but more then likely Jasmine will do both this week while I deal with all this and I know they will be happy to take over as long as I need and this is why I have an amazing team, we back each other up either way. When will I return back to ChrisBOnTheWeb? I couldn't honestly tell you guys at this point, now is definitely not the time to make that decision at this moment. I am taking my time with the decision to return and I hope it's soon to be honest and I may wait till my Facebook Ban is over but we will. I just wanted to be more open why I am taking time away and not hide the real truth behind why I haven't said anything and honest reason is I had posts already scheduled for last week and why I have decided to push it to today.


Monday, March 15, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Update [03-15-2021]

Another week is here and time for yet another update. Well it has been an eventful week dealing with a depressed owner and maybe that is why he's taken a Sabbatical from running things is to deal with his Mental Health. I know he's openly spoken about it on Twitter and we're proud of him for being more open to the fact he has some mental health issues right now and being stuck at home most of the time don't help whatsoever. As you can notice on "The Team" he has the tag On A Sabbatical and we do not know how long he is going to be away and I cannot give an ETA on when he's returning to his normal post and with Entertainment Man Podcast now wrapping up Production after a year of it being a part of our network and I am sure he will need time to deal with losing a podcast as I know that was a thing especially when Everything About Reality TV wrapped last year nearly a year ago. 

               Now with Entertainment Man Podcast ending production, the Audio Feeds will be up for at least a month after but you can always find it under "Archives" under the Podcasts or by going to and you can listen to old episodes. It will take sometime to take down the other Audio ONLY Feeds from directories but you can always find it here on our website one way or another. The CBOTW Show is also gearing up to start Big Brother Australia Recaps with your host Chris S and the cast is slowly dropping so hopefully soon we will have an announcement to when Recaps will be up on our Audio ONLY Podcast Network. We also have noticed the amount of spam and disrespect has gone down and we have OFFICIALLY opened to the chat to everyone, guests are now welcome on our chatroom now but if you guys wanna earn mod, then you would have to have an account for that to happen. Also we have put a Terms of Service which you can find here: One last thing with the YouTube, Chris has told me it was a computer issue whether he needed to reboot or reboot for an update who knows. They are reconsidering YouTube but more news is coming! That is the updates for this week and I will be back next Monday with an update but expect the unexpected you may just hear from me again, depends if he needs me to post.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Sunday, March 14, 2021

I Don't Understand This Facebook Ban!

               As you know I am currently serving a 30 day ban and as I call it I am in Facebook Jail and I have time to think about it and I do not regret getting mouthy yet I do not get the fact how calling someone an Irrelevant B Word is bullying and to be honest its just me being mouthy and I should of not gotten a ban cause I only sent the one comment that's it but it is what it is honestly and I got 24 - 25 days left in my ban before you guys will be seeing me around the Facebook Community again. As for the 30 bans, I think is too much to be honest. My last ban was 1 week and now they jump from 1 week to 30 bans... I just don't get it, I'd thought it'd be 2 weeks then 3 weeks then a month but I guess not, now I am banned for the 30 days. Maybe a break from posting is what I need and honestly is one of the reasons from absence from the day to day operations is because of this but like I said I am still on Twitter and Instagram.

                There has been moments where I was wondering why I am still on the website and to be honest, I have considered leaving the website but that leaves what happens to the Facebook Page and this means that Charlotte would be running the Facebook Page and I wouldn't have anyway to actually keep in touch with you guys to be honest. So this is why I am going to serve my 30 days and just going to watch my P's and Q's as I said I do not understand one little screw up and I get thrown in the Sin Bin for 30 days. When I do return I will be behaving cause you guys cannot afford to lose me again because 30 days are a long time. Anyways I hope you guys this bonus blog post and was indeed a surprise for you guys and I will be back on Tuesday as our resident Site Admin will be back tomorrow with a weekly blog post.


Thursday, March 11, 2021

I Need To Address All of This, Enough Is Enough!

               I have to address this. It has been bothering me since I returned to the team and to see our Founder/Owner is so much stress with the countless drama recently he has even stated the interest of giving full ownership to someone else and him stepping down as the Owner. Now he will always have the Founder Status as he Founded this thing almost 7 years ago but honestly it is only threats he's making which I know and the team knows it is just empty threats at this moment. I have several points I would like to make this morning:

1) Blocking Us or Him On Social Media For No Apparent Reason: Chris does not appreciate being blocked for no apparent reason and it has happened before where they just blocked us on Twitter and it has become a very frustrating thing for him and he has considered to unfollow the inactive accounts again but has held off from it.

2) Losing Twitter Followers & YouTube Subscribers: Another thing with us trying to grow our YouTube Channel we have lost a subscriber but I reminded him that we are in the early stages of the growth of the YouTube Channel. The Twitter thing we have been losing followers by the 100s and we were so close to the 4k Mark on the followers but recently have lost the followers and trying everything to try and grow our community again. 

3) Chris giving up Entertainment Man Podcast: He has literally given up Entertainment Man Podcast to grow The CBOTW Show Podcast and the amount of listens on Audio ONLY have been great along with the YouTube channel as well so it is on it's growing spurt. 

                  So for the love of Pete give him a break, enough with the trolling on our chatroom, blocking us for no apparent reason. He does not need this extra stress especially right now with him trying to re-grow the listenership on both Audio and Video (YouTube) side.  That is all I had to say about this and I have given him the rest of the week off from the blog which is only today and tomorrow and Monday since I will be back Monday for a weekly update so it will be Tuesday he will be back on here posting. Have a great rest of you day. 

Charlotte, Site Admin

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Studio Has Been Tweaked a Bit Again!


            The ChrisBOnTheWeb Studios has once again been tweaked and I will explain what I mean. First of all the boom arm I was using for the microphone that is in front of me well that boom arm broke and I had to replace it with Larry's which Larry's is now totally replaced with a newer one that is shorter then what it was and really he don't need overly a long boom arm as I showed on the right hand side it's not a big boom arm but hey he has a boom arm. Yes he still has the old Audio Technica PRO 31 hand held that hasn't changed whatsoever. Reason you haven't seen it in my Facebook and Instagram Stories before it was brought back out is because I had it stored away at the time and it is now back in the studio awaiting his return to the studio whenever that may be as we really do not know. That is change # 1 that I made to the studio and I will get into the next change in a moment but I wouldn't have any other way to actually have Larry's mic and if this boom arm breaks I may just end up getting a microphone stand but I really think boom arms are just better to have as you do not have to move it around that much. 

The second update to the studio and yes you can see Minecraft in the back drop which I will have an update eventually but I am talking about the headphones, yes there are now mounts on the desk unit and now we can hang up the headphones properly and there was actually room for two headphones actually so I could of just got the one but that's OK! They have their own set of mounts for both headphones and the one nearest to where I sit I also use for the Red Headphones which is used on a everyday use. So either way they both are used regardless and look way cooler then it being piled up on the desk and I consider these mounts a definite space saver and I got these on Amazon $2.72 Canadian which is not bad whatsoever and very, very cheap. Don't worry they are very strong in the way of strength as their heavy duty metal but definitely a space saver for the headphones and I got more room to do other things on the desk. Anyways that is my post for today and I am sorry if I am a bit late then the normal scheduled post but I got distracted this morning recording the podcast and tweeting about BBCAN9. I will talk to you all on tomorrow's post!


Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Sick Of Being Isolated and Stuck At Home!

             I am just tired of this pandemic. It has affected me physically and also mentally but mostly mentally. It has been an mental game for me in the last year and I am just tired 24-7, my sleep is so screwed up to be honest. I am up most of the night then sleeping till the afternoon at times which really screwed up for my sleep to be honest. There is nights that I am up all night and sleep and I've ended up banned 3 times since the lockdown and honestly I am done with Facebook and about to delete my account entirely as a whole and just stick to Twitter and Instagram. However back to being stuck at home, really got nothing to do either then work itself for this website or video games or card or board games but to be honest, it gets boring after a little while and the same routine day in and day out. Yeah I can go for walks and once and a blue moon make a trip to Walmart but I do not do it too often and some other days I find myself stuck at home and bored out of my mind. I also find myself napping for 3 - 4 hours at a time which really does mess up my entire sleep schedule.

              I need to get it fixed and fast and I probably be a lot happier person to be honest. This pandemic has made me fat again and I've gained weight and I haven't been overly active and I try to walk but no matter what I do I seem I am just a fat loser now at this point. I really am just sick and tired of this pandemic and wish it'd get back to a new normal at this moment. It has been frustration after frustration and I ready to be able to go back out and see friends and have Larry and Eric back here again but that isn't happening as the damn cases in Ontario have gone up once again it just grrrrrrrr so frustration to be honest. That is my little rant blog for today and I will talk to you all on tomorrow's blog post.


Monday, March 8, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [03-08-2021]

               Another week has come and went and this means it is time for another weekly update for you all. I haven't been merely impressed in some of the behavior seen here on the website and I will explain:

Website: With the chatroom here on I am not impressed. The amount of disrespect that has been given towards myself, Chris and the team in general and I know this is one of the # 1 reasons why he has stated he's considered not being as involved with the chatroom community and his stress has become very very high. I had to ban 6 trolls over the weekend and starting to question the chatroom existing. Now we have it on where you have to login at this point and we haven't changed it back since and are leaving the chat where you have to login to chat with everyone and this might be the best thing moving forward for all of us. This has to stop before we end up shutting the chatroom down or suspending operations of having the chat open to the public. This inappropriate behavior isn't acceptable and we have to do better as a community. Chris wants a clean, positive and happy community. There is no ETA when we will allow guests again and I am in constant contact with Chris about this and when we feel ready we will be sure to let you guys know but for right now guest chat is suspended.  

The CBOTW Show: As you know Chris has become backlogged with podcasts right now as we just posted up Thursdays eviction on Sunday morning before Entertainment Man Podcast went up. Now do not forget we have another podcast to go up and the reason behind that is because he had some things going on Saturday that needed his attention this is why we are backlogged or he is backlogged and he's jeopardized his sleep to just get this content out to you guys. Chris promised to get back on a schedule this week for the podcast in the way of scheduling to record and no more tech issues whatsoever.

                   This is all I have to really say for this week, not much for updates, honestly as we are readjusting to 3 - 4 podcasts and we will get better as the weeks go on as we have so much amazing stuff going on right now. We gotta continue the positive love and support for this community. I will see you guys next week, have a wonderful week in the meantime.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Friday, March 5, 2021

Talking About Chatroom Rules Ban Lengths....

                We have gone a little ban happy recent with the trolls and we needed to remove em. However we had no real guidelines and both Chris and I came up with the chat rules and we are going to be adding times to the bans and here they are:


1. No spamming the chatroom.  (6 hour ban)

2. No being disrespectful to Staff or Any Other User In the Chatroom. (12 hour ban, if use of offensive terms will be permanent ban from chat and not able to return)

3. No asking for Moderator, we have enough Staff to keep an eye on things. (Chat message removed & warning. 1 hour ban if continues)

4. No posting inappropriate links is allowed. (24 hour ban, if continues, Perma Ban as this will not be allowed whatsoever)

                Rules are not hard to find and there is only 4 golden rules to follow and so easy to follow. We only perma ban from here on out on severe infractions of the rules. We have the most conservative rules out of any other chatroom. Right now we are not making mods till the chatroom is active but the bans are very reasonable times. Please follow our rules it is not that hard. You guys wonder why we have removed our chat off the website so much is because of the chat problems. Chris also mentioned if the trolls get too much for us then what we can do is not allow guest chat and we will implement that you sign up with and we will not be allowing guests in our Community Lounge from here on out. We have a lot of tools with this chat we have on the site and one of em we even do not allow VPNS cause it would be easy for trolls to get back into the chatroom so that has already been implemented! That is everything I have to say about the rules in our chatroom please follow em so we can keep guest chat open and I will speak to you guys Monday, have a wonderful weekend!

Charlotte, Site Admin

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Statement About The Community Lounge's Return!

                With the RETURN of the Community Lounge here on I wanted to make an statement about the chatroom returning and will answer questions. Now there has been so many issues lately whether it was a chatroom here on the website or Discord server there has been either drama or just trolls being demanding and disrespectful towards the team in general. LET ME SAY THIS: It will not be tolerated. Now to a couple of the questions you guys may have regarding the chatroom:

1) When are staff around- That is hard to know as we're very busy team but we are around when we are around and typically between 9 am and 7 or 8 pm EST but there will be nights where we may end up being up late so it varies when we are in the chat but sometimes we leave our names just say hi in the room and we do not answer within a few minutes we are either busy or asleep. We work odd hours especially with Big Brother Canada 9 now underway, Chris is online a bit longer now with the Live Feeds up he will be up listening to them so between now and Mid May our hours are now going to be 12 pm and 9 pm at the most.

2) Rules- There are rules below the chatroom and that always seems to be an issue to follow them and we hate banning but we have no choice. We are going to be making a Ban times list that way you guys know how long you are banned and we will be taking notes who is banned and win along with username and two of us know who is who with the bans and that is myself and Chris. 

3) Chat Being Weird- We have added a button next to the chat on the website that looks like this to the left of this text. It is hyperlinked and all you gotta do is click the logo and it will take you to which is more capable to chatting within the community. We made it easier for mobile users but if you are on Tablet or IPad then it will be a ton easier for website use. This was an idea between both myself and the Founder & Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb & This took weeks of planning and Late January/Early February we started to plan and work on this feature and it took us weeks to slowly plan and execute this.

           So tomorrow, Chris was originally going to post but he has given permission to do two days in a row. Tomorrow I will be talking about the rules and how long we are going to ban on the chat so you know. We do not wanna make it permanent unless it is a very severe rule broken. I will then be back Monday then you will be hearing from Chris Tuesday. Have a great rest of your day and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

I Cannot Be Careless With Forgetting To Blog.....

             I know I am suppose to blog on a daily basis but I was once again very careless with not blogging. Yes I did it again! I just do not know why I didn't think of this last night when I was on very late last night that I should of done a post and to be honest, I didn't really have anything planned. The Schedule this week on the whiteboard in the studio consisted of topics written on there Monday and yesterday and today's and tomorrow's blanked completely with no real topic and my weight loss well that's fluctuated so much I just do not think I can really give you guys an update on that right now. Maybe next week I can give you guys a definite update on my weight loss but with my weight either going up and down or staying put as I have tried so hard to get it below 230 before end of this week but that may not be happening at this point but the update is all up in the air for this week. Only 2 days away from that and we will see what I wanna do. 

            I can say that this week is totally up in the air right now. This is a very random week with posts at this point. I am just unable to keep up with it really, with 3 podcasts on the go trying to run  the maybe Lounge or have Charlotte do that to blogging and watching the show, I do not have enough hours in a damn day to keep up with everything honestly. So much going on but I have an announcement that I am going to be discussing this with my co-host next week that we will put off any recording till June and into July and it will be just prep work at this point. As you know today I was suppose to record this weekend's Entertainment Man Podcast but I have to do that tomorrow when I get up and get editing it as I am podcasting a ton during the weekend but if I am up tonight late I may take a whack at recording today. This is my boring post for today and sorry it wasn't anymore exciting then you expected but tomorrow Charlotte is going to be taking over the blog tomorrow as there is something she wants to talk to you about with the return of our lounge, rules etc. I will talk to you all Friday!


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Entertainment Man Podcast & The CBOTW Show-- What's Is On What Platform? (An Update!)

               I know we are just getting into the hang of things now and we're all settling down with all the roles the hosts for their respected shows on either of the Podcasts. This is why I wanted to make an update on the Podcast. I will update you guys on both what is going to be on what but here is the update:

Video (Live On YouTube) & Audio ONLY:

The CBOTW Show, Survivor Recaps (Billy)

The CBOTW Show, Big Brother Recaps (Chris B & Jasmine)

The CBOTW Show, Big Brother Canada Recaps (Chris B & Jasmine) 

The CBOTW Show, Power Rangers Podcast (Chris B & Larry)

Video (Pre-Recorded Uploaded to YouTube)  Audio ONLY:

The CBOTW Show, Australian Survivor (Chris S)

The CBOTW Show, Big Brother Australia (Chris S)

Audio ONLY:

Entertainment Man Man Podcast (Chris B)

The CBOTW Show, Big Brother Canada Post Eviction Chat (Chris B & Jasmine)

The CBOTW Show, Amazing Race (Host Position To Be Filled)

The CBOTW Show, Amazing Race Canada (Host Position To Be Filled)

             There is the list and I know it's a lot to take in but we are one busy network right now and things are about to get crazy especially for the next 10 - 12 weeks with Big Brother Canada starting and also Big Brother Australia soon to start I'm sure. Any questions please leave em in the comments below or send us an email or get in touch via Social Media! Until tomorrow, have a great rest of your day!


Monday, March 1, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [03-01-2021]

             Well happy 1st of March! Another month has arrived in 2021 and I have a bunch of updates and return of favorite features! This is what makes this website unique all the different things to do around our website and our views seem to be consistent on a day to day to basis  and honestly Chris informed me we are close to the 200K mark on this website. With what is about to be added to the website but however here are the updates:

Website: Website has been given a bit of an overhaul. For those who didn't know Chris's 3 Twitch accounts, ChrisEM15, CBOTW_Network and CBOTWNetworkBot someone got into it and got it banned so we have abandoned Twitch all together all together so under Podcasts tab we removed Twitch and only has YouTube at this point. Also you have probably seen a "Chats" Tab pop up. The tab is yet to be active as I have to work on the Staff accounts still and we hope to launch one of two chats this week! What chats you may ask? We will have a chatroom for Big Brother so you can talk about what is going on the show and on the Live Feeds as well. As well as our Normal Community Lounge is returning on a more permanent basis and hope to launch that a week Monday.

The CBOTW Show: Chris, Jasmine, Billy, Chris S and Larry have done such an amazing job with the podcasts with fixing the technical issues they have experienced recently with streaming but everything seems flawless and last night's 1 hour stream proved to be a very successful for them both. Audio ONLY will be up today or tomorrow when he finishes editing it. Regular Streams can be seen Thursdays @ 9:10 pm EST.

Entertainment Man Podcast: The Podcast has proved to done well with YouTube and now Audio ONLY. The Podcast is all booked for end of the month podcasts up to start of June at this moment. Boss Man Chris will start looking into more interviews and if interested to email at 

               Those are the updates for the week and stay tuned for the chat release for the Big Brother Lobby which should be up during the day and chat will be opening after the Premiere episode of Big Brother Canada but the page will be live during the day but stay tuned for details this week. I will be talking to you all next Monday, have a great week!

Charlotte, Site Admin